Chapter 60 – Leaving Freely and Openly

At the entrance outside the Xiantian Endgame World…

Almost ten thousand cultivators that were divided into many groups of different forces had surrounded the misty area. No matter where Gu Hai came out from, he would be found out at once.

All the cultivators’ eyes were red. Some were here to take revenge, but many more were here for the Hundred Years Longevity Peach.

“Someone’s coming out!”

“Grab him!”

“Search him!”…


The men who just came out had no time to respond before a large group of cultivators nabbed them as countless gazes fixed upon them.

“What are you doing? Why are you capturing us?”

“My senior brother is injured, he was seriously injured by Gu Hai, you are hurting him, he cannot hold on for much longer! We have to return to the island for my master to save him!”

“Let us go, what are you doing?”…

The group of people who just came out were very anxious.

“So it’s the disciples of Three-Seven Island. Humph, it’s not Gu Hai’s group!” Someone had recognized them.

Humph!” The disappointed cultivators all around immediately let out a cold harrumph.

The same scene continued as the cultivators shuttled in and out, one after another. Those who went in didn’t have to face anything, but those who came out were inspected again and again.

However, everybody’s patience was running out by the moment.

“Is Gu Hai even planning to come out?”

“Why have we not received any news even after waiting for a few days?”

“Maybe he knows we are waiting for him here, that’s why he is afraid to come out!”

“Humph, if he doesn’t come out, he is going to die sooner or later inside. Let’s see if he will come out or not!”…

Numerous cultivators steeled their minds to keep on waiting here, in particular the Golden Core Stage cultivators. As far as the Golden Core Stage cultivators were concerned, it was far better to stay here than going inside, they would not have any advantage even if they entered the Xiantian Endgame World. On the contrary, their cultivation would be suppressed, which would be a lot riskier.

More and more cultivators waited patiently.

Suddenly, a dozen cultivators rushed out from the inside.

Looking at the dozen cultivators rushing out, the cultivators in the vicinity had their eyes lit up, expecting to find Gu Hai among them.

“Not good, Gu Hai is coming, Gu Hai is coming!” the cultivators who were coming out suddenly started screaming.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Almost all ten thousand cultivators’ eyes went wide in response.

“Gu Hai is coming? Where!?” someone shouted.

“Inside! Gu Hai has gone crazy, he is driving us out by controlling his army!” shouted one of the cultivators.

“What? Controlling his army?” Many people’s countenances changed immediately.

The fearsome might of the army still lingered in their mind. Only Gu Hai had the good fortune to control thousands of soldiers. No doubt, it must have been Gu Hai!


Inside the Xiantian Endgame World at this moment…


Sure enough, thousands of mounted soldiers pressed forward under the heavy fog, with their swords and sabers pointed at the group of cultivators and cloud beasts.

“Gu Hai, what are you doing?”

“Gu Hai, do you truly want to forge an endless enmity with us?”

“Gu Hai, don’t you dare!”…

Thousand of cultivators were driven out, they were simply unable to stop the mighty army even if they had their own cloud beasts as the army regenerated endlessly.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I have to offend you!” Gu Hai’s loud and clear voice resounded from the dense fog.

“Humph!” Countless angry cultivators were driven to the exit.

The cultivators were simply unable to stop the fearsome and unusual army. All they could do was nurse their hatred as they were pushed out of the Xiantian Endgame World. Around the dense fog, the cloud beasts soldiers were terribly rude and unreasonable. Soon after, the exit was surrounded by tens of thousands of soldiers.

There were still many cultivators around who were looking at this place, but none dared to approach. They just kept on watching the billowing clouds from afar.

Whereas the cultivators who had been pushed out of the Xiantian Endgame World kept on swearing without ending.

“Gu Hai, humph, I will be waiting for you outside, I will make you look good!”

[TLN: I will make you look good, here means I will embarrass you. It’s sarcasm, like when you say, you are sooooo smart! When you actually meant to say, you are so stupid.]

“I really want to see how you are going to escape!”

“Gu Hai, I am not done with you!”…

Outside the Xiantian Endgame World, thousands of cultivators cursed in anger.

The cultivators waiting outside also slowly came to understand that Gu Hai was still inside, where he had arranged the mighty army grand array.

Therefore, the cultivators who were driven out were no longer suspected much. Of course, some still inspected them. However, they were not as violent as before.

“What in the bloody hells does Gu Hai wants to do?” Many cultivators knit their brows, perplexed.

Just like that, the stalemate continued for an entire day.

As soon as any outside cultivators stepped into the small world, the mighty army of clouds from the array came into their view, making them flee back in fear. Whereas on the inside, looking at the mighty grand array army, countless cultivators were afraid that Gu Hai’s bad luck would rub off on them.

However, the army remained stationed inside; there were no movements.

The cultivators grew more and more confused and fidgety.

“What in the bloody hell does Gu Hai want to do? Why is he not letting people enter? Why is he pushing everyone out?” A look of confusion showed up on the faces of a fair number of cultivators.

Just like that, two more days elapsed. Nevertheless, the mighty grand array’s army was completely calm, there were no movements from Gu Hai’s side.

Outside, an old cultivator’s countenance suddenly distorted, “Not good, quickly… quickly go inside and take a look, we may have been duped!”

“What?” A baffled look appeared on many cultivators’ faces.

That old cultivator quickly charged inside, followed by many cultivators.

The old man seemed to be completely unafraid of the mighty army from the grand array, and rushed into the array at once.

“Spirit stones? As expected, this is an array arranged using spirit stones!” the old cultivator cried out in shock.

