WDDG 406

Hi guys,

Sorry for the long hiatus, due to the license issue, I was having a talk with a site to post but until no reply and also with other family circumstances along with a load of another novel, I had to hold on for a while. As I didn’t get any reply and my personal situation is all well and good now, so I will be releasing from now on continuously. I am sorry for the all the delay and the for all the inconveniences. I know I have not released a chapter for four months or so, but I didn’t have any intention of giving up. Each chapter takes me 2hrs or so, counting the editing and all, which takes 400chapters, 800+hours, which is a lot per se. I have shed a lot of effort and time in it just to give up.

And last and most of all, A Happy New Year to everybody, hope this year brings you all the luck and prosperity.

As for the site I was talking about, I can’t say the name as it would be rude, but all in all, I too don’t know why I never got reply after a provisional confirmation.

WDDG 406 – Strongest Power



12 thoughts on “WDDG 406

    1. Sorry man, won’t be taking a break. You can blame me and I can blame on my bad year. Nothing can do, my year started very bad, last site closed down, I got sick, in a accident, family tragedy and subsequent problems, and what not. I just returned from my hometown due to legal matters. All in all, I had a pretty bad year. All I can promise you is I will do what I can. I too hope for a good year this time.


      1. Last year was rough for a lot of people me included. It was what i would call a Death year for people near and close to me. We had thirteen people we knew die that year i was running to funerals left and right. That and the hospitalization of my family and friends went through was completely exhausting. You are right to say hey i had a bad year cause last year was literally like a black cat or jinx year what could go wrong did go wrong. Also work translating and free translation are like you said two different things. One you have to do with a contract the other you do cause you enjoy it. So I understand. All in all may this year be better for you and your family.


  1. 4 months and you couldnt even bother making a post with an update? Meanwhile you had no issues updating the other novels you are translating. Il be reading your translations on some other site.


    1. Sorry for not notifying, no excuses on that. And if you check their schedule too, that was also in a mess, and I had a contract with them and also needed money to fill my stomach. All I can say is, it pours when it rains. As simple as that.


  2. There were some chapters posted as you may have noticed why don’t you cooperate with these authors so that they get posted together. Or if they or you don’t want to do this you could just skip these chapters and translate the next untranslated chapters. I think that would be useful as I don’t know if I’m gonna follow your translation at this moment as I already read these chapters. Cheers


    1. I was told that some terms were changed, so making that up, I will catch up with released chapters in a week or two. And don’t worry, it will be consistent, made sure to have about 20 chapters in backup.


  3. Thank you for not dropping it and coming back so much, Ash. I’ve missed your translations so much! I know people have real lives and emergencies happen so I don’t mind waiting. I would have liked an update, but I’m just so thankful you came back that I can’t be made about it. Seriously, the other translations were horrible. No offense to Skid since he’s new, but just being honest. Welcome back and hope you can work with Gravitytales or Wuxiaworld to get the licence for WDDG.


    1. Oh right. I even put that they should get the licence on the feedback thing they posted a few days ago on Gravitytales. Hopefully they’ll listen.


  4. i kinda prefer this version of the translation cuz most of the commonly used terms are actually translated(such as the name of the qi chen xiang uses) it makes my reading much quicker

    P.S. didn’t mean to offend the other translator

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