Chapter 52 – The Lies of Meng Tai

“Under the azure plumes, all law will be destroyed, CUT!”

“With such big strength, I can remove a mountain; With the lofty quality, I am matchless in the world!”


Gu Hai’s valiant general and Great Wisdom King’s peacock plumes fiercely clashed with each other in the sky. Each impact would produce a massive storm that swept everything around it, and a loud bang, so loud that almost all the cultivators’ eardrums were ringing.

However, the temptation of the Hundred Years Longevity Peach Tree was too big.

Everyone took a glance at Gu Hai being pinned down by the Great Wisdom King, and suddenly, everyone’s eyes lit up. This was a god-sent opportunity.

As Gu Hai was controlling the grand array previously, tens of thousands of cloud beasts had to return empty-handed, disappointed. But now, Gu Hai was pinned down, whereas the other three of his partners were definitely no good.

The Hundred Years Longevity Peach Tree was there, and without Gu Hai guarding it, at that! Should they go, then?

“Follow me!” shouted Ninth Young Master.


Controlling their cloud beasts, countless subordinates followed Ninth Young Master as they charged towards the grand array from another side.

Nearly a thousand cloud beasts marching together looked exceptionally fearsome. Although the hydra had suffered injuries, it was still brimming with battle intent. It was the first one to rush into the array.

“ZHAO ZILONG OF CHANGSHAN IS HERE, SOLDIERS, TAKE FORMATION AND ATTACK!” Suddenly, a thunderous shout reverberated from the vortex of clouds.


A large team of mounted soldier stormed straight at the hydra of Ninth Young Master.


A brutal slaughter began as the army of both sides came in contact with the other. The battle was extremely tragic.


Gao Xianzhi’s expression became solemn as he controlled Zhao Ziliang to rush forward, looking at the oncoming army.

“Hmph!” Zhao Zilong coldly snorted as he brandished the long spear in his hand like a sickle of Hades, sweeping everyone away in his path, cutting and culling cloud beasts madly in his wake. Followed Zhao Zilong closely were a large team of soldiers. In a flash, Zhao Ziliang had become a meat grinder; blasting cloud beasts away wherever he went, one after another.

Outside the array, countless cultivators could not sit still with Ninth Young Master charging first.

“Charge, Gu Hai is pinned down! Now, the Hundred Years Longevity Peach Tree belongs to whoever robs it first!”



Once again, colossal cloud beasts attacked the grand array from another side.

“GUAN YUNCHANG OF XIE COUNTY IS HERE, SOLDIERS, TAKE FORMATION AND ATTACK!” a thunderous shout rang from the vortex of clouds.


Just like Gao Xianzhi, Chen Tianshan fought the enemy bravely, controlling the army. The Green Dragon Crescent Blade of Guan Yuanchang cut everyone in its path even more crazily, ever victorious.

More and more cloud beasts continued to rush into the array. The two generals had almost covered the majority of the battlefield, seemingly looking after Little Rou and giving a small part of the battlefield to Little Rou to look after, that’s all.

“ZHANG YIDE OF YAN IS HERE, TROOPS, TAKE FORMATION AND ATTACK!” another loud shout reverberated in the battlefield.

Even though Little Rou was facing the least amount of enemies, when all is said and done, many more enemies charged at Little Rou.

Ultimately, Little Rou was just eight years old, how could she have ever experienced such a battle. In the past, she was forced to fight when the entrance of this world opened, and later, she confronted the sea of ants only because she willed it. Suddenly, she began to panic facing this kind of battle.

“Ah, don’t come! Ah!” Little Rou almost shut her eyes in panic.


Under Little Rou’s control, Zhang Yide also struck in extreme panic. Although a peerless might was still displayed, Little Rou was in too much panic, the movements of Zhang Yide had also traces of panic in them.


More and more cloud beasts burst apart and went crashing down towards the ground.

