WDDG Chapter 422

17/31 chapter of this month, Chapter 422 – The Might of the Devil Techniques

1/3 of todays chapter.


7 thoughts on “WDDG Chapter 422

  1. Thanks for the chapter. You could considerate get a partner to translate with you. I know you’re doing your best to release frequently, but some times your partner could cover you.


  2. is it not a smart idea to work with someone because there are 3000+ charpters if you want to translate it yourself you need 9 full years at least and thats only if you put a charpter a day on i dont think that you can translate for 9 full years if you miss some weeks than it will fast become 10 years if you get a partner to do 7 chartpers a week same for you you can at least get it done before 2025 XD and it will be nice for the readers if so many charpters come out i like this novel a lot so i thaught i atleast give the idea


  3. Ash? Where are you? Ohhhhhh, I know, the motherboard issue will take some weeks, or maybe, some months to be fixed. Any possibilite to have some chapter in 2019?


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