Chapter 25 – The Demon Servant, Little Naga Girl

Tianyuan Island!

Gu Hai wasn’t far from the entrance. The four crossed a big mountain and arrived at the center of a huge mountain valley.

At the bottom of the mountain valley was a place with dense mist circling around. One by one, cultivators from all over the world would step inside the mist.

Once the cultivators entered the mist area, they would disappear.

“This is the entrance. We have also come for the first time, from what I have heard, as soon as one enters the mist area, they can enter the Xiantian Endgame World!” said Chen Tianshan.

“Let’s go!” Gu Hai stepped into that mist area.

Followed by Chen Tianshan and Gao Xianzhi. Song Qingshu was the last one to enter. At this moment, his countenance was completely distorted.

The Sect Chief had asked him to kill Gu Hai. But the scene when Gu Hai abruptly turned around was still lingering in his mind. Song Qingshu didn’t know why, but he was feeling trepidation.

“What am I afraid of? He is just a Xiantian Stage cultivator, that’s all! What do I have to fear him? What a joke!” A grim look covered Song Qingshu’s face as he suppressed the unease in his heart.

Gradually, he walked into the area of mist.

As they continue to walk, everyone slowly seemed to be walking out the mist.

However, once they were out of the mist, the scene before them was no longer that of the previous mountain valley.

The Tianyuan Island simply didn’t have any vegetation, but when everyone came out of the mist, they were surrounded by lush, emerald mountains.

“This is?” Gu Hai took a glance behind him curiously.

A large area of mist was still there.

“According to Sect Chief, this fog zone is the entrance, and we have at most one year. When the fog disappears, it will be the moment when the entrance of Xiantian Endgame World is closed!” explained Chen Tianshan.

Gu Hai nodded.

“Damn, such a terrifying aura of heaven’s might!” exclaimed Song Qingshu as he raised his head to look at the sky.

In the sky, there was also a small sun, but Gu Hai could feel that this sun was completely different from the one that was outside. Perhaps, it was a star.

“Really, one can only enter at Xiantian Stage!” Chen Tianshan said as he also smiled bitterly.

“What are you feeling?” asked Gao Xianzhi inquisitively.

Gu Hai also looked at the two. After all, Gu Hai and Gao Xianzhi didn’t feel any difference.

“I feel that there is an aura over my head that is suppressing my cultivation to the peak of Xiantian Stage. It feels that as long as I increased my cultivation even a little bit and break through from the Xiantian Stage, an armageddon-like might would charge at me!” stated Chen Tianshan, horrified.

“Oh?” Gu Hai’s eyes became slightly brighter as he listened.

Earlier Gu Hai had only heard about this fact, but now that it had been verified by Chen Tianshan, Gu Hai suddenly felt a lot more relaxed.

Countless cultivators had entered this small world. Just a while ago, at least a dozen had previously entered before them, and Gu Hai’s cultivation could only be ranked last among them. If a fight broke out, Gu Hai would be bogged down in crisis. However, as of now, all of them could only be at Xiantian Stage, which eased Gu Hai’s worries a lot. Even if he was only at the first level of the Xiantian Stage, the others were not much stronger than he was. Furthermore, what he was cultivating was external strength.

The corner of Gu Hai lips rose into a light smiled, “Nice place!”

“There are many people over there!?” Chen Tianshan was slightly surprised as he pointed in a direction.

“Tell me!” a shout came from the other side of the mountain valley.

“Since she is not telling, just kill her!”

“Humph, this monster deserves to die. She led to the death of my senior brother!”

“If you are not going to tell me the location of the Hundred Years Longevity Peach Tree, I will kill you immediately!”


At some distance, a large number of cultivators were gathered. Meanwhile, cultivators who had just entered swarmed towards them one after another and formed a few circles around them; hundreds of people had gathered by now.

The grasses in the vicinity of the mountain valley were splattered with blood. When Gu Hai looked closely, he noticed some mutilated body parts lying around.

