WDDG Chapter 405

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Chapter 405 – Dark Power

Translated and Edited by Ash and Levs.


48 thoughts on “WDDG Chapter 405

  1. will the charpters still come you said in the beginning that you will release the chapters that you mist but you still not at half the missing charpters i hope you will release the rest soon


    1. I understand that waiting can be frustrating, especially when we have not been told why. This however does not give you the right to curse at Ash like this. There is probably a reason behind why there are no chapters going up. I understand that you may have donated, but still give the man a break. I really love this series as well and am ticked that we have no news about why there are no chapters up, but still you shouldn’t tell him to fuck off. That isn’t nice and isn’t going to encourage him to come back anytime sooner to continue translating if all the comments are negative. I know he has done this in the past, but keep it civil voice your complaints and be happy that he was even translating such a good series as well as he did. I am grateful for what Ash did, but would appreciate hearing an update on the series.


  2. Oh man, there is a limit on how many times you can leave people to hang out dry. and that is why I never think of sponsor even part of a chapter………………..


  3. ASH got captured by aliens and taken to area 51 where they are doing ****….probings. We can only wait until he gets bored and …….cumes…….back


    1. Ash…we are waiting and waiting forever.This novel is such a good novel but it got struck up witha translator like yourself and the potential of this novel has been lost bcz of you.such a pity, this good novel has been buried buried by you.


  4. does anyone know if we get new ones or must we wait for a other few months i taught he/she would take it serious again and give many charpters out because it was skipt for a few months but now again -.-


    1. Dude, just use novelupdates and you’ll see when a new chapter is released. Create an account and add all the series you like to your library. It’ll show when a new chapter of each comes out. For example, it updates numerous times daily with Warlock in a Magus World.


      1. yeah gravity tales probably would of joined up with 17k if 17k wasn’t so fking greedy now no one wants to translate 17k Novels because 17k is kinda cracking down on unlicensed translators


  5. Damn ash has a patreon link on this site and another link on qidian…….at the same time. both sites have people giving him/her money by the way.


      1. If I’m being honest, it’s basically all of them. Take a look at how Ash does her chapters. She uses complete sentences with proper grammar (capitalization, present/past tense when needed, etc.) and not just commas all the time. Although you’re probably directly translating, Ren or Deathblade (wuxiaworld) once said you have to change words so they make sense in English and it can’t be directly translated. In truth, I don’t know half the things you mean with your translations as they’ve never been mentioned before in the series. Like with the magic. That’s probably supposed to be Shinto but I’m not sure with the context. However, magic has never been used. I saw in the comments that that one guy said Ash was the one who was wrong. If you read Ash’s translations, then you’ll know that she does an excellent job. Pretty sure that guy is wrong. Ash wouldn’t make such a mistake like confusing magic and Shinto numerous times. Or, she felt Shinto was better than magic.


      2. hey dude dont get discouraged ok? u r new to this of course it will take time to understand how things work. just keep improving….well, hope u intend to continue or something. people who often preach are just talking it from the point of view of a reader (not that it is anything wrong), the very guy might suck balls when he has to write it himself. so no need to get discouraged


  6. dude give skidlation some credit, yes the first chapter needed a lot of improvment and that is exactly what they have done in every chapter since to the point that i’d say that it’s just about if not on par with ash.


  7. to the guy who said skidtranslatio sucks well he/she is new of course its not good in first chapters but its getting better and since you think it suck then y not translate it since ur so good at translating you fuck balls sucking dick gulping piece of shit you fuck of a shit genius


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