WDDG Chapter 465

Hi guys, here is Chapter 465 – Searching for Divine Weapon.

No excuse for the delay!!!


37 thoughts on “WDDG Chapter 465

    1. stop talking like that, if you translate this novel contact the author for autorisation, and explains him the reason. Just dont taunt ash for that reason stupid


      1. I’ve never complained before, but this is getting ridiculous with Ash. Ash can post chapters of EIF on Gravitytales but can’t do one WDDG chapter a week/month. Now, some other group has started translating it and they’re not much better than lnmtl. Also, fans of the series have a right to complain about Ash making a promise then breaking it. Not to mention, Ash hasn’t said anything about why a new chapter hasn’t come out. Yes, I know Ash has been sick recently. No reason to not let fans who don’t read EIF know. Plus, Ash is doing like 3 series yet can’t even be consistent with 1 (not to mention mixing names up in them. Like using a name from one of the others in WDDG). Ash should find someone else that can do quality translations to take over.


      2. First of all ,let me clear first thing to you. I am barely releasing eif chapters. Second, I have a fever, my salivary glands are swelling, my cough is so worse that I am coughing blood occasionally. I have been seek since last two weeks. I can’t sit straight or think for that matter. My morning are rough, I woke like 2pm in afternoon, and in night, I can hardly lie down. The issue of the license was not the problem, it’s my health. Just yesterday, I had to hit the bed immediately from the sivering and sleep tight, hoping everything will be alright. Sorry but I can only translate if I have the power to. The eif is under the contract and I. Really running behind. I so like one para or two when I am feeling alright. I will start to once health is ok. I do owe chapters but that doesn’t mean I have to burn my health to give them to you. At this moment, while writing the comment, I have a 38 degree Celsius fever and 120 heart rate.


      3. like you did he has sick, so if chapter was translate before fall in sick he can release then, and he talk licence isn’t a problem so if anyone contact the author of WDDG and have authorization then lest go to translate don’t push him of burn out it’s a non sense


      4. @Ash I’ll have you know that you released 8 EIF chapters between WDDG 465 (August 9) and my September 12 comment. Also, it seems your health is better considering the fact you’re translating EIF more frequently now. Are you going to say you’re sick again with how many chapters of EIF you’ve released lately? If you’ve got that much health problems, then you should find someone to take over WDDG and just stick with EIF since you seem to care about it more. As proof, you’ve released 27 chapters of EIF ever since WDDG 465 (again, August 9) yet nothing on WDDG. I’ve been trying to support you (by not complaining and even sticking up for you) as your translating of WDDG is the best, but you always break your promises about your releases and/or drop WDDG for months. Also, I know people get sick and have to take breaks. You could at least let us who only read WDDG know. I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t check one chapter of EIF before (Lucky coincidence because I don’t read EIF). And, I never once said you had to burn yourself out did I? If you’re still sick, then stop translating everything and get your health better first.

        @Natsu52 Try arguing with facts. Look at my comment directed to Ash and come up with an excuse.

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    1. cry ma a river, nobody’s fighting over your site(you have been through so many), if you’re sick or not…………how can anybody believe you when we have seen the way you behave for so long?
      so, don’t cry WOLF anymore!


  1. Why people are still reading this? You guys dumb? 2 years ago this was 300+ chapters now it has 400+. Seriously? When will this story progress? If no one bothers reading this here maybe this fcking inconsistent piece of shit translator might drop it so someone can it pick it up at a faster release rate or no one will pick it up so we can all forget it. Coming back here, seeing the same translator and we got 150+ chapters in 2years is ridiculous.
    If you’re reading this translator, seriously, drop it forever and dont come back. Find a better job if you consider translating as a job. You really like torturing people with this slow as fuck releases do you? I love this novel before and only drop it because of this fking sporadic releases. Thanks translator.


    1. you’re funny guy x) haven’t you read what i did ? go contact the author and get authorization for translate if you hate that, ash did the licence isn’t the problem so what you think ? you think to go angry here is the best decision ? LOL you fucking kidding me ? i’m french and i think you’re very funny for that, because in france nobody think of translator decision if you want trad that go trad so what in english ? anyone think like that ? it’s very funny


      1. Funny eh? First of all, if you’re saying that if we want to translate it then contact the author I think someone is already translating it now that Ash is missing again cause of health problems that he is saying. I dont know if the “new translator” contacted the author or not. My only problem is this Ash had a attitude of being missing and coming back again. I had no problem if he can translate 1 chapter per day or even have a clear schedule but he cant even do that. Now that a “new translator” is trying to translate it Ash might come back and retranslate the chapters and the “new translator” will just quit. Then Ash will go missing again and the cycle continues. When will this end? Someone tried to translate this months ago but Ash comes back with a same old attitude. If he always is sick, he should just focus on his health cause he clearly doesn’t have the capability to translate this fully. So drop this and don’t come back. Let someone else try to translate this. Thats what im trying to say funny guy.

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    2. I would love a consistent translator. But, I want one with quality. Even if they started with one chapter a week or every few days, I wouldn’t complain if the quality was at least on Ash’s level (but hopefully better). The new translators are horrible. Too bad wuxiaworld won’t find someone to pick this up. It’d bring a lot of readers to their site just for this.


  2. @TheF i understand your feelings but that new TL is of the worst kind, 1, the TL is basically impossible to comprehend, 2. they even got Meng’er’s name mixed up with Xiangyue’s in the very first line of 466 so even if Ash is inconsistent with his releases I still prefer his TL over that bs since his TL is easy to read and understand


    1. By the way, I replied to your comment on October 28 with the links to both sites but that comment is waiting for moderation. Apparently you can’t post comments with links in it without the moderator approving it. So, I can only give you the names of the sites. Didn’t want you waiting forever with no response. If you want to try babelchain, just look up WDDG on novelupdates and go to their site. But like I said, their translations are horrendous.

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  3. Ash seems to have given up on WDDG. If you want to read the novel that badly, then you’ll have to read it at babelchain or lnmtl. Both translations are horrible though. In fact, horrible isn’t even close to how bad the translations are. Shame no one wants to translate this correctly as it’s a really fun and enjoyable novel.


      1. What wuxiaworld? and, is the translation good? everywhere I see ch. 466 they screw up the name of the woman in the first paragraph.


    1. Yeah, i read it till c1300, it’s mtl but you can at least somewhat get what’s going on, even though it’s pretty sh*t. Some mtl i tried on lnmtl were utter trash, couldn’t pick anything together, not a single sentence made sense.


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