Chapter 46 – A Mighty Army


The galloping horses charged straight at the cloud battlefield with ever-surging momentum and sky-rocketing slaughter qi.

At the entrance to a distant square, Bodhisattva Liang Sheng and the Great Elder froze for a moment.

“An army?” Great Elder’s tone became even heavier.

“It really is him? Hahaha, first I have ever seen such a summons of cloud beasts, and with such a torrential scene!?” stated Lian Sheng, laughing.

“Who is he? How can he have such weiqi skills? Furthermore, how in the bloody hell can he have such an understanding of the heaven and earth rules?” Great Elder looked at Bodhisattva Liang Sheng.

Bodhisattva Liang Sheng focused his gaze on the cloud beast general at the forefront, and on Gu Hai, whose body was sunk inside the head of the Fang Tian Hua Halberd-wielding general.

“He is Gu Hai!” answered Bodhisattva Lian Sheng calmly.

Atop a nearby peak…

Great Wisdom King looked at the sky, accompanied by his subordinates. Over these last few days, he had always been paying attention to the battlefield in the sky. The sudden emergence of an army of cloud beast riders had startled even Great Wisdom King, albeit slightly.

“An army!? It’s a little interesting!” praised Great Wisdom King as a cold smile appeared on his face. “En? That is!?” suddenly, Great Wisdom King’s voice raised a bit.

“Great Wisdom King, please look, look at the forefront of the army, the man is embracing…!” a man garbed in a sun-patterned black robe shouted in surprise suddenly.

“Great Wisdom King, isn’t that Empress Wa?” The men dressed in sun-patterned black robes were suddenly sent in an uproar.

“Let me take another look!” said Great Wisdom King solemnly.

The sudden appearance of a mighty army drew the attention of countless cultivators in this world, as well as the natives of this place. Their eyes went all wide in disbelief.

“How is that possible!? It’s unprecedented!”

“How can a golden piece summon an army of cloud beasts?”

“Am I dreaming? Are you kidding me!?”…

Exclamations rose in every corner of this world.

Innumerable cultivators had their eyes wide open in shock. Some of them had long been routed, and had their cloud beasts devoured in previous rounds of battle, and thus, had lost all qualifications to participate further. The rest had never found a golden piece from at all.

The facial muscles of the onlooking outsiders who had lost their qualifications twitched as they gazed upon this scene. At the same time, they thanked their luck as the word “Freak!” spontaneously escaped everyone’s mouth.


As the hundreds of cavalry galloped forwards, the ones who were experiencing the most shock were the groups of people fighting in the sky.

Although the size of the soldiers was just a hundred zhang, they could not hold against so many. How could there be so many?

The cultivators felt completely at a loss.

Meng Tai’s countenance also became distorted.

Meng Tai had known that Gu Hai’s weiqi skills were amazing, but he had never expected them to be so exaggerated. How could this be called amazing weiqi skills!? It was more like cheating!

If you alone go robbing, what about others, would they just rob fart?

“Block this army with everyone!” proposed Meng Tai, shouting.

Ninth Young Master’s countenance had also become horrid. Indeed, in the wink of an eye, Meng Tai and his band of cloud beasts were no longer a threat. The biggest threat was that mighty army.

“Stop attacking, block that army with everything!” shouted Ninth Young Master.


In the wink of an eye, both sides who were so hostile to each other that it was like either you live or I live a moment ago, unanimously opposed that mighty army immediately.

The look in Gao Xianzhi’s eyes was that of shock and wonder.

“Has Throne Master been possessed by Elder Guanqi? I am not dreaming, right?” wondered Chen Tianshan, rubbing his eyes in excitement.


Amid the army, Gu Hai mobilized the mighty army with the help of the golden piece, charging straight towards the Hundred Years Longevity Peach Tree in the sky.

Had it been before the seclusion, Gu Hai would not have been able to do something like this, as he only came to understand the weiqi array during the closed-door training. Although he was unable to show the true fierceness of the dao of weiqi because of his pitiful cultivation, he still had the golden weiqi piece, which was the tool for mobilizing this world’s heavenly and earthly energies.

In fact, the golden piece was a power itself. Gu Hai knew it was part of the great dao of weiqi, or to be more precise, controlling the forces of the great dao through the laws of the great dao. As such, Gu Hai could display dao laws which others could never fathom.

As a matter of fact, this army was a checkmate assembled out of a weiqi game.

