Chapter 50 – Endlessly Growing

“The virtuous ones should occupy the Hundred Years Longevity Tree. Since the Weiqi Empyrean Court disciples don’t care, we all have the opportunity!”

“Why should it be Gu Hai?”

“His group of cloud beasts is formidable indeed, but so what? There are more of us!”

“He also wants to destroy the Hundred Years Longevity Peach Tree, he does not deserve to have it! Fellow Daoists, let us attack together and break his great array!”

“That’s right, let’s avenge our senior brothers and break his great array!”

“Whoever robs the Hundred Years Longevity Peach Tree, it’s his!”



Jeers and cheers immediately resounded everywhere. Tens of thousands of cloud beasts circling around the array immediately roared together, charging towards the cloud array at the same time.




The calls of tens of thousands of cloud beasts shook the sky, grand and imposing. It was ten times fiercer than the great battle that had taken place a few days ago. Surging cloud beasts charged at the clouds array.

“KILL THEM!” Thousands of soldiers cried together from within the clouds array as their slaughter qi proliferated in all directions.


Tens of thousands of cloud beasts pressed forward, charging into the clouds array before a thunderous crash echoed out from inside the cloud array.

The cultivators in the outer ring who were holding the attitude of wait and watch at first, also could not sit back at this moment and stormed in immediately. More and more cultivators charged into the array. A great battle broke out.




An intense battle broke out in the sky, the grand array was churning continuously. However, the cultivators outside could not see what was happening inside the grand array whatsoever. All they could sense was the sound of intense fighting happening inside the array.

The mighty army and tens of thousands of cloud beasts, two sides were confronting each other intensely.

Ninth Young Master narrowed his eyes, staring at the battlefield in the sky.

“Ninth Young Master, the fighting in the sky is quite aggressive, right? Maybe so many cloud beasts can destroy Gu Hai’s grand array immediately, and seize the Hundred Years Longevity Peach Tree?”

“Certainly! Ninth Young Master, but what should we do if the Hundred Years Longevity Peach Tree is damaged?”…

The group of black-robed men grew anxious.

“Inform everyone to wait for my order, once a lot more outsiders have charged into the large array, turning the battlefield into chaos, we will immediately sally!” ordered Ninth Young Master in a heavy voice.


In another mountain valley…

Meng Tai was coldly watching with the congregation of Ascendant Hall disciples.

“Your Grace, shall we charge?” asked an Ascendant Hall disciple, worried.

Meng Tai stated, narrowing his eyes, “I haven’t seen Gu Hai again. The grand array should not be broken that easily!”


“There is no ‘but’. We have already suffered significant losses previously, have you still not learned your lesson? Gu Hai’s shrewdness is bottomless. He definitely has methods to deal with this. All Ascendant Hall disciples will follow me closely; we are not going to attack, but find Gu Hai’s weakpoint with me slowly!” ordered Gu Hai in an imposing manner.

“Yes, Your Grace!” answered the congregation of Ascendant Hall disciples.

Atop a summit…

Great Wisdom King patiently looked at the fierce battle happening in the sky, wielding the five-colored scepter in his hand. Standing behind him were the group of people dressed in sun-patterned black robes.

“Your Highness has all-seeing insight and can penetrate the fog, I wonder what is happening inside the grand array?” inquired a sun-patterned black robed man curiously.

“What a wonderful array. It seems Gu Hai had indeed understood how to mobilize this world’s forces of heaven and earth. Haha! It’s a bit interesting!” stated Great Wisdom King, chuckling.

“What about Empress Wa? Is Empress Wa safe?” asked that sun-patterned black robed man, distressed.

“She is all right! Empress Wa of this life is too immature!” said Great Wisdom King calmly.

“Then it’s all good!” the congregation of sun-patterned black robed men said, laughing.

“Lift the divine coffin!” ordered the Great Wisdom King in a dignified manner.


The group of black-robed men at the center quickly picked up that huge coffin and placed it behind Great Wisdom King. While at the it, the congregation of black-robed men stood to the left and right respectfully, seemingly guarding the coffin.