A majority of cloud beasts rushing into the array were blocked by Zhao Ziyang and Guan Yunchang, leaving only a small part of cloud beasts to face the panicking Zhang Yide. Slowly but surely, Zhang Yide was getting closer and closer.

“Hahaha, that little snake demon is afraid of fighting!”

“Break through there, faster, faster, faster, break through before the others reach!”


Cloud beasts started to charge at Little Rou more intensely. Little Rou was also finding it more and more difficult. Looking at those cloud beasts getting closer and closer, Little Rou was on the verge of crying.

“What to do? What should I do? Benefactor, Little Rou is about to lose, boo-hoo!” Little Rou began sobbing in trepidation.

The Ascendant Hall disciples were also among the ground of cloud beasts that were charging at Little Rou.

Meng Tai’s eyes flickered with a confident gleam as he followed the crowd.

“Attack, that small snake soon would not be able to hold on, attack quickly!” The congregation of cultivators burst into cries of excitement.


As expected, Little Rou steadily retreated under the attack of the army of cloud beasts. The group of cloud beasts arrived in front of Little Rou after having pushed back the large army of mounted soldiers.


Zhang Yide desperately waved its serpent spear, but Little Rou’s experience in fighting was simply too little, especially her mentality. In a moment of panic, Zhang Yide was in a sorry state and was showing signs of defeat.

It seemed Little Rou was soon about to be defeated.

“Benefactor, I’m sorry, Little Rou is too stupid!” Little Rou sobbed in fear.

“Hahaha, little snake demon, go to hell!” Suddenly, the claw of a lion-like cloud beast came smacking at Little Rou, seemingly about to pat her to death.

Little Rou was stupefied.


The claw of that cloud lion didn’t come in contact with Little Rou, but instead had its head pierced with a loud crash.


The cloud lion’s claw came to halt in the air. With a look of disbelief, the cultivators in the sky turned their head to look, only to see the head of the cloud lion having pierced by the claw of giant dragon. It was none other than Meng Tai who had taken action.

“What?” the man riding the cloud lion cried in shock.

“Break!” shouted Meng Tai.



Suddenly, the giant dragon exerted its strength, blasting the cloud lion into smithereens before arriving before Little Rou.

“Ascendant Hall disciples, take charge!” ordered Meng Tai with a loud shout.



Many cloud beasts all around roared together. All of a sudden, they no longer attacked the mounted soldiers, but killed their way through the cloud beasts; cloud beasts were attacking other cloud beasts.

“What? Bastard!”

“What are you doing?”

“Meng Tai, you are going back on your word!”…

Shouts of anger poured out from among the cloud beasts. The Ascendant Hall disciples turned their weapons around and attacked their own side, helping Little Rou block the raiders.

“Ah?” A surprised look showed up on Little Rou’s face.

Why is Meng Tai saving me?

“Naga, are you alright?” asked Meng Tai, contrary to Little Rou’s surprise.

“I…I’m alright, but, you, you…!” Little Rou could not make of heads or tails of what was happening.

“We are Ascendant Hall disciples just like Gu Hai, don’t you know?” explained Meng Tai, laughing.

“Ah? Oh! I see!” nodded Little Rou.

“Gu Hai has arranged this grand array in order to look for Wei Shengren, this is the purpose of our Ascendant Hall for coming here. Naturally, we too would like to find Wei Shengren. As the fellow Ascendant Hall disciples, how could we help outsiders to deal with our own side? Previously, we were only hiding among the outsiders, waiting for the last moment to join with you, that’s all!” said Meng Tai, smiling.

“Really?” asked Little Rou, her eyes lit up brightly.

“But of course! Naga, we will fight shoulder to shoulder with you, until Gu Hai wins. These thieves and rascal will no longer be able to rush. We will block the outsiders together!” cried Meng Tai.

Little Rou agreed happily as she looked at Meng Tai, wiping her tears, “En!”