The army pressed forward with an indomitable spirit, as if it would slaughter a god if a god blocked its way, punish a buddha if a buddha blocked its way; mowing down everything in its path, none could stop its advance.


The army let out a roar together, shaking the entire sky.


The general wielding the Fang Tian Hua halberd looked even more bloodthirsty, his eyes radiating with an evil gleam.

Meanwhile, Gu Hai controlled this army while keeping Little Rou in his embrace.

“Little Rou, don’t sleep, do you hear me, don’t sleep. I will rescue you immediately, don’t sleep, you absolutely can’t sleep!” Gu Hai woke Little Rou anxiously.

Little Rou seemed to have reached the limit, her eyes opened for a while before closing again.

Her eyes seemed dark for a while, but after another moment, it seemed she could see again. Seeing this, an incomparably anxious look painted Gu Hai’s face. Little Rou, on the other hand, showed a cute smile on her lips after seeing this. However, she was too weak. Her eyes remained close henceforth.

“Little Rou, don’t sleep!” Gu Hai kept on shaking Little Rou.

“Benefactor!” Little Rou mumbled in an ever-feebler voice.

“Faster, faster, faster!” roared Gu Hai as a distressed look appeared on his face.

The general with the Fang Tian Hua halberd slapped his horse’s flank as he roared with a murderous look on his face, “KILL, KILL, KILL!”


The army pressed forward even more aggressively.


In a flash, the army had arrived before everyone.

In the front line were nearly a thousand colossal cloud beasts, all of whom stood shoulder to shoulder to greet the new enemy, bound by a common hatred. At this moment, both sides had forgone their past enmity and arranged their troops to meet the charging army from below together.

Looking at the mighty army emanating a skyrocketing bloodlust, Meng Tai and Ninth Young Master were drenched in cold sweat.

In the wink of an eye, the two armies came face to face.

“Block them, block them!” shouted Meng Tai.




A dozen colossal cloud beasts in the forefront bellowed, tearing and biting at the opposite side.

“KILL!” the general glared and slashed out with the Fang Tian Hua halberd.


Suddenly, a giant wolf was pushed back, pushing the army behind him as well, snarling.




Before you knew it, the sabers of other soldiers landed upon the giant wolf.


The cloud wolf at the forefront exploded. The army didn’t want to devour them; it simply tore them apart in the blink of an eye.


The wolf’s cultivator plummeted straight towards the ground. Even the golden piece was broken into pieces with its cloud beast.


One after another, the cloud beasts at the forefront were killed by the massed attacks of the army. Keeping a united front, the army charged and attacked. Although they were smaller in size than the enemy, it didn’t matter as their joint attacks were exceptionally powerful.

Tearing open a gap between the colossus cloud beasts suddenly, the army charged inside.


Terrifying roars resonated across the world. An organized attack was simply too fierce, mowing down all resistance.

Along the way, the few cultivators who dared to block their path were all cut down under by the army, plummeting to death beneath their horseshoes.




Blood-curdling screams rang out endlessly as cultivators constantly fell to the ground, just like a grim rainfall.

“Block them, block them, block them!” shouted Meng Tai with a crazed look on his face.

Wherever Gu Hai’s army went, the army of colossus cloud beasts was utterly routed, annihilated into nothing in the blink of an eye.



As the fight went on, the battle between both sides grew fiercer and fiercer.

“GU HAI, GU HAI, YOU DARE!” roared Ninth Young Master, his eyes wide open.

At the beginning, Ninth Young Master held Gu Hai in disdain, even saying Gu Hai didn’t deserve to know who he was. But at this moment, how could Ninth Young Master remain confident as before, looking at that mighty army of Gu Hai. His eyes were now filled with shock and anger.

However, Gu Hai was simply not looking at anyone, his eyes were staring at the Hundred Years Longevity Peach Tree, fixed on the golden peaches hanging on it.

“Faster! Hold on, Little Rou, you will be able to eat that peach soon, you will recover in no time. Little Rou, don’t you sleep, you can’t sleep!” urged Gu Hai anxiously.

“Benefactor, Benefactor!” Little Rou slowly opened her eyes.

Gu Hai’s expression worsened, revealing a savage look.

“Faster, kill them for me, charge!” roared Gu Hai, staring.

“KILL~~~~~~!” yelled the general wielding the Fang Tian Hua halberd, raising their morale to a new height immediately, as they pressed forward disregarding their life and death.







Cultivators rained down from the sky faster and faster.

