Chapter 23 – Severing the Ties

Everyone had heard of the Chen Kingdom’s newest noble — the Vast Ocean Marquis, Gu Hai. Gu Hai’s rise had already been unstoppable.

Chen Xianer was not just some common number one beauty of the Chen Kingdom. She was a member of royal family. Although she had been adopted by the royal family in her childhood, it was still impossible for her status to be lower. Her status was almost comparable with the several princesses of the Chen Kingdom!

Tiger Cage Pass, Antiquity Town!

If the High Pass was the strategic gateway of the Chen Kingdom, then the Tiger Cage Pass was the final line of defense of the Chen Kingdom. Once the Tiger Cage Pass fell, the destruction of the Chen Kingdom was certain.

Within the Antiquity Town, there was a mansion which was also known as the “Gu Mansion”. The Gu Mansion was the mansion built by Gu Hai himself. At the backyard of the Gu Mansion, stood a tower which was seven-floor high. It was the tallest building in the entire town. One can view the entire Antiquity Town from the top of the tower.

The tower was named as Soaring Heaven Tower!

The sixth floor of the Soaring Heaven Tower, besides the close and numerous Weiqi boards hanging on the wall, even the floor was modeled after Weiqi. It was clear enough how crazy Gu Hai was for Weiqi!

But, besides Weiqi, there was someone else who could make him similarly crazy. Standing by the window, Gu Hai, with eyes full of gentle feelings, quietly looked at Chen Xianer who stood beside him.

Since their marriage, one year had already passed. As far as Gu Hai was concerned, he had long been aware of Chen Taiji’s intentions of marrying Chen Xianer to him. Chen Xianer was sent by the royal family only to keep an eye on him. However, he didn’t pay any attention to it, surveillance was just a joke for a man of his intellect!

But after living together for one year, Gu Hai had already fallen in love with this gentle and kind-hearted beauty!

Gu Hai pulled Chen Xianer in his embrace, and Chen Xianer too obediently leaned on Gu Hai’s chest. Gu Hai had been moved by Chen Xianer’s gentleness and kind-heartedness, while Chen Xianer too was touched by Gu Hai’s actions.

“Darling.” Chen Xianer whispered but then stop speaking. A complicated look was hung on her face as if she wanted to say something yet not at the same time!

“Xianer, you are my wife, is there still something which you are unable to talk to your husband?” Gu Hai gently said.

“Darling, King Chen’s messenger came looking for me, he wanted me to…” Chen Xianer’s face revealed a look of reluctance, she also spoke very slowly!

“Humph! He dares! Xianer, you are my wife, in this life, you are destined to mine and mine only. If Chen Taiji is impatient of living and dares to have any idea to hit on you, if Gu Hai can save the Chen Kingdom from its destruction, then similarly, I can also ruin the Chen Kingdom!” This time, Gu Hai was truly furious. Chen Xianer was his inverted scale, anyone who encroaches upon her would invoke the wrath of Gu Hai. He would absolutely not allow anyone to have an idea of hitting on Chen Xianer.

Chen Taiji had several times sent people to look for Chen Xianer. Naturally, Gu Hai had been aware of it. Out of his respect for Chen Xianer, he simply did not care about it.

“Darling, don’t be angry. King Chen is after all your sworn brother. I only love you. No one could take Xianer away from your side. Xianer forever belongs to you and you alone!” Chen Xianer gently said. She was trying to calm Gu Hai’s mood. “Isn’t today’s weather good, why don’t we go to Autumn Moon Lake for sightseeing?”

Gu Hai deeply looked at Chen Xianer before speaking, “If that’s your wish, then as your husband I must fulfill it. Let me change my clothes first, then we will go to the Autumn Moon Lake for sightseeing!”

The Autumn Moon Lake was one of the best viewpoints in the Chen Kingdom. Not a few poets and writers would come here for sightseeing to get some inspiration. But in the end, no one could depict the true feelings of love.

Gu Hai and Chen Xianer, hand in hand, took a walk to the Autumn Moon Lake; without any entourage, or clearing the site. If not for doing so, they will lose the fun of sightseeing.

The two were like a perfect couple, marveling every other passerby. After a long time, the two were a little tired. They walked up to a chair which was specially placed for visitors to rest and sat down.

Gu Hai looked at Chen Xianer and said in a gentle tone, “Xianer, what is it! Why do you want me to come here, at the Autumn Moon Lake?”

“I…” Just as Chen Xianer was trying to answer…

A voice carrying a trace of majesty rang, “Great brother, I asked Xianer to bring you here.” A casually dressed young man appeared; he was King Chen — Chen Taiji. Chen Taiji was followed by two guards, the two were the experts from the royal palace!

“Oh! Why does King Chen ask me to come here?” Gu Hai stood up, calmly looked at Chen Taiji. It didn’t appear as if it was meeting between a monarch and his minister!

“Your Majesty, Xianer already has a husband and in this life, this will not change. Your Majesty’s harem has numerous beauties, isn’t each one of them is a peerless beauty? Your Majesty, please forget Xianer.” At the same time, Chen Xianer also stood up. Her tone was dull yet firm, giving off the impression that these words were not just empty talk. Although she was just one weak girl, her heart was incomparably firm!

“Xianer, you…” Although Chen Taiji had long known that Chen Xianer loves Gu Hai, he never gave up. As a king of a country, he was sure he could win Chen Xianer from Gu Hai. Only now did he came to realize how firm Chen Xianer’s heart was!

