Chapter 56 – Empress Wa


Suddenly, the ten-zhang long huge coffin started to tremble, and all the sun-patterned black-robed men around it started kowtowing

In contrast, the Great Wisdom King kept on staring at the divine coffin.

Immediately, the white mist inside the divine coffin burst out, covering the entire huge coffin inside. A large amount of Spirit Qi from the surroundings also started to gather with the seething white mist.

High up in the sky, countless cultivators controlling their respective cloud beasts turned their gazes together towards the enormous coffin at the summit.

Gao Xianzhi and Chen Tianshan, behind Gu Hai, had an ugly look on their faces; they were rendered speechless.

Both understood what was happening, but simply didn’t know how.

Bodhisattva Lian Sheng, who was standing up high in the air, brought his palms together as he looked at the divine coffin.

Far away, Great Elder and the sickly young man also kept on staring at the divine coffin.

At this moment, the divine coffin enshrouded by the white mist had already become the focus of all people. Everyone and everything had stopped as they waited for the result.

Gu Hai, on the other hand, tightly clenched his fist, looking at the divine coffin enveloped inside the white mist. He had an extremely ugly look on his face.

“I am still not strong enough! Once again! Once again!!” Gu Hai’s eyes turned red as he mumbled to himself.


Suddenly, a loud bang resounded from inside the white vortex, where they could vaguely see the divine coffin exploding into pieces. However, the divine coffin wasn’t exploding out at all, it appeared that the fragments after the explosion turned into billowing purplish Spirit Qi that swirled in all directions with a loud crash.


A wave of Spirit Qi swept across the peak, enveloping everyone in a swirl of purple mist.

Far away, the sickly young man covered his mouth with a handkerchief. “Ke ke ke ke, nourishing the body using a divine coffin that is congealed out of Spirit Source Qi? Hahaha, they are really luxurious!”

(TL Note: ke ke is coughing sound, I was told cough is not a proper onomatopoeia)

The Spirit Source Qi rushed straight to Gao Xianzhi, Chen Tianshan, and Gu Hai.


The billowing Spirit Qi was incomparably dense. In the blink of an eye, it drilled into Gu Hai’s body, seemingly pushing Gu Hai’s cultivation to increase.

Gu Hai grit his teeth, his gaze turned cold as ice as he exerted all his strength to repel this Spirit Qi.

“En?” The nearby Great Wisdom King immediately discovered this unusual activity and looked at Gu Hai in surprise.



Gao Xianzhi and Chen Tianshan broke through as a Qi Wave spread about them. The two had an expression as if they didn’t know whether to be happy or sad.

However, Gu Hai did not. Spirit Source Qi was exactly what Gu Hai needed, but Gu Hai still did not absorb even an iota.

“Gu Hai, what are you doing? Why are you not accepting the coffin fragments bestowed on Empress Wa’s rebirth?” asked Great Wisdom King, puzzled.

Looking at Great Wisdom King, Gu Hai replied coldly, “Isn’t this rewarded in exchange for Little Rou’s death? As much as I am in need of Spirit Source Qi, I, Gu Hai, absolutely would not accept it! I will never forget the shame of today!”

“Humph! Little Rou had died long ago, all you did was lock her three souls, that’s all!” the Great Wisdom King stated coldly.

Nevertheless, Gu Hai turned a deaf ear.

The nearby Gao Xianzhi happened to have a change in his countenance before he stopped absorbing the Spirit Qi at once. Taking a glance at Gu Hai, Chen Tianshan hesitated for a while before he too stopped absorbing the Spirit Qi.


Suddenly, the swirling Spirit Qi all around the summit scattered away with a loud crash as the churning white mist condensed into white clouds.


A glorious radiance shone in all direction as the white clouds propped up a figure slowly.

The figure was none other than the girl, with the upper body of a woman and lower body consisting of a long snake tail, that Gu Hai had seen inside the coffin before.

Her eyes were closed, but a glorious splendor was emanating from all around her body continuously, giving her an exceptionally beautiful contrast.

Gradually, the girl opened her eyes.

The moment her eyes opened, it seemed as if the most glorious aura of heaven and earth was illuminating everyone’s hearts. Countless cultivators stopped breathing momentarily as they looked in surprise at that stunning face.

