Chapter 16 – To the Royal Capital

The curtain fell on the auction that shook the entire Antiquity Town. This grand auction became the talk of everyone during their breaks!

As far as the protagonist of the auction was concerned, the Autumn Leaf Trading Guild had made its way into the visions of everyone in Antiquity Town, its name was widely spread to everyone’s ear. Moreover, under the propagandizing of some caring people, everyone was amazed by Gu Hai’s feat of exchanging 100,000 gold to win Xiao Feng’s favor. This was what you call a true prodigal, treating the money as dung.

Moreover what was more surprising to the townsfolk of Antiquity Town was that the Autumn Leaf Trading Guild had completely become wealthy. In the Antiquity Town, they splurged all their money mainly to buy land as well as in large scale constructions.

Although the Antiquity Town’s land prices were worth a lot, under the massive spending of Autumn Leaf Trading Guild, in just a few months, about three manors, as well as a few dozen stores, were now under the name of Autumn Leaf Trading Guild.

And among the three manors, one was named Gu Mansion, one was named Vast Ocean Manor, and the last was the rebuilt Autumn Leaf Manor.

Almost everyone in the Antiquity Town knew that among the three manors, two manors, the Gu Mansion and Vast Ocean Manor were both the property of Mister Gu.

And far more crazy than this was, besides the stores named Autumn Leaf Pharmacy, the other stores unexpectedly were either called Vast Ocean Bank or Vast Ocean Gambling House…

Obviously, Gu Hai had decided to start developing his own business in the Antiquity Town. And Gu Hai believed as long as he introduced many different types of gambling, the Vast Ocean Gambling House would be immensely profitable!

The Vast Ocean Trading Guild was now only in embryonic form, the day when it will be completely established, it would definitely bring a great change to the Antiquity Town!

However, now, the Antiquity Town held no place in Gu Hai’s heart, he now yearned to embark on the road of cultivation to live forever and never die.

In the Antiquity Town, it would almost be impossible for Gu Hai to ever encounter cultivators. Even Xiao Feng who was the strongest expert of Antiquity Town was just a mortal, nothing more!

That was why, Gu Hai’s next target was the Royal Capital of Chen Kingdom. Maybe there weren’t any cultivators there, but the Chen Kingdom’s Royal Court has all kinds of connections with cultivators. Moreover, it was definitely a bigger stage. Gu Hai believed that in the Royal Capital, he would be able to find an opportunity for himself!

Gu Hai passed some orders to the Autumn Leaf’s members, hired a carriage, and left for —— Chen Kingdom’s Royal Capital!

The Tiger Cage Pass was the last line of defense of the Chen Kingdom, so the Chen Capital was not too far away from the Antiquity Town. Furthermore, this was the most important part of the Chen Kingdom, the degree of attention this area received was naturally extraordinary, that’s why this place was basically devoid of any fierce wild animals or bandits!

It only took just two hours for Gu Hai to arrive in the range of the Chen Capital via a horse carriage. Because of the existence of the Tiger Cage Pass nearby, there weren’t any walls enclosing the Royal Capital. After all, if the Tiger Cage Pass had fallen, then the Chen Kingdom was not far away from its destruction. Whether there was any city walls or not, it wouldn’t matter!

The Chen Capital was vast!

Its streets were packed with people coming and going. Stores on both sides of the streets exhibited a variety of beautiful things. This was Gu Hai’s first impression of the Royal Capital of Chen. No matter where he looked, he could not find the end of these streets!

Gu Hai had already prepared a map of the Royal Capital. Having taken out the map, Gu Hai observed it carefully. Only after going through the map did Gu Hai truly realize how vast the Chen Capital was. In terms of the area alone, the Royal Capital was not inferior to a province from the world where Gu Hai came from!

Gu Hai pondered for a bit and decided to first find a peaceful location!

“Great Sea Inn!”

This was also Gu Hai’s destination of this trip. When he was in the Antiquity Town, he came to know that there existed a Great Sea Guild in the Royal Capital. The three major trading guilds of Antiquity Town could not be compared with this trading guild. The Great Sea Guild well deserved to be regarded as the major trading guild of the Royal Capital. The Great Sea Restaurant of the Antiquity Towan was just an establishment under the Great Sea Guild!

By ill luck, Gu Hai had held the auction suddenly, the manager of the Great Sea Restaurant was simply too late to relay any information to the Great Sea Guild. Otherwise, it would be hard to say who would have been the final winner of the Seven Color Snake King’s corpse in that auction!

The Great Sea Guild’s influence in the Royal Capital was definitely not small, that’s why small time thieves simply didn’t dare to create any trouble in the Great Sea Inn which was under the Great Sea Guild. Although it was a little expensive, the safety was guaranteed. Before coming to the Royal Capital, Gu Hai had already prepared some golden bills that were in circulation throughout the kingdom. He simply didn’t need to worry about any shortage of money!

Gu Hai had money, what did he have to fear. After all, money makes the world go round. Gu Hai walked into the Great Sea Inn very smoothly!

