WDDG Status

Hi guys,

Since I’ve been told I don’t notify everyone many times, so, I’m notifying you in regards to the the delay. The new adapter cord sort circuited my laptop, and as all the chapters were on my hard disk, I am unable to post them. The the remaining 15 chapter will be released on 31st or 1st Feb, that too in batches of 7 and 8 chapters as that’s the latest I was told my motherboard could be replaced. FYI, this post is from mobile.

9 thoughts on “WDDG Status

  1. Thanks for letting us know Ash. Hope your computer is okay. Unlike many others, I don’t mind waiting for your releases as your translations are great.


  2. I didn’t even know you were back thats how bad you’ve been that I gave up until I just checked now. Thats a bitch what happened to your laptop i hoped they covered it…


    1. have you ever considered that repairs are taking longer than expected, i’ve had to have my motherboard replaced before and it took almost 2 weeks just to get the replacement motherboard in and that’s for an actual computer tower not a laptop, so shut up and wait.


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