Dressed in a magnificent long gown, her exceptionally stunning and voluptuous body and slender arms made many onlooking cultivators flush red, their hearts beat like crazy, even if she happened to have a long tail as her lower body.

“Little Rou?” shouted Gu Hai.

The girl turned her head to look, but there wasn’t any innocence like in Little Rou’s eyes, they were rather filled with an alluring gleam. Soon after, a sliver of a sneer flashed past her lips. She didn’t pay any more attention to Gu Hai.

“Congratulations, Empress Wa, congratulations Your Highness on your rebirth!” the congregation of sun-patterned black-robed men respectfully greeted her.

Turning her head, Empress Wa glanced about at the sun-patterned black-robed men before a cold gleam appeared in her eyes as she said, “A bunch of wastrels!”

All the sun-patterned black-robed men lowered their heads immediately; they didn’t dare to refute her.

“Congratulations, Empress Wa!” Great Wisdom King also respectfully gave a salute to Empress Wa.

Turning her gaze to the Great Wisdom King, Empress Wa said, smiling coldly, “Great Wisdom King? You really have great courage! Even though you had the ability to save my reincarnation when Meng Tai forced her to commit suicide, you didn’t and waited for my reincarnation to die, only then did you take action!?”

“For Your Highness’ rebirth, Your Highness’ reincarnation needed to die. Your Subordinate has to be punished for not saving Your Highness’ reincarnation, but, it’s always better than being punished for killing Your Highness’ reincarnation!” stated the Great Wisdom King solemnly.

In Great Wisdom King’s eyes, Little Rou needed to die. It’s just that he had to choose whether she died at his hands or Meng Tai’s; nothing more, nothing less. He indeed could have saved Little Rou, but then he would have to kill her again; for which, Empress Wa’s anger would be certainly be even greater.

In light of the two evils, he chose the lesser! Therefore, Great Wisdom King waited for Meng Tai.

“Good, very good!” Empress Wa coldly glanced at Great Wisdom King.

“Your Highness, His Majesty is soon to exit from seclusion, Your Subordinate requests Your Highness to return soon and preside over the overall situation!” said the Great Wisdom King respectfully.

“Humph!” Empress Wa coldly snorted.

While the sun-patterned black-robed men got up, one of them waved his hand before a huge flying ship suddenly appeared in the sky.

The flying ship was far larger and finer than Long Wanqing’s White Cloud. The palace on it was also a lot bigger.

“Your Highness, please!” the black-robed men respectfully invited her.

Holding Empress Wa, the clouds underneath her slowly flew up to the flying ship.


The group of black-robed men immediately followed her in respectful formation before the enormous flying ship rose up in the sky slowly.

From the beginning to the end, Empress Wa didn’t take another glance at Gu Hai at all.

Looking at Empress Wa’s expression, Gu Hai knew that she was indeed not Little Rou. How could Little Rou ever learn that high and mighty attitude of hers?

“Your Highness, shall we set off?” asked one of the sun-patterned black-robed men respectfully.

Embarking on the flying ship, Empress coldly glared at the Great Wisdom King.

“Great Wisdom King, aren’t you coming?” asked Empress Wa coldly.

“Your Subordinate had something to do, Your Highness, please go ahead, Your Subordinate will soon catch up with you!” stated the Great Wisdom King respectfully.

“You want to kill Gu Hai?” Empress Wa coldly looked at Great Wisdom King.

The look on faces of nearby Gao Xianzhi and Chen Tianshan changed immediately.

Gu Hai also looked at Empress Wa, frowning.

Having remained silent for a while, Great Wisdom King nodded in agreement; he didn’t refute her at all. “Yes, to prevent future troubles!”

Empress Wa immediately narrowed her eyes.


Suddenly, a chill spread about in all directions before dense snow appeared out of thin air.

Countless cultivators eyes widened in shock.

“Impossible, this snow is formed due to the cold look in Empress Wa’s eyes!?”

“Lower your voice, Empress Wa can hear you!”…

Countless cries of horror and shock immediately broke out among the onlookers.

“To prevent future troubles? Tell me, what future troubles?” asked Empress Wa in a cold tone.

Great Wisdom King remained silent for a moment before answering, “It’s the explanation I have to give to His Majesty!”