The same time Gu Hai was resting inside the Great Sea Inn, in another place of the Chen Capital —— the Weiqi Celestial Hall, things were not very calm!

The Weiqi Celestial Hall’s location was in a remote street of the Chen Capital. Although it was far away from the royal palace, contrary to its location, it was not sparsely populated. That’s why everyone knew that the Weiqi Celestial Hall was absolutely not an ordinary place. Rumour had it that the supporter of the Weiqi Celestial Hall was somehow related to the royal family.

The Weiqi Celestial Hall was a four-floor building. The first floor was dedicated to the ordinary Weiqi players. As for the second floor, it was for some Weiqi experts, while it was only possible for peak Weiqi players to enter the third floor. And the final fourth floor was extremely unique. Almost all of the personnel in the Weiqi Celestial Hall were prohibited to enter.

Because the fourth floor of the Weiqi Celestial Hall was the residence of a legendary figure — Elder Wuya who had been acknowledged as the Weiqi King by eight countries. After all, Elder Wuya was a legend in all his life. At the age of four, he began learning Weiqi. At the age of seven, he defeated his own Weiqi Teacher. At the age of eighteen, there wasn’t anyone in the Chen Empire who could defeat him in Weiqi. Later he left the kingdom to travel around, challenge some hidden Weiqi experts. At the age of thirty, within eight countries Elder Wuya couldn’t find any person capable enough to defeat him. That’s why everyone acknowledged Elder Wuya as the supreme Weiqi King!

After Elder Wuya had become famous, he returned to the Chen Kingdom and established the Weiqi Celestial Hall in the Chen Capital. He lived a semi-secluded life in this place. The Weiqi Celestial Hall also became the Holy Land of Weiqi in the eight countries. Every Weiqi player in the world yearned to enter the Weiqi Celestial Hall!

Elder Wuya lived on the fourth floor of the Weiqi Celestial Hall. However, besides some attendants, other personnel were simply restricted to enter!

However today, the calmness of the fourth floor of the Weiqi Celestial Hall had been broken. The fourth floor, which had always been closed, had an unexpected guest. An approximately twenty years old fellow dressed in a purple robe was climbing the stairs towards the fourth floor of the Weiqi Celestial Hall alone. With one glance it was quite evident that this person was certainly an extraordinary gentleman. Although he was walking alone, and there weren’t any entourage following him, his entire body was filled with a noble temperament. He was absolutely a top figure!

The purple robed fellow walked into the restricted fourth floor. Moreover, not a single guard on the fourth floor seemed to have any intention to stop him; they directly allowed the fellow to enter the fourth floor!

“Never thought the Crown Prince will once again come looking for Mister Wuya. However, Mister Wuya’s age truly forbade him to leave!”

“Ah! So true, Mister Wuya’s mind is willing but he is powerless. I also hope to resolve the crisis of the Chen Kingdom as soon as possible!”

The purple robe fellow was the Crown Prince of Chen Kingdon — Chen Taiji. He didn’t care the whispering of the two guards. He lightly pushed the door open and slowly walked into the room!

The room could not be considered big. It was a very simple room, even the furnishing and decorations were rather common. Besides a couple hundred Weiqi boards as well as some common commodities, there was nothing else!

At the center, an old man sat facing a table. Although the old man’s hair and beard were already white, his vigor and temperament were extraordinary. He had a scholarly air to him. This old man was precisely the Weiqi King, Elder Wuya.

Elder Wuya’s pair of eyes were fixed at the Weiqi Board in his front. He was completely immersed in the world of Weiqi. He even didn’t sense the arrival of Chen Taiji!

Chen Taiji slowly arrived before Elder Wuya. He tried not to make any sound. Afterward, Chen Taiji glanced at Elder Wuya who was completely concentrating on the Weiqi board and surprisingly, he slightly bent his body to salute…

“Taiji, you have arrived!” Elder Wuya finally noticed Chen Taiji’s arrival.  However, he didn’t seem to care. In here, there was no Chen Kingdom’s Crown Prince, it was just a teacher and his student.

“You don’t need to do these kinds of things! You are the Crown Prince, there is no need to salute this old man!” Elder Wuya reproached him.

“Teacher, a student should do this!” Chen Taiji suddenly paused then continued speaking, “Student this time came to bid farewell. Tomorrow, student is going to leaving for battle!”

“Ai!” Elder Wu heaved a sigh and helplessly said, “Unfortunately, this old man already has one foot in his grave. Or else I would have done everything in power for the Chen Kingdom!”

“Teacher…” Chen Taiji felt a little sad. Who could have known that the legend’s days were already numbered!

After all, Elder Wuya was not only an invincible figure in the Dao of Weiqi, he had an extraordinary ability to arrange the marching of troops. If he had Elder Wuya’s help, Chen Taiji would be able to settle the crisis of Chen Kingdom. But Elder Wuya already had no time left!

“Come, accompany me to a game of Weiqi for the last time!” Elder Wuya casually said.

Chen Taiji settled his heart and sat in front of Elder Wuya before taking out a Weiqi piece from the box…


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