“Oh? Growing endlessly?” Great Wisdom King’s eyes suddenly flickered with bright gleam, looking at the sky.

Inside the clouds array…


The two armies were confronting each other.

A large group of cloud beasts charged into the array, fighting with the opposite side again and again. Cloud beasts, in exceptionally fierce numbers, charged straight at the group of soldiers. The number of cloud beasts was far more than the number of soldiers. However, at the end of the day, the troop’s unified assault was far stronger than lone cloud beasts.

“KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL!” the soldiers shouted again and again as they continuously attacked the groups of cloud beasts, wielding their long sabers.


As a soldier along with his horse exploded suddenly, the cloud beasts in the rear desperately charged forward.



An outsider plummeted straight towards the ground from tens of thousands of zhang high in the air after his cloud beast blew up.

Both sides suffered casualties. While the desperate battle continued, the battlefield grew fiercer and more frigid.

Gu Hai, Gao Xianzhi, Chen Tianshan, and Little Rou stood at the innermost region, occupying the four generals, overlooking the battle in the outer ring.

Their gazes became ice cold as the army at the outer ring attacked the invaders.

“Attack, attack quickly, Gu Hai’s mounted soldiers are falling!”

“Charge, Gu Hai’s mounted soldiers are dying, he doesn’t have as many soldiers as us, charge!”

“Faster, faster, faster! Gu Hai is about to lose. Faster!”…

As the battle progressed, the outsiders’ eyes turned redder, because victory seemed to be within their sight, they were about to win! Even though Gu Hai’s army didn’t retreat, the number of soldiers was decreasing by the minute, which was quite satisfactory. The Hundred Years Longevity Peach Tree came closer and closer as everyone charged towards the center.



More and more number of people fell from the sky. Fortunately, there were people below responsible for receiving them. The cultivators rained down from the sky, but they didn’t die, encouraging the hesitant cultivators in the rear to press forward without any worries. One cultivator stepped forwards as another fell.

“Charge, half of Gu Hai’s army has already fallen. Immediately storm towards the innermost ring! Faster!” yelled the cultivators in the outer ring, excited.

“Follow me!” Ninth Young Master suddenly came in with a large number of powerful cloud beasts.

The cloud beasts behind Ninth Young Master were rather powerful and fresh troops, mowing down everyone in their wake, none could stop them. Once they charged in, they pressed straight towards Gu Hai, killing almost a hundred soldiers instantly.

“Gu Hai, hahaha, is this your mighty army? How about you try my mighty army?” Controlling the hydra, Ninth Young Master charged straight towards the inner ring, laughing.

“Attack, immediately behead Gu Hai!” yelled Ninth Young Master.


The new congregation of cloud beasts burst into eager roars.

Gao Xianzhi, Chen Tianshan, and Little Rou looked at Gu Hai, worried, because the army of Ninth Young Master was exceptionally fierce. Ninth Young Master’s army swept everyone along the way. Sensing those terrifying attacks of the hydra, the three felt as though his army could behead everyone before them in a short while.

Watching the charge of the most fierce Ninth Young Master, Gu Hai revealed a sliver of a cold smile as he said, “Ninth Young Master, have you not heard that the higher they rise, the harder they fall?”

“En?” The expression of the charging Ninth Young Master flickered.

“It seems that the Weiqi Empyrean Court disciples’ understanding of this world’s heaven and earth rules is even worse than an outsider!” stated Gu Hai, smiling coldly.

“Humph, spreading fallacies to delude the public. Your army is about to be annihilated. Let’s see what you have to say when I swallow your army!” declared Ninth Young Master, glaring.


The hydra opened its jaws as it let out a roar before each of its eight heads swallowed a mounted soldier cloud beast respectively.

The mighty army was indeed decreasing in number steadily; not even one among ten was still alive, while the cloud beasts of the outsiders were getting fiercer and fiercer.

