Chapter 66 – #1

The next day…

“You will go first!” a black-robed man called out to Gu Hai.

Among the sixteen criminals, Gu Hai was set to go first.

Gu Hai didn’t say anything. He was escorted out of the cell after having his hands and legs cuffed. Standing behind him were black robed-men with their sabers and swords in hand.

Obviously, as much as the black-robed men treated the criminals like dogs, they still knew that this group of people were all ruthless and they had to take extra precautions against them.

Gu Hai didn’t utter a thing and patiently departed, following the black-robed men. Slowly he arrived at a giant entrance.

“Yay!” “Look, he is here!” “The first criminal!”…

Cheers and shouts came from the grandstand up above at once. Countless cultivators had already taken their seats in the grandstand, madly shouting to hurry things up.

At the entrance stood more black-robed men; this was most heavily guarded place.

When Gu Hai was escorted to this point, all the black-robed man looked at him vigilantly.

“Uncuff him!” a leading black-robed man ordered calmly.

“Yes, sir!”

Soon, Gu Hai’s arms and legs were released from the shackles.

Relaxing his arms, Gu Hai glanced at the group of black-robed men around him.

“Kid, you better listen to me, I think you understand the rules, yeah! You better put up a good fight. If you win, you will still have the chance to survive!” the leader of the black robes said coldly.

While speaking, he waved his hand as dazzling beams of blue light suddenly illuminated the entire Colosseum.

As the blue lights appeared, Gu Hai suddenly narrowed his eyes, because he had seen the very same blue glow just a month or so ago. As long as the mask came into contact with this blue light, it would immediately explode, blasting away the head of its wearer along with it.

Gu Hai took a deep breath and nodded.

Gradually, a blue light cover appeared between the arena and the audience, acting just like a cage, isolating the gladiators inside the arena.

One by one, array patterns suddenly emerged all over the mountain walls.

Suddenly, a red-colored energy rope swished out from the array patterns and bound Gu Hai’s limbs in the blink of an eye, rendering Gu Hai immobile.

Gu Hai’s expression changed, but instead of shouting in fear, he carefully observed it.


Suddenly, a lightning shot out from one of the array patterns and rushed into Gu Hai’s body instantly.


Gu Hai heard a loud crash in his dantian before an excruciating pain arose from it.

Gu Hai’s countenance twisted, but with the red energy rope tying him up, he was simply unable to move.

“Toss him inside!” said the black robe leader.

The red energy rope tossed Gu Hai into the center of the arena at once.


Gu Hai fell on the ground and curled up in pain. Only after a good while did the pain in his dantian slowly subsided.

However, Gu Hai had been paying attention to his dantian. Just a moment ago, the gray energy isolating his dantian had actually vanished, and slowly and visibly emerged out from Gu Hai’s navel.

Immediately afterwards, the True Qi from his dantian rushed out and coursed through Gu Hai’s entire body.

“My cultivation is restored!?” Gu Hai’s expression flickered.

Gu Hai slowly stood up. Sure enough, his True Qi was restored. Gu Hai could feel his own strength.

“Electric current? So, the most important thing to dispel the seal was electricity!? Maybe, a powerful current can forcefully break the seal?” Gu Hai’s eyes shone brightly as he took a long deep breath.

Turning his head, Gu Hai looked at the exit.

At this moment, the exit had been blocked by a blue screen of light, and the black-robed men were on the other side of the blue screen.

Blue screen of light?

“Their defense is really tight!” murmured Gu Hai, taking another deep breath.

The blue light could cause his bronze mask to explode. Naturally, Gu Hai would not go and send himself to his own doom.

Suddenly, mad cries and shouts erupted from the grandstand.

“The new round is about to start. The first to enter the arena in this round is ‘#1’. Ladies and gentlemen, closely look at him, #1 is a criminal from a certain island of Thousand Islands Seas, who once slaughtered an entire civilian city, not even one citizen was spared. He is extremely cruel. As for his cultivation, his strength, you can judge it yourself!”

The MC’s voice seemed to spread everywhere in the Colosseum.

ROAR! Suddenly, a roar came from another entrance.

KREEEN! Apparently, there was an iron door at the entrance which was gradually opening.