“Did a big fight take place here previously?” Gao Xianzhi’s eyebrows twitched as he spoke.

Meanwhile, Chen Tianshan and Song Qingshu quickly ran towards the group of people. Gu Hai, on the other hand, didn’t rush over. He walked to a mutilated arm lying in the grass and carefully examined it.

“Throne Master, a fierce fight must have taken place here! There are many mutilated limbs over there, and some shallow graves as well! Did someone bury them?!” Gao Xianzhi exclaimed, following Gu Hai.

“This arm was cut three days ago!” Gu Hai said in a solemn tone.

“Oh?” Gao Xianzhi looked at the mutilated arm as if he was absorbed in his thoughts.

At the beginning, Gao Xianzhi followed Gu Hai just to learn. Finding how long ago a limb was cut was a coroner’s job, and Gao Xianzhi used to despise learning these things. Only now Gao Xianzhi suddenly discovered that he had belittled learning everything; he resolved to learn everything from now on.

Gradually, Gao Xianzhi and Gu Hai walked towards the crowd at a distance.

A few hundred people forming a circle was a pretty spectacular scene. It was also the first time, Gu Hai had seen so many cultivators. As he approached, he also heard the discussions taking place in the outer rings.

“I heard that when this world opened three days ago, all the powerhouses rushed in, but they didn’t expect the natives to be waiting for them already. A horrendous fight broke out between both sides; it was too horrible. The natives are all crazy. One by one, they fought disregarding their lives. Most of them are all dead, only a few could escape!”

“Most of the people went to chase them, only a few people stayed here because they had captured ten natives alive. At first, they wanted to torture the natives to tell them the geography of here and locations of treasures. But the natives would rather die than submit. Most of them committed suicide by biting their tongue!”

“Those bunch of madman!”

“Fortunately, one is still alive; unfortunately, it’s a demon servant and its status among the natives isn’t high. However, it doesn’t want to die. Therefore, they could only torture it!”

“Hundred Years Longevity Peach Tree, that’s but a longevity herb! Just a peach can add a hundred years of life! I so want it!”

“Let’s see how long that demon servant can endure!”

While the people in the outer ring were discussing, Gu Hai, on the other hand, frowned.

“Would rather die than submit? Committed suicide by biting the tongue? Weiqi Empyrean Court disciples indeed have some integrity!?” Gao Xianzhi asked, surprised.

Gu Hai nodded.

“I really don’t know! I really don’t know!” From the crowd came a tender sobbing.

“You don’t know? How did you come here? Take us there! Or do you want to be like them?”

“Monster, your people killed my senior brother. Even if I killed you ten times, it won’t be enough. Are you going to tell or do you want me to torture you?”

“Humph, don’t pull a pitiful face on me; when you were killing us previously, why didn’t you look so pitiful?”

Endless reprovals came from the center of the crowd.

Gu Hai and Gao Xianzhi gradually squeezed their way through the crowd and slowly came to the front.

“This is?” Gu Hai’s expression was laced with surprise.

At the center, he saw a five-meter-long black snake nailed to a boulder with three long swords. Its entire body was covered with blood, its flesh torn to shreds. The head of the black snake was that of a little girl, a girl who was no older than seven or eight years. Head of a human and body of a snake!?

The naga’s entire body was covered in blood, her cheeks were also black and blue from beating. At the moment, she was spitting blood and crying while looking at the group of cultivators who were holding whips, sabers, and swords.

In contrast, the cultivators were staring at the naga with a grim look on their faces. Their roars filled with viciousness.

The naga was hanging by a breath; she had bled too much and as such, she was trembling.

“Monster, as long as you tell us, we will let you go. Where is the Hundred Years Longevity Peach Tree hidden? This place is too big, and our cultivation is limited. If we want to find it in a year, it won’t be easy. I am the leader, as long as you tell us, I’ll make sure you are released!” a man dressed in a red robe who was the leader of the group said, smiling coldly.

