Chapter 3 Striving to Turn The Situation

The Clear River Sect was located in the midst of mountains just outside the Chen Kingdom.

Inside a large hall of the Clear River Sect, there were 20 odd people, who were clearly separated into 3 factions.

The people on the left side were dressed in green robes, they were all intently looking at a huge map located in the middle of the hall. Leading them was a middle aged man dressed in green robes, whose eyes had a glint of frustration within them.

The people on the right side were wearing white robes, at this moment, they seemed to be very happy. A middle-aged man, who was leading them, laughed and said: “Clear River Sect’s leader, looks like you are going to lose, the Chen Kingdom has already lost 3 passes, you are on your last leg, you can’t take a blow anymore! Hahahahaha!”

The group of people in white all laughed loudly.

The group in green glared at the other group, the Clear River Sect’s leader, who was leading them, tightened his fist and said: “Song Jia Sect’s leader, it is not finished yet, are you sure without a doubt that the Chen Kingdom will be defeated?”

The Song Jia Sect’s leader just gave a cold laugh: “All the military forces are already marked on this map, the Song Kingdom is all united in heart, their momentum is irresistible. Gao Xianzhi has even executed 600 thousand soldiers of the Chen Kingdom’s army, leaving only 100 thousand soldiers at Tiger Cage Pass, and leading these troops is an inferior general, basically it is a forgone conclusion. Furthermore, Gao Xianzhi’s utilization of the army is marvelous! Don’t bother resisting anymore, just surrender already!”

“You!” The Clear River Sect’s leader glared at him.

Not matter how foolish the crowd was, they could understand that in this war, the Chen Kingdom would be exterminated.

But the Clear River Sect’s leader was not willing to lose! It was not just losing a Nation, it was leaving a bad impression on that important figure beside them. This important figure had been observing the battle throughout. How could the Clear River Sect’s leader not feel frustrated after losing so badly in front of her?

While the two sect leaders bickered, they had been observing the other five persons.

Although they were in the Clear River Sect’s territory, but these five people were standing at the position of the host, which was in the north.

Leading them was a young lady dressing in black male clothing.

The young lady had long and slender legs, she had a focused gaze; she was a peerless beauty. She had a well-proportioned figure, her slender snow white neck was exposed from under that black shirt. Her attire made her even more dazzling, causing one to feel the urge to take a bite out of her. She had the hairstyle of a man but the bangs that hung by the side of her face added a certain charm. Although she was dressed in a man’s outfit but it could not cover up her extraordinary beauty, it even served to enhance her allure.

The disciples of both sects looked at her with covetous eyes, but they knew the status of this young lady. They have to suppress the desires of their heart.

Holding a fan in her hand, the young lady looked at the huge map in front. On the map, there were all sorts of markings, illustrating out every single detail of the war between the Song Kingdom and Chen Kingdom.


Behind the young lady stood four people, three of them did not show any expression on their faces or say anything, they seemed to be the guard. The last one seem a bit different, it was a bald headed monk, he was wearing moon-white Buddhist robes. Standing over there, he exuded a celestial air, his facial features looked bright and scholarly, and in one hand, he held a string of 18 prayer beads. He was looking at that map together with the young lady.

“Reverend Liu Nian, what do you think of this battle?” the young lady asked while looking at the map and repeatedly tapping a folding fan on her other palm.

“Hall Master, because of your wish to see a battle of the secular world, you caused a massacre! 600 thousand soldiers, all executed! Amitābha!” the bald headed monk chanted a Buddhist chant, as though he was praying for the dead soldiers.

“Reverend, I heard that before you became a monk, the number of people you killed was much more than this. Furthermore, this massacre was not carried out by me, it was a mutual massacre on their part! I might be the cause, but I did not dictate the results!” The young lady shook her head.

Reverend Liu Nian gave a bitter smile: “It is all in the past!”

“My grandfather told me once that if I had the chance, I should observe the battles of mortals. Although they do not have great strength, but at times, they have incomparable wisdom. This war is very marvelous. Reverend, what do you think?” The young lady smiled.

Reverend Liu Nian looked at the map again and said as he nodded: “That Chen Taiji was pretty good, in such a large way, he was able to direct with ease, even among our numbers, he would be considered a good leader. He was advancing steadily and attacking perfectly, he was extremely dependable, originally they should have defeated the Song Kingdom, but unfortunately the Song Kingdom had Gao Xianzhi!”

The young lady nodded her head: “Indeed, Gao Xianzhi is very capable!”

“Gao Xianzhi, hailed as the divine strategist of the Song Kingdom, he truly deserved this name. His abilities in leading the army are better than Chen Taiji, he did not place all his eggs in the same basket! Within a few short months, he used many stratagems, he handled the troops so great as if he had assistance from the gods, his ability to judge was extraordinary. The risks he took, all had a shocking payoff. This was a psychological battle, he ended off with creating a diversion and attacking 3 passes simultaneously, defeating Chen Taiji. Truly extraordinary!”

