WDDG Chapter 430

Chapter 430 – The Results of the Competition (I)

A sneak peek…

Chapter 431 – The Results of the Competition (II)


WDDG Status

Hi guys,

Since I’ve been told I don’t notify everyone many times, so, I’m notifying you in regards to the the delay. The new adapter cord sort circuited my laptop, and as all the chapters were on my hard disk, I am unable to post them. The the remaining 15 chapter will be released on 31st or 1st Feb, that too in batches of 7 and 8 chapters as that’s the latest I was told my motherboard could be replaced. FYI, this post is from mobile.


Hi guys,

Editor of WDDG, Levs went AWOL, so when he is back, you will get the three chapters of WDDG, one for yesterday and 2 for today. He is asleep or enjoying his weekend. Let’s see when he is online. There will be chapter of EIF today, I was told this yesterday, but forgot to post it. Deathstroke96 is busy today.

With regards