“Hahahaha, Little Peacock, you indeed have a lot of guts. So, now you even began to make decisions for me?” stated Empress Wa, with a gaze that was as cold as ice.

“Your Subordinate does not dare!” Great Wisdom King immediately lowered his head.

“You don’t dare? In my opinion, you indeed dare to! Or do you want me to abdicate Taiwa Palace and let you rule it?” said Empress Wa in a voice that was so cold that it was piercing to the bone.

An intense slaughter qi charged straight at Great Wisdom King.


Under this slaughter qi, the congregation of sun-patterned black-robed men immediately knelt down one after another; but none dared to plead on behalf of Great Wisdom King.

Great Wisdom King also knelt down on one knee. “Your Subordinate does not dare!”

“It’s best you don’t dare! It’s still not your turn to clean up my mess, you still don’t have the qualifications to clean up after me! You better remember this!” Empress Wa stared at Great Wisdom King with an ice-cold gaze.

“Yes!” Great Wisdom King said respectfully.

“Pull the ship!” ordered Empress Wa coldly.

“Yes!” Great Wisdom King didn’t dare to refute and obeyed immediately.

Eeeiu!    (–Peacock cry)

Suddenly, Great Wisdom King’s figure transformed into a hundred-zhang long peacock.

A dazzling azure brilliance shone in every direction as the peacock flapped its wings, setting off a monstrous storm that swept about in the surroundings, sending countless cultivators’ cloud beasts tumbling, so much that they appeared as if they would crumble apart at any time.

The hundred-zhang peacock flew to the front of the flying ship with a long scream, before towing the flying ship away. It quickly receded into the distant sky soon after.

As the flying ship made its way into the sky, neither Bodhisattva Liang Sheng nor the faraway Great Elder called out; they seemingly didn’t have the qualifications to speak with Empress Wa as equals.

Looking at the flying ship as it slowly rose up in the sky before making its way towards the entrance of the Xiantian Endgame World, Gu Hai heaved a long sigh.

“Empress Wa? Ha!” A wry smile appeared on Gu Hai’s lips.

None dared to block the flying ship as it made a beeline to the entrance. The cloud beasts quickly got out of the way seeing the flying ship heading over. As for the cloud beasts who couldn’t get out of the way, they crumbled apart from a flap of the hundred-zhang long peacock’s wings, while the cultivators riding them gave out miserable screams as they fell towards the ground.

Everyone followed Empress Wa with their eyes as she left.

Soon after, the peacock towed the flying ship into a nearby exit.

Suddenly, a flicker of an enormous serpent tail seemingly emerged from the flying ship.The thousand-zhang long enormous shadow of a serpent’s tail slammed into the air.


As the serpent tail struck the air, it didn’t hit anything, but seemed to have struck on a watery surface as a ripple immediately spread about in all directions.


The ripple travelled through the air, countless peaks collapsed in the blink of an eye, sending out huge shockwaves so big that the entire world quaked.

However, Gu Hai seemingly saw a silhouette among the ripples in the sky.

“Who?” a strange yet cold voice rang out from the sky.

However, Empress Wa no longer paid any heed to this cold voice and vanished into that misty region as the peacock towed the flying ship, exiting the Xiantian Endgame World and disappearing from everyone’s view.

“Did Empress Wa disturb Wei Shengren?” The look on Ninth Young Master’s face who floated nearby in the air immediately changed.

“Wei Shengren?” Gu Hai also seemed to have guessed something.

“Did Empress Wa mean to help Throne Master in finding Wei Shengren in the end?” Gao Xianzhi’s said, his eyes shining.


Slowly, the rippled disappeared, along with that silhouette.

Controlling the cloud army, Gu Hai flew into the sky before occupying the Hundred Years Longevity Peach Tree once again, overlooking the cloud beasts in all directions.

However, the cultivators did not want to attack at this moment; everyone was too shocked by the previous scene.

“En?” Suddenly, Gu Hai’s countenance changed.

“Throne Master, what is it?” asked Gao Xianzhi, puzzled.

“Meng Tai is truly tenacious! He didn’t die even when he was cut into two by Great Wisdom King!? Take him down for me!” Gu Hai’s eyes widened as he pointed at a bloody silhouette inside the mountain forest.



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