“This Gao Xianzhi is quite interesting, what kind of level do you think he is at?” The young lady looked at Reverend Liu Nian.

“Hall master is very intelligent, I believe you already have an idea, is there a need to ask me?” Reverend Liu Nian laughed.

“Although he did not use many formations, but it seemed that his troops always held a great advantage, very marvelous, he has the disposition of a general!” The young lady replied with a solemn look.

“I have the same opinion as Hall Master does!” Reverend Liu Nian nodded his head.

“Looks like we will not return empty handed on this trip, at least we encountered a talent!” The young lady smiled in satisfaction.

But the praise of the young lady caused the Song Jia Sect’s leader eyelid to twitch.

“Hall Master, Gao Xianzhi is just a mortal! He is only in the Houtian Realm!” The Song Jia Sect’s leader immediately said.

The young lady quietly looked at the Song Jia Sect’s leader and said: “Don’t worry, he is not joining your sect!”

Hearing the words of the young lady, the Song Jia Sect’s leader’s face expressed joy: “Hall Master is very perceptive!”

What the young lady appreciated was talent, not cultivation. One’s cultivation can be slowly raised, but there was a limit to raising one’s wisdom. Such a talent, how could she let it go to waste?

“Reverend Liu Nian, look at the Chen Kingdom, do you think they would be able to make a comeback?” The young lady asked while looking at the map.

Reverend Liu Nian was silent for a while, then he gently shook his head: “Without a sect or other nations interfering, the Chen Kingdom is at the end of the road. With the loss of 3 passes, they are pretty much only left with a vast expanse. The Song Kingdom are all united in heart, tens of thousand soldiers will definitely gather outside Tiger Cage Pass. Although Tiger Cage Pass has 100 thousand soldiers, they are inexperienced. Not to mention defense, it would be very good if they do not surrender at the drop of the hat. Furthermore, according to the news received in the past, Chen Taiji is severely injured. His cardiac vessels were injured, his spirit is willing but his body is weak. In another half month, Gao Xianzhi would bring his troops to occupy the pass and the Chen Kingdom will be history!”

Reverend Liu Nian gave a dead end analysis, the Song Jia Sect’s leader revealed a face of joy, but the Clear River Sect’s sect leader had a gloomy expression.

The young lady nodded her head, the Chen Kingdom would be unable to turn around the situation.

“Sect leader!” Suddenly, there was an anxious shout from outside the big hall.


It was Chen Tianshan who rushed over from the Gu Mansion.

“Tianshan?” the Clear River Sect’s leader’s face sunk.

This time, his purpose in sending Chen Tianshan to the Chen Kingdom was to secretly assist the Chen Kingdom. However they still lost, thus when he saw Chen Tianshan, the Clear River Sect’s leader had an expression of frustration.

When Chen Tianshan entered the big hall, he was immediately distracted, he did not expect so many people to be there. There were the people from the Song Jia Sect and that important figure.

“Chen Tianshan of the Clear River Sect greets the Hall Master!” Chen Tianshan greeted.

The young lady nodded her head without responding to him.

“Tianshan, why are you back here? Is Chen Taiji injured? How are his injuries?” the Clear River Sect’s leader asked.

Chen Tianshan said in a bitter voice: “My grandnephew, had passed away half a month ago, his cardiac vessels had ruptured!”

The Clear River Sect’s leader’s face sunk.

“Hahahahaha, Chen Taiji is dead, the Chen Kingdom don’t stand a chance. Clear River Sect’s leader, it is best you get them to surrender!” the Song Jia Sect’s leader laughed.

The Clear River Sect’s leader’s face was very ugly.

The young lady in black frowned, she was thinking of watching Chen Taiji attempt to struggle. Now that Chen Taiji is dead, the war between the two nations should be over.

“Hall Master, my Clear River Sect has lost face this time!” the Clear River Sect’s leader bitterly bowed to the young lady.

Even his last shred of hope was gone.

Before the young lady said anything, Chen Tianshan immediately said: “Sect leader, we have not lost yet, there is still a chance to win!”

“Hahahaha, Chen Tianshan? What did you just say? Given the situation, you still think of winning?” Song Jia Sect’s leader laughed in disbelief.

“Tianshan, shut up! Have we not lost enough face yet?” the Clear River Sect’s leader shouted.

“This disciple is here because of this matter, we still can win!” Chen Tianshan braced himself to say.

“Oh?” the young lady in black expressed some curiosity.

With regards to this battle, anyone can see that the Chen Kingdom is finished, is this person just trying to create a sensation?

