WDDG Chapter 410 and 411

Chapter 410 – Wings of Lightning and Fire

Chapter 411 – Purgatory in the Sky

Hi guys,

I was busy, so wasn’t able to go through the chapter and just had the time to make one final edit and post them. The plan was to edit another one, but as it is too late and I have to TL EIF next chapter which is super long, so I will release two tomorrow for makeup for the missing chapter of today. These two are for the last two days.

Fun question,

Anyway, I was grumbling over how many days there are in this month, and ultimately end up thinking why does only February has 28 or 29 days, why not another month. So does anyone know the answer. (I have already looked up, so know the answer already.) Just wondering if you all know.

Anyway, enjoy the chapters!!!!!!!




4 thoughts on “WDDG Chapter 410 and 411

  1. Try updating all the chaps you missed in a fortnight or so to gain the readers’ trust again. You have the license for the translation so even if others try to be the translator when you suddenly disappeared, they will have to stop even if you just update one just because you feel like doing so. The currently translated by the other group is 423.


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