Chapter 8 Don’t Love Me in Your Next Life (Part 1)

Merchant’s City, Barracks of Gao Xianzhi!

Within the central tent.

Crown Prince Song and Gao Xianzhi were sitting and drinking tea, Lin Chong was respectfully standing in front.

“How is the morale of the soldiers?” Crown Prince smiled and asked.

Lin Chong nodded his head: “The arrangements by the General have caused the soldiers to be more energetic, at the same time, immensely hate Gu Hai. Now that they are allowed to communicate with their families, their mentality has improved, and during the conquest of the surrounding cities, the progress is a lot faster due to heightened ferocity.

“What about that bunch of merchants?” Gao Xianzhi asked after drinking some tea.

“Everything has subsided, the merchants are no longer impudent and no one dares to set off any firecrackers or fireworks,, at most, they brought just a few more letters from the rear or secretly smuggled some family members of the victims. However, after the General’s analysis, the soldiers just blamed Gu Hai for the disappearance of their family members, none of them dared to lose their tempers!” Lin Chong respectfully said.

“Keep a careful eye on those merchants, whenever Gu Hai employs a stratagem, it is unblockable. Do not allow them to have any prolonged exposure with the men. If anyone tries to resist immediately restrain them!” Gao Xianzhi said after a mouthful of tea.

“Yes, General, be at ease, only……!” Lin Chong suddenly frowned

“Oh?” Gao Xianzhi expression immediately tightened, What happened this time?

Ever since Gao Xianzhi knew Gu Hai was his opponent, he had never relaxed. He was very careful about every little detail, after all, not long ago, a mutiny nearly occurred without any warning.

Lin Chong looked at Crown Prince Song.

“What’s going on? Should I withdraw?” Crown Prince Song said with a sullen face.

“No, General, Your Royal Highness, you should know this as well, the kidnapping of soldier family member could have been orchestrated by Gu Hai, with the shifting of the blame on local officials. However, even though the officials are not to be blamed, anxiousness still exists in everyone’s hearts. With the General’s request to His Royal Majesty for the involved parties to be punished, the restlessness in the soldiers subsided, however, the problem of the missing family members hasn’t been resolved and is still continuously ongoing!” Lin Chong explained.

“Indeed, all we can do at the moment is to search everywhere for them. We already know about this, what’s different this time?” Gao Xianzhi asked in doubt.

“It seems the target this time is the Royal Grandson, Song Zhengxi!” Lin Chong said sullenly.

“What?” Crown Prince Song’s complexion changed and immediately stood up.

The Royal Grandson? That would be his son. His son was all the way in the Song Capital  City, how was he implicated?

Gao Xianzhi’s pupils constricted.

“In the past, it was just ordinary officials and nobles, but now, it is the Royal Grandson? Gu Hai is finally baring his teeth?” Gao Xianzhi’s face was ugly.

“What’s going on?” Crown Prince Song’s complexion changed

“The news came from Song Capital, there were 15 incidences of families being destroyed, the evidence pointed towards His Royal Highness Song Zhengxi, the reasoning behind this situation was due to His Royal Highness Song Zhengxi coveting women, causing a disaster in the Song Capital. At the moment, there are 15 officers, now kneeling in front of my tent, requesting that General takes action!” Lin Chong frowned.

“That bastard Gu Hai! Sabotaging my son? Lin Chong, have you cleared things up with them? That all of this is just slander!” Crown Prince Song said anxiously.

Lin Chong knitted his eyebrows and said: “I have already investigated, they received the news were either from the relatives of the soldiers directly or from letters sent by their relatives, However, only 13 of them were reported as missing, which looks like Gu Hai was not deranged enough to kill the relatives of the soldiers!”

“Eh, if Gu Hai directly killed their relatives to sabotage my son, wouldn’t that be more beneficial to him?” Crown Prince Song frowned.

“Oh no!” Gao Xianzhi’s expression changed.

“What’s wrong?”