Among the cultivators, no one stopped him. All of them stared coldly at the naga.

Perhaps the previous battle was too frigid. No one actually sympathized with the naga.

“I don’t know. I am just a demon slave; every day I am only responsible for guarding the herb field, that’s all! I really don’t know!” the naga cried.

“Herb field? Where is the herb field?” the red robed man’s eyes suddenly lit up.

“I don’t know, I don’t know! I was taken to the herb field by them and before they took me there, I was stuffed in a box. I don’t know how to leave and I also don’t know how to go back. I beg you, please let me go!” the naga cried pitifully.

“Monster, how can you not know? It seems you don’t want to live, humph!” the red-robed cultivator stared before piercing his sword into the naga.



Along with the blood-curdling scream of the naga, another wound appeared on naga’s body.

“I really don’t know! Someone, please save me! Master, master, save me, boo-ooh!” the naga broke into tears as a desperate look appeared on her face.

“Kill her!”

“Humph, since she isn’t talking, just kill her!” the congregation of cultivators shouted ferociously one after another.

There were some cultivators who had a look of compassion on their faces, but no one stood up. A corpse on the ground already explained everything. These demons were the enemies of outsiders; whoever sympathized with the enemy, he or she would become the enemy of everyone.

“Humph, impenetrably thickheaded! Evil beast, for wasting our time, you can go to hell!” the red-robed cultivator shouted. While speaking, he stabbed his sword towards the naga’s head.

“No!” the naga broke into a desperate scream, but as her body was nailed to the rock, she simply couldn’t move.

She could only watch the long sword stabbing towards her head helplessly as death approached.


Suddenly, a stone whizzed over and smashed into the red-robed cultivator’s long sword; diverting the long sword.


In the blink of an eye, the sword stabbed into the boulder next to naga’s head.

“Who is it?” The red-robed cultivator’s eyes flickered with flames of anger.

Everyone looked in the direction from where the stone came from. It was none other than Gu Hai who threw the stone.

Apart from Gao Xianzhi, the people near Gu Hai suddenly retreated in a wave, exposing Gu Hai in front of everyone.

“It should be enough. Don’t you all feel ashamed for coercing and humiliating a little girl, and even constantly torturing her?” Gu Hai stepped forward coldly.

Chapter 25 (Part 2) – The Demon Servant, Little Naga Girl

Gao Xianzhi wanted to follow Gu Hai, but Gu Hai lightly waved his hand, indicating Gao Xianzhi should stop.

“Who are you?” the red-robed cultivator asked coldly.

At this moment, everyone looked at Gu Hai, curiously, dismissively, scornfully, and shamefully. Meanwhile, Gu Hai walked to the center slowly.

“The little girl has already said that she is just a slave, that’s all. What can she know? Everyone here is an expert from various sects, there is no need to keep holding her, yeah? Ladies and gentlemen, the Xiantian Endgame World is too big; why don’t we head deeper, we could always find other people to ask!? Why are we wasting time here?” Gu Hai once again stepped forward while he was speaking.

Amid the crowd, Song Qingshu and Chen Tianshan’s eyes went wide as they stared at Gu Hai.

Chen Tianshan wanted to step forward, but he was stopped by Song Qingshu. Song Qingshu narrowed his eyes as he glanced at Gu Hai.

“Who in the f**king hell do you think you are? You want to free this monster? Do you want to die?” the red-robed cultivator grabbed the sword and pointed at Gu Hai as he spoke in a cold tone.

The naga stared at Gu Hai, her eye filled with anticipation, “Senior, please save me!”

“I just want to save her, why, do you want to stop me?” Gu Hai retorted coldly.

“Who are you?” suddenly someone amid the crowd shouted.

Obviously, everyone wanted to vent their hate on the naga yet they had suddenly been stopped by a person. So naturally, they were unhappy. At this instant, a lot of cultivators who had lost their friends and families in the previous fight slowly focused their anger on Gu Hai as bursts of killing intent gradually covered Gu Hai.