“Oh, ok, Chen Tianshan, speak! How to win?” the Clear River Sect’s leader said in a cold voice.

He had already lost enough face losing to the Song Jia Sect, however, Chen Tianshan did not reflect on that, but instead spoke big words of being able to overturn the situation?

Chen Tianshan could only force himself to say: “Sect leader, before my grandnephew Chen Taiji died, he recommended a person, saying that this person had the ability to overturn the situation, just like how the Song Kingdom had Gao Xianzhi!”

“Oh? Just like Gao Xianzhi?” The young lady became interested.

“Can it be the same? Back then, the Song Kingdom was only losing by a little, they had not suffered any major damage yet. After recommending Gao Xianzhi, they could overturn the situation. But now, the Chen Kingdom is about to be finished, they are at a major disadvantage yet you say they can turn defeat into a victory? Without any evidence to back this, how can this be? How can you believe it?” The Clear River Sect’s sect leader said in disbelief.

However, the young lady smiled and said: “Speak! Who is it?”

Since the young lady opened her mouth, the Clear River Sect’s leader could not do anything more but stare at Chen Tianshan.

Chen Tianshan was feeling like he was being tortured, but he could only force himself to speak: “Before Chen Taiji died, he recommended this person, saying that he definitely had the ability to overturn the situation, he was very certain. He did not seem to be lying, thus I went with Crown Prince Chen to find that person, he is called Gu Hai, I believe most of my senior brothers here have met him before.”

“Gu Hai? That smelly old man?”

“It is him? The one with poor Natural Endowments, but yet foolishly wanted to enter our sect?”

“He only started cultivating after his 30s, yet he dares to dream so big? Maybe in his next life!”




The Crowd immediately began to react, to Chen Tianshan’s surprise, not only his senior from the Clear River Sect, but even the people from the Song Jia Sect also knew Gu Hai.


“Oh? He is willing to help the Chen Kingdom?” the young lady was very curious.

When the young lady opened her mouth, everybody kept quiet.

Chen Tianshan bitterly said: No, he said that he can help the Chen Kingdom to win, but he wanted our sect leader to promise that after he helped the Chen Kingdom to overturn the situation, the sect leader has to assist him in breaking through to the Xiantian realm from the Great Perfection of Houtian! Furthermore, he wished to be permitted to learn the Xiantian Realm Cultivation Method of the Clear River Sect!”

“What? He has reached the Great Perfection of Houtian?” Everyone in the big hall was immediately surprised.

The young lady felt a little confused and looked at Chen Tianshan strangely.

“Hall master, this person is called Gu Hai. there were no records of such a person in the past, up until 40 years ago. We have no idea where he came from. Back then, he had not started cultivating and his Natural Endowments were extremely poor. Since he started cultivating at 30, and couldn’t cultivate Inner Strength, thus he chose External Strength cultivation, to train his body. He wanted to join our sect, naturally, I looked down on him. To think that in the secular world, in the timespan of 40 years, he established a huge family business, becoming the wealthiest man in six countries, furthermore, he even reached the Great Perfection of Houtian!” Chen Tianshan explained.

“Cultivating External Strength to reach the Great Perfection of Houtian? What great perseverance!” Reverend Liu Nian revealed a trace of shock.

“You can reach the Great Perfection of Houtian by cultivating External Strength?” The young lady looked towards Reverend Liu Nian.

Reverend Liu Nian nodded his head: “It is very rare, this is only the second time that I have heard this happened!”.

“Second time? Then who was the first?” The young lady asked with suspicions.

“Your maternal grandfather!” Reverend Liu Nian said.


The young lady’s pupils constricted. Everyone became solemn.

“Sect leader, Gu Hai said, as long as you make this promise, he would help the Chen Kingdom to overturn the situation, he required you to issue a decree!” Chen Tianshan said.

“A foolish dream, just an old man in the Houtian realm and he wants to overturn the situation? In his dreams!” The Song Jia Sect’s leader said in disbelief.

However, the Clear River Sect’s leader looked at the young lady, seeing that she had an expression of curiosity. The hope which he had lost was rekindled, he already lost his face anyway, at worst it would just happen again. maybe……?

“Ok! I promise!” The Clear River Sect’s leader seriously said.

“Yes, Many thanks to the sect leader!” Chen Tianshan was very excited.

The young lady at the side just tapped her folding fan: “Since it is so, then let’s observe for a little longer!”

“Hall Master, there may not be enough time!” Reverend Liu Nian said worriedly.

“There is no harm in doing it, I also wish to see how plays out. I wonder what this Gu Hai is planning to rely on to do this!” The young lady smiled.

“But……!” Reverend Liu Nian frowned.

“I know that this is already a checkmate, but didn’t you realize, it has become interesting?” The young lady smiled

“Alright!” Reverend Liu Nian bitterly smiled.


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