“I just thought of it,  Gu Hai’s heart is truly vicious, how frightening! I was nearly deceived by him once again, to think that his plan concealed such a poison! When Gu Hai kidnapped the family members of the soldiers, the soldier began hating him, but, in their hearts, they still hold a trace of hope, thinking that at least their family was still alive, although they felt hatred towards Gu Hai, it hasn’t gone to the point where they were considered him as a mortal enemy. In their hearts, Gu Hai kidnapped their families, however, he didn’t kill them, which is a reassuring result. If they received the news from their kin personally coming to inform them, then it would have been a worst-case scenario for them. I restrained their anger and thoughts, however, they weren’t able to calm their tempers down, instead, it was just suppressed. This kind of suppressed anger, once it explodes, they wouldn’t listen to anyone, including myself. Furthermore, If their families are with Gu Hai, then during battle, these soldiers might hold themselves back! Although it is just a small group, with this state of mind it would spread! I do not know what other plots Gu Hai has utilized on them, but if Gu Hai instigated them to join his camp, they might……!” Gao Xianzhi’s complexion keeps changing.

“Instigate them?” Crown Prince Song took a deep breath of cold air.

“Lin Chong, you said that out of the 15 officers, 13 of them had missing family members,  what about the other 2?” Gao Xianzhi stared at Lin Chong.

Lin Chong’s expression turned ugly, gazed at the Crown Prince and lowered his head: “It was indeed the Royal Grandson, Song Zhengxi’s doings.”

“En? “ Crown Prince Song’s face sank.

“Your Royal Highness, this subordinate will be direct, the Royal Grandson, Song Zhengxi, has been using his identity to cause all sorts of harm to civilian women. It is not as though you are not aware of these matters, just before the war, Your Royal Highness even helped him by taking care of the Song Capital officials so that they would help suppress this ugly business of the Royal Grandson!” Lin Chong said in a soft voice.

“Peng!” Crown Prince Song slapped his hand on the table.

“Lin Chong, are you sure that it is the doings of the Royal Grandson?” Gao Xianzhi’s face was beyond ugly.

“Yes, the two of them are my direct subordinates, I know that their younger sisters are extremely pretty, they wanted to arrange a marriage between myself and them, but I already have Xiao Die and didn’t wish to take a concubine, thus nothing occurred. The person who delivered the news to them are brothers who went through life and death with them, just that they were crippled during a battle and were sent home. They have seen the incident happened and even seen the bodies, they even brought along an object from the family!” Lin Chong said quietly.

“Pa!” Crown Prince Song sat back on his chair with a plop.

“That brat, before I left I told him not to cause any trouble, I keep writing letters to his mother, to keep a close eye on him, to think that, to think that……!” Crown Prince Song said painfully.

“You just said, they are brothers-in-arms who brought the news? Are they reliable? Have they been bribed by Gu Hai? You must know that, regardless of the level of friendship or what they been through, there would always be something that could convince them?” Gao Xianzhi said in a low voice.

Crown Prince Song’s eyes brightened, the messenger could have been bribed.

“This subordinate does not dare to guarantee it, but they have been kneeling in front of my tent and are begging the General to do something. According to the notice issued, anyone who humiliate or bully the families of the soldiers, they will be executed immediately. The crimes of the Royal Grandson indicates execution! They are begging the General to handle this fairly! To take revenge for their loved ones!” Lin Chong said sullenly.

“This… this is still not confirmed, how do we judge?” Crown Prince Song said anxiously.

Lin Chong looked at Crown Prince Song said: “Your Royal Highness, although this subordinate does not dare to guarantee anything, the Royal Grandson is fully capable of committing such acts, furthermore, while you were able to suppress him when you were in Song Capital, now that you have left for so long, not many people can control him anymore. If they were bribed by Gu Hai, then Gu Hai is too amazing because before these 15 officers were dispatched, the Royal Grandson has already exhibited an attitude that they hated, this was deeply rooted in their hearts. Furthermore, as for whether the messenger is a problem, although I can’t guarantee it, I have met them, they are loyal and would rather die than submit and there were bodies as evidence. There is a 90% chance of it being the truth!”

“A 90% of it being my son?” Crown Prince Song’s complexion turned unsightly.

“They want the military law to be upheld, to execute the Royal Grandson!” Lin Chong nodded his head.

“Song Zhengxi cannot die!” Gao Xianzhi’s face sunk.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 8 Don’t Love Me in Your Next Life (Part 1)

  1. Well, that was a bad decision. If he wants to be king, he needs to realize that everyone is expendable, his son included. The odds of the army turning on the royal family just skyrocketed. Honestly, the king should have already executed his idiot grandson and sent his head to the front by way of apology. Either that, or refused to sign the decree and come up with something else to appease the soldiers.


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