Slowly, a one-zhang tall, huge wild boar with two blood-red fangs walked out from inside. It trod the ground with loud rumbles. At this moment, the wild boar was staring at Gu Hai with red eyes.

“Ladies and gentlemen, look at it closely. This is the very boar demon that ate the criminal in the last round. A boar demon at the 5th level of the Xiantian Stage! Even though it’s only in the 5th level of Xiantian Stage, with its thick and hard skin, and particularly, its strength, swords and sabers are unable to pierce its hide! As ugly as this boar is, it is a powerful demon of the jungle!”

The MC’s voice once again rang everywhere.

“#1 will fight this boar demon until one of them is dead! Now, please place your bets. Bet on who is going to live and who is going to die, how long can the criminal survive, how long the boar can survive. The more accurate your guess is, the bigger your gains will be. Quickly place your bets!” shouted the MC.

“This boar demon again!? Hahaha, last time I bet on it to win. It has already eaten four criminals continuously!” someone broke into a cheerful cry.

“I bet on this boar demon to win! Eat the criminal, eat him!” “I bet on #1 to win, kill that filthy swine, kill it!” “I bet that the boar will kill that criminal within the time it takes to burn a joss stick, quickly, place my bet!”…

Wild cries and shouts rang everywhere. Apparently, there wasn’t much time to place the bet. Many people hurriedly placed their bets. There were many Golden Tong disciples scattered among the audience, helping the audience place the bets.

It was noisy everywhere.

Gu Hai had a gloomy look on his face as a sliver of a cold smile crept up on his lips. “I am a criminal who has slaughtered an entire city? This is blatant slandering!”

However, Gu Had did not refute at all. He just kept on sizing up the gamblers all around.

There were nearly ten thousand people in the audience, out of which only three thousand or so had gambled. Obviously, many people were here to watch, and didn’t want to spend their wealth and try their luck.

“Alright, stop betting!” MC’s voice spread everywhere once again.

Nevertheless, Gu Hai was still looking about everywhere; observing the structure of the Colosseum, looking for every possible opportunity.

The red-eyed boar demon suddenly charged at Gu Hai with a roar.

As the boar demon came charging at him, Gu Hai’s pupils contracted before he bent his body, avoiding the collision with the boar demon quickly. At one glance, Gu Hai knew that the strength behind that charge was very terrifying.

The boar demon was not to be trifled with. Having its attacked dodged, the boar demon immediately flung its tail at Gu Hai.

As big as the boar demon was, it wasn’t bulky in anyway. It lashed its tail at an astonishing speed.

Gu Hai’s eyes went wide in shock; he knew he could not avoid it, so, he smacked it at once.


With a loud crash, the powerful collision gave rise to a whirlwind.

Gu Hai moved a little, while the wild boar turned around, coldly sizing Gu Hai up.

But at this moment, Gu Hai’s expression suddenly changed. “Song Jia Sect Chief!?”

Gu Hai saw a white-robed man, sitting in one of the widest grandstands far away, overlooking the arena with unusual fascination, as if he came here for gambling as well. This white-robed man was no stranger to Gu Hai; it was none other than the Song Jia Sect Chief whom Gu Hai was familiar with.

With a mask on his face, coupled with today’s sudden identity, the Song Jia Sect Chief was simply unable to guess that he was Gu Hai.

“Kill it, quickly kill it, quickly slaughter this filthy swine!” “Boar demon, kill him, quickly eat him!”…

The audience in the grandstand was in an uproar.

Having seen the Song Jia Sect chief, Gu Hai’s countenance turned serious as he once again dodged the wild demon’s charge.


The wild boar had also gone through hundreds of battles. The moment Gu Hai sidestepped and dodged its charge, it fiercely followed up with a body slam.


Gu Hai was pushed a step back. The wild boar also staggered.

The wild boar immediately burst into a squealing roar, as if it had been completely angered by Gu Hai. Turning around, it charged Gu Hai even more fiercely. As it opened its mouth, a terrifying qi gushed straight out as True Qi covered its entire body, it seemed countless True Qi hair-like needles would burst out from its body surface instantly, looking extremely fierce.

But once again, Gu Hai dodged its attack.

