WDDG Chapter 459

Chapter 459 – New Challenge

Sorry for no chapter yesterday, I was only able to do half of it. I will try to do another, but can’t guarantee.

In the meantime, enjoy this chapter!!!!

3 thoughts on “WDDG Chapter 459

  1. thanx for chapter but for me it’s yesterday you update 😀 because i’m living in france so isn’t a problem for me mouahaha 😀


  2. THX, just a question … will the chapters now be freed with some frequency? Like 1 chapter a day? Or even without consistency? I really like this novel.

    Sorry my bad english.


    1. Hi, I am glad you like the novel.
      I decided to start releasing one chapter a day at least on 2nd, I believe, since then, I have released 7 chapters, missed one yesterday, but will try to make up. So, at least it is one chapter a day, and I hope, I can maintain this frequency. So, the answer to your question, yes, the chapter will be released with frequency, and if I am not able to, I will notify on discord.

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