WDDG Chapter 461

Chapter 461 – Tensed Situation Sorry for the delay!!! Doozed off in the middle of translating. Anyway, I hope you like this chapter. I thought really hard for the names herbs. Really hard (5-10 minutes) πŸ˜› Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!  


WDDG Chapter 460

Chapter 460 – Sincerely Convinced Hi guys, Sorry for the delay!!!  

WDDG Chapter 459

Chapter 459 – New Challenge Sorry for no chapter yesterday, I was only able to do half of it. I will try to do another, but can't guarantee. In the meantime, enjoy this chapter!!!!

WDDG Chapter 457

Chapter 457 – A Shocking Difference Hi guys, Sorry for no chapter yesterday. I was feeling a bit down. There will another chapter to make up for yesterday. Enjoy this chapter in the meantime.