WDDG Chapter 412-414

Chapter 412 – Continuous Obstacles

Chapter 413 – Grasping Soul Devil Curse

Chapter 414 – The Confrontation in the Night

Hi guys,

Sorry for the delay, was held down with work. Though these chapters should have been released last night, I came late and head immediately to bed. And in the morning, I was busy with 2 Chapter of EIF, then went to work. In evening, edited these after translating a chapter of FMC. After having edited three chapters, I was exhausted. I could not spare another half an hour to edit the next chapter even when I want to. Just too tired. And I still have to work on a chapter of EIF. I will try to release today’s missing chapter after I am done with EIF, if not then in the morning after I wake up.

So, 9/31 chapters have been released by now.

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