Suddenly a spirit stone on the ground shattered into pieces.


With the fragmentation of the spirit stones, the entire grand array collapsed with a loud crash. No, it simply couldn’t be considered as the mighty army grand array, it was nothing but a dense fog array; nothing more, nothing less. It was a very ordinary clouds array that was arranged using spirit stones.

Gazing at the emptiness all around them, almost all the cultivators drew a breath of cold air.



“Gu Hai arranged a clouds array to cheat us?”

“Gu Hai was never here!”…

All the cultivators immediately came to realize that Gu Hai had first arranged the mighty army grand array, and then arranged the clouds array after dismissing the former. This was just a scam. Using this scam, he had scared the cultivators outside and inside into never stepping near the array…

For three entire days!?

“Why did Gu Hai dupe us?”

“Where did Gu Hai go?”

“Ah, scammer, Gu Hai, you big scammer! I should have known, I should have known!”

“As long as three days ago, Gu Hai left the Xiantian Endgame World with the people he had driven out!”

“Gu Hai made us believe that he had always been here with this trick, but he fled a long time ago!?”

“Lure the tiger from the mountain?”


A series of furious shouts rang throughout the entry area; all the cultivators were completely furious.

Who would have thought that Gu Hai would fool everyone by playing a trick!?

Three days ago, thousands of cultivators had come out swaggering, while they kept on waiting here like idiots.

“Gu Hai has already escaped, quickly… quickly, chase after him over the seas!”

“It’s over! When we realized what was happening, Gu Hai had already fled to seas!”

“Gu Hai has already escaped?”…

Having been fooled in such a big way, everyone was now chasing after Gu Hai not just for the Saturn Peach, but in anger; their self-esteem was hurt.


The cultivators who understood the matter rushed out of the Xiantian Endgame World one after another.

“Just let me think, where did the cultivators who came out a few days ago go?”

“They definitely left the island, quickly chase after them!”

“Gu Hai and the others have already escaped, but, where did they escape to?”

“Nine-Five Island?”

“That should not be! Would Gu Hai still dare to return to Nine-Five Island?”

“Who remembers, who remembers which directions they left in!?”…

The cultivators who rushed out of the Xiantian Endgame World were completely furious.

“I remember, that way!”

“Follow them!”

“That way as well!”

“Catch them!”

“I think, that way as well!”

“Quickly, chase after them!”…

Countless cultivators anxiously gave chase in various directions.

The cultivators inside the Xiantian Endgame World had also received the information, and they too joined the hunt, one after another. In many people eyes, perhaps the chances of robbing the Saturn Peach from Gu Hai’s hands were better than getting anything inside the Xiantian Endgame World. They might as well chase after Gu Hai.

What could Gu Hai do to anyone once he was out of the Xiantian Endgame World!?

More and more cultivators went chasing after Gu Hai.

At the exit of the Xiantian Endgame World, cultivators went out in a steady stream.


Meanwhile, in a small forest of the Xiantian Endgame World, three silhouettes gradually walked out. The three looked rather old but sounded much younger.

“Your Grace, I initially thought that you were luring the tiger from the mountain, but I never thought that you would not let us leave!” said Chen Tianshan, his voice filled with excitement.

“When you treat something real as a fake, perhaps the fake might seem more real than real! Let’s go! Make your voice a bit hoarse, we will follow the others!” said Gu Hai in a heavy voice.

“Yes!” Chen Tianshan replied excitedly.

The three of them had put on disguises. Although they were not completely disguised, in everyone’s opinion, Gu Hai’s party has already escaped the island. Who would ever imagine that the three were still inside the Xiantian Endgame World?

The three went along with the stream of people, following those chasing after Gu Hai. After chasing phantoms for a couple of days, they arrived at the beach.

At this moment, several huge ships were docked on the shore. These ships had a lot of arrays engraved upon them; apparently, they were used for navigation.

[TLN: The ships here are the normal ships for the seas]

“Come on board, we are leaving for the Nine-Five Island. Anyone who wants to chase after Gu Hai, come on board. Once we are full, we will leave!”

“Gu Hai chartered a ship and left for Three-Seven Island. We are sailing to Three-Seven Island. We will leave once we are full, we will leave once we are full!”

“Gu Hai has definitely fled to Nine-Five Island. Come on board if you want to chase after Gu Hai. We will leave once we are full!”

“Gu Hai has fled to islands in the south, we will leave once we are full!”…

A series of boatmen’s cries kept on explaining which directions the first wave of people had left in a few days ago.

No one knew which direction Gu Hai had taken, and naturally, the same was true for these boatmen. However, it did not prevent them from soliciting. Who cared!? So long as the cultivators embarked on their ships and gave them the spirit stones, everything was fine.

The cultivators who came chasing from the Xiantian Endgame World were rendered speechless as frowns appeared on their brows.

“Whatever, I have to take a gamble! I will go towards the Nine-Five Island. Boatman, pursue quickly, you can not let the people in the front catch Gu Hai!”

“Boatman, quickly chase after them, I am getting on your boat!”…

Amid these blustering shouts, Gu Hai’s party paid thirty stone and embarked on the ship for the Nine-Five Island. Furthermore, they booked a private room.

The ships leaving for the Nine-Five Island had the most flourishing business. They were full in the blink of an eye!

“Set sail!”

With the boatman’s shout, Gu Hai’s ship quickly set sail towards Nine-Five Island, with Gu Hai sitting in the private room in a laid-back manner.

A strange look appeared on Chen Tianshan’s face. “I thought that it would take a life and death battle for us to escape, and we would have to pave a bloody road!”


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