EIF Chapter 1

Hi guys,

I know there are chapters till 13 available online, some which even had been translated by me before, some by dragoninwhite. Anyway, as it was done by me way before, when I think I have not written and translated it well. So I have made some changes and edited the translated chapter of dragoninwhite which he has kindly provided. So, the quality is better than other chapters so I will be releasing from the start. The release schedule I have in mind is 7 chapters a week, how well I stick to it, that time will tell. Fingers crossed.

Here is the much-awaited chapter 1 of EIF.

5 thoughts on “EIF Chapter 1

  1. i may be wrong, but i heard GT’s translator ash ( who translated the prequel ) is stockpiling chapters for this novel, would coincidence with their licensing plan. Just to let you know


  2. Great, was way too long, I noticed it a while ago, but I read the chapters that dragon in White did on gt forum, so I waited until the 7th chapter got released to reread from c1.

    Also on another note how likely is GT to get the licenses with it being owned by Qidian and all?

    Who knows maybe you would have higher chances with RWX and Wuxiaworld than with GT itself…


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