WDDG 442

Chapter 442 – King’s Mysterious Realm

Eight more chapter for today. Sorry for the long delay.

1/8 chapter of today.

5 thoughts on “WDDG 442

  1. Fuck you. You keep taking month+ breaks and you stop others from translating this. You are top class scum i hope your career crashes and burns.

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    1. wewewew you are a top class cunt… many thanks to the translationteam, this novel is really good, and while you are not postibg regularly the translationquality is perfect and the novel gets translated instead of beeing dropped.

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      1. Someone is translating when he suddenly stopped without notice then he came and disappeared again it might not be as good in translation sa this at least it has the possibility of being finished than this who will stop almost 2 and comback ahin with 5 chapterband disappear again


    2. he taking moth break ? lol if you look, he doesn’t taking month break, he post 2 or 3 chapter by month, and he have a life, if you really angry then go translate yourself.

      this translating is a good translationquality. And it’s normal he doesn’t want other team translate is projects. Go write the author if you want translate and he can’t deal with it.


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