WDDG Chapter 378 and 379

Hi guys,

This is Ash here.

Well I should have done this a long time ago, but as a result of waiting for the license it took such a long time. And as there has been some problem in procuring the license and it has already been so long, I have decided to release chapters of WDDG and EIF both here till we got a license to move to GT. I am really sorry for all the delays, there is a pile of chapters I have but for a stable release let’s let it remain as a pile.

Once again I am sorry and thank you for reading the novel.


WDDG Chapter 378, Chapter 379

22 thoughts on “WDDG Chapter 378 and 379

  1. Holy shit my favourite one get pickup again i want 2 per day from the size of this novel but even 1 per day still good enough it has been drop for too long


  2. my god is this real! its been a while ash i thought you went on a journey to catch all pokemon but now finally you’re back!anyways you owe us a lot of chapters hehe 😀


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