“Alright, everything is because of Gu Hai. As long as he is dead, I don’t believe I will not be able to change your heart!” Chen Taiji was extremely furious, “Guards, kill Gu Hai for me!”

Just as Chen Taiji’s voice faded away, a group of armored soldiers rushed out and surrounded Gu Hai and Chen Xianer.

Gu Hai’s expression remained unchanged as he unenthusiastically said, “Chen Taiji, you finally could not bear it? It seems I overestimated you. You could not tolerate me for just one year!”

“Kill him!” Chen Taiji was aware of how formidable Gu Hai’s words were. In the past, in the Yan Kingdom, because of just a few words of Gu Hai, more than half of 300,000 soldiers had directly surrendered. He absolutely could not let Gu Hai speak anymore, who knows what kind of trick would he pull out!

However, not one soldier took any action. On the contrary, from outside the encirclement, came a noise before the group of tourists around them from god knows where pulled out weapons and started attacking from the outside. Although they didn’t know why the tourists were acting like this, the soldiers understood that they must first ensure the safety of King Chen. They immediately turned around and started attacking the tourists with the weapon!

“You… you were already prepared!” Although Chen Taiji was puzzled, he knew these tourists must have been arranged by Gu Hai way before coming here. Now he started to dread Gu Hai’s intellect even more!

“Humph!” Gu Hai just sneered and didn’t reply. How could he not know that there was something wrong with Xianer? However, he believed Xianer only came to refuse Chen Taiji. But Chen Taiji wanted to take advantage of this opportunity and remove him. How could he not be ready for him!?

Although the tourists attacking were overwhelming in number, their individual battle prowess was still worse than the capital guards. Very soon, the fight came to a deadlock!

But no one could realize that in a jungle not so far away from the fight, an arrow like a poisonous snake shot at Gu Hai at an overwhelming speed. In the blink of an eye, it was about to struck Gu Hai.

Although a year ago, Gu Hai had picked an External Technique Secret Manual from the royal treasury. The External Technique was after all not that easy to cultivate. Even after spending multitudes of resources, in a year, Gu Hai was still at the 1st level of the Houtian Stage. It was impossible for him to block that arrow, his death was a foregone conclusion!

However, no one had expected that the nearby standing Chen Xianer would show a resolute look as she sidestepped and blocked the arrow targeting Gu Hai. Besides Gu Hai, no one knew that Chen Xianer had excellent talent in cultivation. She was already in the 7th level of the Houtian Stage!

The arrow directly pieced Chen Xianer’s stomach. Chen Xianer’s body went limp as she fell in Gu Hai’s embrace.

“Xianer, how can you be so silly!” Gu Hai heart was in turmoil, he was both feeling anger and pain. He turned around and furious stare at Chen Taiji. “Chen Taiji, I’m going to kill you!”

Just as his voice faded away, a middle-aged man holding a sword suddenly appeared in the sky. It was Xiao Feng from six years ago who owe Gu Hai a favor. In these six years, with the help of Seven Color Snake King’s internal core, he had already broken through the bottleneck of Houtian Stage. Now he was a Xiantian expert. He was the true hidden ace of Gu Hai, he alone was enough to extinguish every person arranged here.

Xiao Feng slightly frowned, “This Xiao can help you kill everyone here except Chen Taiji. After all, there are some people from the royal family who have joined Immortal Sects. It is impossible for me to kill him!”

“Alright, leave Chen Taiji to me!” Gu Hai angrily said.

At this moment, Chen Taiji was extremely frightened as well as furious. He had never imagined that such a situation would take place, it was already out of his control!

“Darling.” Chen Xianer gradually opened her mouth to speak. “Xianer was adopted by the royal family in childhood. Xianer request you to let King Chen go, consider it as my last wish! Cough cough…”

“Ah! Xianer, whatever you wish, it will certainly be fulfilled by your husband. And this is absolutely not going to be the last one!” Gu Hai carrying Xianer in his arms and walked outside. He wanted to find the best doctor for her. “Chen Taiji, you can leave! From now on, there is no relation between you and me!”

Gu Hai, along with Xiao Feng, left for the hospital; leaving the dumbfounded and scared Chen Taiji behind.

Gu Hai secretly felt a little sad as he looked at Chen Xianer lying on the bed. Chen Xianer was saved, but she lost the ability to give birth.

“Darling, I’m sorry, I cannot give you a child.” Chen Xianer’s face was full of apology, “Darling, how about you take a concubine!”

“Silly Xianer, I only love you. How can I take a concubine? In fact, we can adopt children. We will adopt as many as you want! If you want several, we will adopt several!” Gu Hai sympathetically said.

“En!” Xianer showed a happy look. Her husband didn’t neglect her, that was enough!

Gu Hai walked up to the window, muttered, “I’m going to build a business empire, I will then see who dares to have any plan to hit me…”


3 thoughts on “Chapter 23 – Severing the Ties

  1. not sure how to feel about this.. the king wanted to kill the saviour of the kingdom because of a girl he had sent for him? and the Mc is so blindly in love with her that even when she betrayed him he didnt mind it? and just casually let the one who started all this to go and all was forgotten..

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  2. A better way to have reached the conclusion of having to kill gu hai would be the king being afraid of gu hai’s inhuman abilities thus almost becoming insane thus wanting to kill him .
    Also just clarifying the girl didn’t betray him , she just wanted to refuse the king in front of gu hai so he can be reassured , she didn’t know the king was going to set an ambush.
    Though as for the rest of the events they can be as is and then it would be perfect for matching the details of the sequel


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