“Your humble servant is the Ascendant Hall Water Throne Master, ladies and gentlemen, do you want to fight with my Ascendant Hall?” Gu Hai asked coldly.

“Ascendant Hall?” The countenances of most of the people in the crowd suddenly changed for the worse.

Just as Gu Hai had guessed, everyone had seemingly heard of Ascendant Hall. Many people furrowed their brows. Whereupon, the commotion calmed down a lot.

Amid the crowd, a big fellow with a curly beard narrowed his eyes suddenly. A few subordinates behind him stared angrily at Gu Hai, but the curly-bearded fellow waved his hand to stop his few subordinates from glaring and quietly watch the events in the middle.

Slowly, Gu Hai walked up to the red-robed cultivator while a sliver of a smile appeared on his lips.

At first, the red-robed cultivator flinched back, albeit slightly, but suddenly, the red-robed cultivator’s expression changed as he said, glaring, “Humph, you cheating bastard, there is no Water Throne Master in the Ascendant Hall!”

“That’s right, the Ascendant Hall has five thrones; metal, wood, water, fire, earth. Among which, the Water Throne has already been vacant for twenty years, how could there be Water Throne Master?” another man suddenly snapped.

“Brat, you dare to cheat me?” the red-robed stared at Gu Hai angrily. A burst of slaughter qi soared and came gushing down.


Suddenly, Gu Hai released the True Qi around his body.  A tyrannical and evil qi spread around him along with a roar; a slightly purplish dragon True Qi emerged from Gu Hai. Suddenly, the red-robed cultivator’s slaughter qi was dispersed.

“En?” Amid the crowd, the curly-beard fellow’s expression changed a bit.

Countless cultivators in the crowd also stared with wide-opened eyes at Gu Hai.

“True Dragon Xiantian Exercise? Yes, he must be telling the truth!”

“Whoever dares to cultivate the True Dragon Xiantian Exercise without authorization, he or she would have his or her entire family eliminated! He is speaking the truth! If he isn’t the Water Throne Master of Ascendant Hall, it will be impossible for him to cultivate this exercise!”

“Ascendant Hall?”

Everyone in the crowd broke into a discussion. Those who were glaring at Gu Hai in anger were slowly suppressed.

Slowly, Gu Hai walked to the boulder and looked at the naga nailed at the boulder; his eyes flickered with a could-not-bear look.


Gu Hai gently removed a long sword.

AHHHH! The naga screamed in pain, but she still endured it.

Her tears could not stop flowing as she looked at Gu Hai gratefully.

Everyone looked at Gu Hai, while the red-robed cultivator who was acting the most arrogantly previously glared at Gu Hai with animosity. Obviously, he had lost his face and was extremely upset.

“Impossible, when I came, the Ascendant Hall didn’t have any Water Throne Master, the Ascendant Hall Lord was on the Nine-Five Island at that time, together with the Chief of my sect. Who are you?” the red-robed cultivator said coldly.

“Oh? It seems you are a fellow-islander!? You are indeed correct, the Hall Lord was indeed on the Nine-Five Island. I was just appointed as the Throne Master, this humble servant is Gu Hai, maybe you have heard of me?” Gu Hai kept on removing the long sword from the naga’s body, without even turning his head.

“Gu Hai? How did you become younger? No, weren’t you directing the Chen and Song battle? How did you come? Is-is it the Song Kingdom lost?” the red-robed cultivator’s visage worsened.

Gu Hai narrowed his eyes as he turned his head to looked at the red-robed cultivator.

“Do you know me? Who are you?” Gu Hai knit his brow into furrows as he continued looking at the red-robed cultivator.

“Pang Tianlong from the Song Kingdom!” the red-robed cultivator glared at Gu Hai coldly.

“Pang Tianlong, the son of Royal Tutor Pang? I heard that you cultivation had entered the Xiantian Stage ten years ago and then, you joined the Song Jia Sect?” Gu Hai said, narrowing his eyes.

