WDDG Chapter 418 – 420

Chapter 13/31 Chapter 418 – Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi

Chapter 14/31 Chapter 419 – Wolf Slave

Chapter 15/31 Chapter 420 – Taking the demon heart Skillfully

Hi guys,

Please give me a break too. Well, even when I tell you the reason, you say its false, even when I don’t give, it’s false. But let me tell you anyway, my mom is not at home, I have to do all the household work, from cleaning to cooking(for my younger sister). I am busy as hell, during these weekdays, I was finishing the pending work of another novel, before switching it to WDDG. I was actually planning on translating five chapter before posting, but since three-five messages saying I went again, I had to rush on these to post. There is a countdown of 12/31, 13/31… not for show, but as a promise that I would at least deliver that many chapters for sure. Please don’t cry wolf, it is extremely unsettling.

In any case, you won’t believe me. So just enjoy the chapters.

Final point, some of you must have been expecting an apology. I did want to apologize, but the comments really upset me. Some of you even want me to drop and give it to another guy, that was even more unsettling. So I translated for 400 chapters till now, and just because of reasons, I was not consistent, you want me to drop. For your notice, I am an extremely selfish guy, I won’t drop the novel. And if you are expecting an increase in release rate, it won’t happen until this site moves to another site where I can receive something, apart from some unsettling comments. I don’t get no more than a dollar per chapter for your information. So, please give me some break too. If you find me greedy, then sure I am, no money doesn’t bring food to the table. I know you won’t believe me, so let me post you the pic of wordad, anyway I wasn’t expecting much pay from the ad.


And that was the month I posted more than 25 chapters, more or less, more maybe. Apart from these, some 9 to 25$ from patreon. All I want to say is I will translate when I am free, I do have to other work to make a living as well.

NOTE: Finally, if someone finds it offensive, then apart from apologizing I can’t say anything.

6 thoughts on “WDDG Chapter 418 – 420

  1. I’ve never once complained since I understand people have real lives, especially when they aren’t getting paid to translate. I only ask that you don’t drop it. Your translations are the best.
    On a side note, I thought I remembered people saying you were a girl. O.O


  2. I’ll start out by saying I’m happier with you being the translator; your releases are more consistent both in grammar quality and consistency in naming/terms then others who’ve picked this up, which I appreciate. I don’t know whether it’s from having more experience or putting in more effort, but either way the end product is higher quality.

    It’s also a bit unfair to complain about you not releasing already, but Idk what else you expected. You vanished for a long time without saying anything (which annoyed even me), then reappeared and seized it back after someone else took it on and restarted from where you were. I don’t mind that much since they’re higher quality and I re-read from time to time anyway, but people might see you as a bully or just be mad at lost progress. Hell, in this post I’m guessing you’re just being honest while venting a little from your perspective, but they’re gonna see this as you playing the victim since they’re still pissed and you explicitly don’t wanna apologize. So I reckon there’ll be some angry people in here soon, if not already (they’re gonna read anyway though).

    Rambling aside, it’s the Internet and you pissed people off so they’re gonna say nasty things. I’m happy you’re back, please do what you can. Many of us are also aware of how much life sucks. Please drop a notice the next time you vanish though, even if it’s a “I got stuff to do for X month” and an ASCII middle finger to the haters.

    K, diatribe posted, back to not commenting on anything for another few months.


  3. Dont mind those ignorant fools who keeps on complaining, they dont even contribute sh*t and they have the guts to complain.


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