However, instead of being worried, a cold smile appeared on his face as he said, “How can you understand the 28×28 Heaven and Earth Grand Array? My weiqi pieces are decreasing, so what? As long as the heavenly dao of this world is endless, my weiqi pieces are also endless! Inexhaustible! Growing endlessly!”


Suddenly, the grand array that had been fragmented from the attack of the outsiders’ cloud beasts quaked as the clouds rose up. Among the rising clouds…



The whinnies of horses reverberated again and again. And then, under the disbelieving gazes of countless cultivators, the mounted soldiers that had been beheaded and blown up by the attacks were reborn, and once again charged down from the clouds.


The mighty army was completely restored! Resurrected, growing endlessly!


“How is this possible? They were resurrected?”

“No way, why can they resurrect? I don’t believe this, I don’t believe this!”…

Countless outsiders were suddenly deeply surrounded by the soldiers. In the beginning, their charge was fiercer, but at this moment, their situation was more precarious, because at the beginning, they were facing the army from one side, and now the army had been reborn all around them. In the blink of an eye, everyone was surrounded!

“We are invincible, KILL!”


The soldiers and horses roared together as they immediately attacked from ferociously from all sides.


The battle became ever more intense. The cultivators who were fierce just a moment ago were scared silly in the blink of an eye.

“No, no, no, how is this possible?”

“Escape, quickly escape, AHH!”

“Let me go, fuck, AHH!”…

A series of tragic cries rang all around as cloud beasts blew up one after another. The outsiders discarded their golden weiqi pieces and rained down towards the ground in succession.

The scene of humans raining from the sky shocked the hell out of the cultivators who were still hesitating as a horrid look was immediately painted across their faces.

“What’s going on? What?”

“Weren’t they just saying Gu Hai was about to be beheaded?”

“Why are they all falling down? And faster than before!”

“What happened inside?”…

The cultivators outside hesitated to move forward as their expressions changed ever so madly.


Ninth Young Master, along with his subordinates, made a quick escape. His congregation of cloud beasts had suffered serious losses. The hydra had once again lost three heads; it had suffered a tragic defeat.

“Growing endlessly, how can they be reborn endlessly?” The fleeing Ninth Young Master had an extremely ugly look on his face. Just a moment ago, victory seemed to be within their grasp, but in the blink of an eye, the attackers and defenders had switched their positions!?

Somewhere outside, Meng Tai’s eyes twitched madly, “What the Hell happened? Quickly grab a fallen cultivator and ask him what happened inside!”

“Yes, Your Grace!” the congregation of Ascendant Hall disciples obeyed.


In the outside world, the cloud beasts circling in the air did not dare to transgress the array’s bounds at this moment.

The cloud’s grand array was no different than a land of death.

True, many were able to escape, but just as many were unable to escape, and had been torn to shreds during the fierce battle inside.

Everyone had a horrid look on their faces as they stared at the grand array of clouds.

The grand and spectacular battle came to a conclusion, making countless people anxious and doubtful.

Inside the array, Gao Xianzhi, Chen Tianshan, and Little Rou were ever-so-excited.

Atop a summit…

Great Wisdom King shook the scepter in his hand, “Growing endlessly, huh? It was an interesting start!”

“Your Highness, you mean to say that the army inside can be reborn endlessly? Wouldn’t that mean Gu Hai is invincible?” wondered a sun-patterned black-robed man in surprise.

“Invincible? Not yet, the 28×28 Heaven and Earth Grand Array is truly interesting! I have not encountered such an array for a long time! Prepare the divine coffin to welcome Empress Wa. Just watch how I break it! I don’t want to kill him, but unfortunately for Gu Hai, everyone who is involved with Empress Wa has to die!” stated Great Wisdom King coldly.


Suddenly, Great Wisdom King started floating up into the sky, without a cloud beast or any magical tool whatsoever. He seemed to be free from the constraints of this heaven and earth.

Facing a hundred-zhang long cloud beast, a man looked extremely small. However, one such man started floating slowly, astounding the onlookers.

Great Wisdom King gradually floated up to the 28×28 Heaven and Earth Grand Array.

He wanted to break through the army alone!


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