“Who could have thought that a shriveled old man like you could also become a Xiantian Stage cultivator? You just entered the Xiantian Stage? En? Right, how did you join the Ascendant Hall? When I left, you were just handed over the command of Chen Kingdom army. Just a few months have passed!? You…you? Is it?” Pang Tianlong’s countenance worsened.

Gu Hai totally ignored him and continued pulling out the sword from the naga.


Just as the last sword was removed from the naga’s body, she fell on the ground. Her entire body was covered in blood, she was incomparably weak. Immediately, Gu Hai caught her.

“What about the Song Kingdom? Gu Hai, what about the Song Kingdom?” inquired Pang Tianlong with frantic eyes.

“Song Qingshu, manage your disciple, it’s damn noisy!” Gu Hai said coldly, as he glanced at Song Qingshu in the crowd.

Following which, the expression on Song Qingshu’s face froze. Meanwhile, Pang Tianlong and many others suddenly saw Song Qingshu.

“Martial Uncle?” Pang Tianlong immediately shouted.

Song Qingshu glanced at Pang Tianlong before taking another look at Gu Hai. He answered, as the expression on his face flickered ever so slightly, “Throne  Master, although he is a Song Jia Sect disciple, I am not. Therefore, I don’t have the right to direct him!”

“En?” Gu Hai narrowed his eyes as he looked at Song Qingshu.

“Martial Uncle, what happened to Song Kingdom?” Pang Tianlong asked anxiously.

“Song Kingdom is already destroyed. Even your father was compelled to death by Gu Hai!” replied Song Qingshu coldly, while looking back at Gu Hai.

“What?” Pang Tianlong’s eyes went wide as he stared at Gu Hai.

A sliver of a sneer appeared on Gu Hai’s lips as he looked at Song Qingshu.

“Gu Hai, did you kill my father?”  Pang Tianlong demanded, glaring at Gu Hai. The long sword in his hand pointed at Gu Hai; it seemed he could hack Gu Hai into pieces anytime.

“Song Qingshu, are you sure you can’t control him?” Gu Hai said calmly, gazing at Song Qingshu.

Song Qingshu remained silent for a while, but finally, he said, nodding, “Throne Master, please forgive me, I have now joined the Ascendant Hall and it can be considered as me breaking away from the Song Jia Sect. So naturally, I don’t have the authority to order him. Furthermore, even in the past, I had no power to control him, he is not my disciple. It’s a grudge between him and Throne Master. I, even more so, cannot take responsibility!”

“En!” Gu Hai nodded.

“Gu Hai, did you really force my father to death? Senior Brothers, please help me take down Gu Hai! I will hack him to pieces!” shouted Pang Tianlong suddenly.

Amid the crowd, just as the group of Song Jia Sect disciples was on the point of stepping forward…

“Oh? Are you asking them to help you? Does the Song Jia Sect want to fight with my Ascendant Hall until one of is destroyed?” asked Gu Hai coldly.

While speaking, Gu Hai glanced at the Song Jia Sect disciples who were about to step forward with a glare filled with slaughter qi. The congregation of Song Jia Sect disciples suddenly became stiff as they stopped with frowns on their faces. Everyone looked at Song Qingshu.

“Can’t you see Song Qingshu? Pang Tianlong isn’t qualified to control you. If you take another step, it will mean that Song Jia Sect wants to fight with my Ascendant Hall. Do you want to come?” Gu Hai glared with wide-open eyes.

In the blink of an eye. the congregation of Song Jia Sect disciples started hesitating. They involuntarily stepped back.

“You, you!” Pang Tianlong’s countenance froze before a helpless look appeared on his face.

After all, he didn’t have the prestige to ask his senior brothers to shed all pretenses of cordiality with the Ascendant Hall.

“Humph, Gu Hai, how can you be the Throne Master of Ascendant Hall? You have just entered the Xiantian Stage not too long ago, you can go to hell!” Pang Tianlong suddenly swung his long sword at Gu Hai.


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