Meng Tai stared at the scene before him, stupefied. How… how can we block this? This army is too fierce! We are completely suppressed! They are simply unblockable, like a hot knife cutting through butter. They are pushing us, like sweeping through the dead leaves…

“Block them, left flank and right flank, all attack the center quickly, quickly, quickly!” yelled Meng Tai.


Again and again, large groups of cloud beasts were sent flying, cut into pieces. All the cloud beasts in their wake were brought down.

“Block them!” shouted Meng Tai, frightened.


Suddenly, the Fang Tian Hua halberd came crashing down on the giant dragon on which sat Meng Tai.


The giant dragon let out a pained roar.


Waves of sabers were already crashing down upon the giant dragon, covering it in wounds.


“Bastard!” A crazed look distorted Meng Tai’s face.

Everyone was utterly powerless, the army’s lethality was simply too great; routing everyone before it, indeed like a hot knife cutting through butter, and like sweeping dead leaves. Everyone was completely annihilated.


Breaking through the defense of the outsiders in the blink of an eye, the army charged inside, facing the defense of the natives.

“Block them, block them for me!” Ninth Young Master also shouted, terrified.

“CHARGE!” roared the general wielding the Fang Tian Hua halberd as a savage look laced his face.

“UUUUU-RAH!” The entire army roared at the top of their lungs as they clashed with the natives’ army.

Ninth Young Master stared at Gu Hai as a crazed look painted his face. Immediately after, a snake’s head bit out at the outsider as he controlled his hydra. Won’t we win as long as Gu Hai is gone?

But the general underneath Gu Hai was also incredibly fierce. In the blink of an eye, the Fang Tian Hua halberd in his hand cut fiercely.

“With such big strength, I can remove a mountain; With the lofty quality, I am matchless in the world! Break!” yelled the cloud general as a hideous look showed up on his face.[1]


A huge snake’s head flew away. Apparently, it had been cut off by the general.

“WHAT!?” screamed Ninth Young Master, gawking.

How could a halberd have such a force? One of the heads of my hydra had been cut off?



The army behind him immediately charged forward, following the general, attacking the other eight heads.

The eight-headed hydra swung its tail towards the riders madly, one after another; however, there were too many riders frenziedly cutting at the hydra.


As ferocious as the general was, the soldiers were similarly fierce. One was not a match for the hydra, but a hundred was another thing. In the blink of an eye, the eight-headed hydra was laden with wounds.


Another head was cut off.

Six-headed hydra!

“No, no, no, you are a monster, Gu Hai, you are a monster!” shrieked Ninth Young Master as a fire of angst burned his heart.


In the blink of an eye, the outcome was completely decided under the surging attack of the army.

Yeah, the coalition of both sides had a magnificent strength, but the army was even more aggressive. Having pushed and steamrolled everyone in its wake, the army arrived at the Hundred Years Longevity Peach Tree.

Countless people rained down towards the ground.

The natives were also falling down, so miserable that one could not even bear their sight.

The army surrounded the Hundred Years Longevity Peach Tree in the blink of an eye.

Having been scarred with wounds and their numbers reduced to less than three hundred, the colossal cloud-beasts retreated to one side, gawking at the battlefield like wooden chickens.

As for the ones that had crashed to the ground, only God knew whether they were alive or dead.

The hydra also withdrew, its heads reduced to two and its body scarred with wounds. Meng Tai’s giant dragon also retreated too one side, its limbs, tail, and horn cut down.

Aside from Gao Xianzhi and Chen Tianshan, who had retreated long ago, a majority of the people that had also retreated to one side were in such a miserable state that they were too horrible to look at. They could only stare at the terrifying army which had suddenly appeared and occupied the Hundred Years Longevity Peach Tree.

Armies fight, blink of an eye, the outcome has been determined…

Meng Tai’s heart ached. Having done so much planning and work, all he could do was watch from one side in the end!

“Gu Hai?!” shouted Meng Tai, depressed, angered, and resentful as well.

“Gu Hai!” Ninth Young Master also roared in fury.


Translator’s Notes:

[1] So the general was Xiang Yu as mentioned before. It’s a part of poem that was written by Xiang Yu. 力拔山兮气盖世,时不利兮骓不逝。骓不逝兮可奈何,虞兮虞兮奈若何?

With such big strength,

I can remove a mountain;

With the lofty quality,

I am matchless in the world.

Time is not suitable to me,

and my piebald horse cannot run through the surroundings.

How can I do

that both of my piebald horse and me were besieged,

How can I protect you,

My beloved princess-wife Yu?


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