EIF Chapter 17 Part 2

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Here is 2nd part of chapter 17

Chapter 17 – Don’t Worry About Scarcity, But Rather About the Uneven Distribution (Part 2)

Translated by: Ash

Edited by: Deathstroke96



EIF Chapter 13-15

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Forgot to tell you one thing, I just noticed that there was an anime for Everlasting Immortal Firmament, though watching the first episode, it wasn’t to my taste as it was filled with comedy as it is targeted at younger generation.

Anyway, those who like comedy can sure watch it at youtube, but be warn, it is quite different from the novel and lacking the seriousness.

All I am going to link its OST which is OK. And also its poster.


Chapter 13 – First Battle, Soldiers’ Mourning Heart

Chapter 14 – All the Citizens Hates Gu

Chapter 15 – Devil Lord Gu

Translated by – Ash

Edited by – Deathstroke96


EIF Chapter 11

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So I was suppose to release two chapters, but its late here like 4 AM at the moment, the chapter was long and tlcing and checking the edit took a long time, and there is also FMC chapter which I finished translating and editing with the editor. All in all, I am pretty exhausted so any chapter will come tomorrow.

Chapter 11 – Stratagem of Sowing Dissension

Translated by – Dragoninwhite and Ash

Edited by –  Deathstroke96