Since he had noticed the Song Jia Sect Chief, naturally, Gu Hai would not employ the True Dragon Xiantian Exercise, and only used ordinary True Qi to deal with. More importantly, Gu Hai still wanted to look around the grandstand.

He wanted to see whether he could see any other acquaintances here.

Again and again, Gu Hai dodged the wild boar. But to the eyes of the spectators, Gu Hai appeared to be dodging with difficulty, while the wild boar was pushing forward victory after victory.

“Hahaha, quickly eat him, quickly kill #1!” “Boar demon, boar demon, boar demon!” “Boar demon, boar demon!”…

The grandstand echoed with the mad cheers of the gamblers. When it came to the things related to their spirit stones, even if they were cultivators, they could not help but follow the masses; each and every one of them started cheering with greedy eyes.

Even after an hour, the boar demon was unable to injure Gu Hai. It was now feeling extremely irritated.

With a squeal, the boar demon gradually slowed down and pressed Gu Hai back bit by bit.

The boar demon was intelligent for sure. It knew that the criminals were unwilling to come in contact with the blue screen of light; therefore, it wanted to push Gu Hai toward the blue screen at the entrance.


Step by step, it pushed Gu Hai back.

Seeing this, Gu Hai’s face turned serious.

“Filthy beast, you truly don’t want to live any longer?” stated Gu Hai coldly.

This time, Gu Hai didn’t dodge its charge.

Seeing that Gu Hai was in its range of attack, the wild demon suddenly exerted all its strength.

The wild boar charged at Gu Hai with a loud squeal.

Gu Hai didn’t try to escape this time. In the blink of an eye, its two tusks were already in front of Gu Hai, he was now simply unable to dodge.

“Hahaha, he is finished, tear him apart, tear that criminal apart!” “He has nowhere to escape!” “At this distance, no one in Xiantian Stage can escape!” “Kill him!” “Kill him!” “Kill him!”…

Countless gamblers shouted in excitement.


Gu Hai and the wild boar crashed into each other loudly. However, seeing this frontal collision, everyone who was cheering in wild joy had their voices suddenly stick in their throats, staring into the arena in shock.

Outside of everyone’s expectations, the scene of Gu Hai flying back from the wild boar’s charge didn’t occur.

On the contrary, the wild boar’s tusks were caught in Gu Hai’s hands. Gu Hai raised his right leg and fiercely stomped it on the ground with all his strength, raising a cloud of dust and stopping the boar demon cold.

“He has stopped the boar demon? How is that possible?” “That boar demon can’t eat him!? For heaven’s sake, pierce him to death with your tusks!”…

The audience in the grandstand broke into wild cries.

But instead of panic, they saw Gu Hai open his eyes wide in the arena.

“Ahhhhh!” Gu Hai shouted loudly.

Squeal! Squeal! Squeal!…

The wild boar broke into miserable squeals as it was lifted up by its tusks by Gu Hai.

“What!?” everyone exclaimed in surprise.

“Filthy beast, humph!” Gu Hai snorted coldly as he exerted all the strength in his arms.


Suddenly, the wild boar’s head exploded as the blood splattered all around. The wild boar’s tusks were forced apart under Gu Hai’s terrifying strength, while the tusks’ roots crushed the wild boar’s head into pieces in the blink of an eye.


The one zhang-tall wild boar fell on the ground, its head already mangled. Surprisingly, the all-powerful terrifying beast had its head crushed by Gu Hai!.

This scene was extremely bloody.

The gamblers who had bet on the wild boar to win all stared at Gu Hai, stunned, without exception.

In contrast, the gamblers who had bet on Gu Hai to win broke into wild cheers of joy.

“#1!” “#1!” “#1!”…

The audience in the grandstand burst into cheers. Many gamblers who had won the bet continuously shouted Gu Hai’s number.

It was like #1 was their hero returning with glory. Everyone who bet on him to win cheered endlessly.

In the VIP grandstand…

“Song Jia Sect Chief, we are extremely sorry, we were also not very clear about this criminal’s strength!” a black-robed man said in a faint voice.

“It’s okay! It’s just some spirit stones, that’s all. I can afford to lose!” stated the Song Jia Sect Chief calmly.

“#1! #1! #1” Countless people’s wild cheers of joy echoed all around.

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