A slight smile appeared on Meng Tai’s face before he turned around and looked at the cultivators charging in. The moment he turned around, a sliver of a sinister smile had already appeared on his face as he happily thought in his heart, This little demon is truly naive!



A chaotic battle began once again.

As the Ascendant Hall disciples helped Little Rou deal with the outsiders, the pressure on the mounted soldiers near Little Rou also decreased, which also made Little Rou incomparably happy.

“Hit them, hit those bad guys, this is just great!” Having received support, Little Rou could not keep quiet at all.


In the blink of an eye, Little Rou’s side slowly gained the upper hand, making Little Rou exceptionally happy.

Cocking her head, just as Little Rou was about to express her thanks to Meng Tai, “Thank…!”

But her words had to be finished before a dragon claw suddenly appeared over the head of Zhang Yide.


Zhang Yide’s head was suddenly blasted into smithereens with a loud crash.

Not many people had insight like Meng Tai. Meng Tai felt shocked after discovering the peerless might of Zhao Zilong, Guan Yunchang, and Zhang Yide just after entering the array, but he also thought of how to lay some schemes.

Meng Tai had been waiting for this opportunity. Had he went all out with Zhang Yide, he might not be able to achieve his goal. However, having waited until this moment, waiting until Zhang Yide was fully concentrating on defense, the sneak attack instantly landed upon Zhang Yide’s head.

Whereupon, Zhang Yide’s head was blasted into nothing with a loud bang, blowing Little Rou into the sky as well.

“AHHH!” Little Rou let out horrified screams while flying away.


Immediately, Meng Tai stretched his hand out, grabbing the flying Little Rou.


A dagger was immediately placed upon Little Rou’s neck.

“Don’t move, if you move even an inch, I will remove your head!” said Meng Tai with a cold smile on his face.

“You lied to me, you lied to me, waaaah, you lied to me!” Little Rou suddenly started crying.

“Little Rou!”

Immediately, the expressions of the far away Gao Xianzhi and Chen Tianshan became ugly.


However, the faraway battlefield was also incomparably chaotic. The two were unable to get away, anyhow.

“You lied to me, you lied to me, wahhh!” Little Rou trembled while crying.

“Hahaha, you are truly naive, I have never seen a person who was so easy to cheat. You believed everything I said, hahaha!” Meng Tai broke into laughter.

“Boo-hoo!” Little Rou pitifully broke into tears.

“Ascendant Hall disciples, block them, I will go take the Hundred Years Longevity Peach Tree!” Detaining Little Rou, Meng Tai made his way towards the Hundred Years Longevity Peach Tree with a laugh.

“Benefactor, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Benefactor, I’m sorry!” Little Rou cried non-stop.

On the other side, Gu Hai was still locked in a fierce struggle with the Great Wisdom King.

The Fang Tian Hua halberd and the peacock plumes were in a stalemate.

A savage look happened to have appeared on Gu Hai’s face. Facing him, the hat of Great Wisdom King was fluttering constantly, as if it was on the verge of flying away.

Gu Hai seemed to have felt something. Suddenly, his expression narrowed as he turned his head around to look.

“Benefactor, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Benefactor, I’m sorry!” Little Rou cried from afar in desperation.

“With such big strength, I can remove a mountain; With the lofty quality, I am matchless in the world!”


Gu Hai and Great Wisdom King broke apart.

“Little Rou has been kidnapped? Bastard!” An ugly look appeared on Gu Hai’s face.


With a swing, the Fang Tian Hua halberd was pointed at the Great Wisdom King.

“You want to fight, fight I shall, but later! Little Rou has met with a mishap. Or I will slowly cut off your flesh from bones!” cried Gu Hai, glaring at the Great Wisdom King.

Had it been before, Great Wisdom King would have surely erupted with even stronger aura than Gu Hai. However, his original battle intent immediately abated upon noticing Little Rou being held hostage by Meng Tai.

Staring at the faraway Meng Tai, Great Wisdom King said in an ice-cold tone, “Courting death!”


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