Chapter 68 – Li Wei and Yue Yao

After having his cultivation sealed once again, Gu Hai was taken to the exit!

“#3!” “#15!”

In the grandstands, the gamblers once again broken into wild cheers as the bloody fights continued. Only the last man standing could survive.

Gu Hai stood quietly at the entrance, continuously staring at the arena, noting how the gladiators fought. He did not dare to stay idle even a bit.

Because Gu Hai had watched the red-robed man’s fight yesterday, he did not reveal his entire strength last time.

After all, when he was sizing up the others, others were also paying attention to him, looking for his weak points.

As they were not going to fight just once, if anyone didn’t keep his hand and revealed everything to everyone, he was not too far away from death.


Soon, the battle in the arena came to a conclusion.

“#4!” “#13!”

The battle continued, while the audience continued to cheer.

For several consecutive games, Gu Hai paid attention. But he was especially concerned about the last match. “#7!” “#8!”

Scar, with his Golden Core Stage cultivation, congealed a blade out of his qi and beheaded #7 in an domineering manner; it was extremely brutal.

During this period, Gu Hai had almost been staring at the arena. He had been constantly analyzing the opponent’s flaws.

“All of them are tenacious people who have honed themselves on the edge of life and death, without losing. There are no fancy moves, just lethal strikes!? Criminals? All of them are unyielding men who can hold themselves against ten!” Gu Hai narrowed his eyes as they gleamed with satisfaction.


Not long after, the second round of matches began.

“#1!” “#13!”…

The spectators once again began cheering as the gamblers placed their bets again.

In the VIP box, the Song Jia Sect Chief seemed to be zealously competing with #1.

“I bet a high-grade spirit stone on #13 to win! I don’t believe I am going to lose again!” the Song Jia Sect Chief said coldly.

“Yes, sir!” a dealer respectfully acknowledged.

Suddenly, a hearty laughter echoed in the VIP box. “Hahaha, who angered the Song Jia Sect Chief?”

“We respectfully greet Boss!” Many men in the area wearing the black robes of the Golden Tong respectfully bowed down.

A man dressed in a black robe with golden borders woven out of silk gradually walked in, laughing heartily.

The man had a stalwart physique and an extraordinary disposition. However, he was blind in his left eye and had covered it with a black patch. He had an extremely ugly face, spotted with pustules. When he narrowed his right eye, there seemed to be a ruthless aura around him, as if he was looking at something to eat.

The man slowly walked in, with a bunch of black-robed subordinates following behind him.

“So it’s Boss Li Wei. Don’t you always bring your little lover with you wherever you go? Where is she?” Song Jia Sect Chief calmly said, looking at the man.

“Yue Yao, come and greet the Song Jia Sect Chief!” said Boss Li with a laugh.

While speaking, Boss Li boldly sat down, while the group of Golden Tong subordinates respectfully stood around him.

Slowly, a charming girl dressed in a red robe walked out from the back of his entourage. The girl looked a bit terrified as she looked at the Song Jia Sect Chief, trembling.

“Greet… greetings to the Song Jia Sect Chief!” the girl stated in an extremely respectful manner.

Looking at Yue Yao, Song Jia Sect Chief’s eyes flickered with complex emotions. Eventually, he nodded in response before looking at Boss Li.

“Yue Yao, my darling, come here, sit on my lap!” said Boss Li, smiling.


Slowly, Yue Yao sat down on Boss Li’s lap, where Boss Li began unscrupulously carrassing Yue Yao’s body.

A black-robed man standing on the side immediately took out some fruit.

Yue Yao carefully picked a grape and brought it to Boss Li’s mouth.

“Boss, eat the grape!” said Yue Yao in a low voice.

“En?” Boss Li opened his eyes wide, glaring at Yue Yao.

Yue Yao quivered as she corrected herself at once, “Brother Li Wei, eat the grape!”

“En!” Only then did Boss Li smile in satisfaction. “Who are you?”

“I? I? I am Yue Yao, ah! Brother Li Wei, I am your girl!” stated Yue Yao in a low voice.

“Always remember it, you are my girl! As long as you have me, no one will bully you. Come on, keep on feeding me!” Boss Li’s hands were getting more and more unscrupulous.

“Brother Li Wei, here is your grape!” Yue Yao once again fed a grape to Boss Li.

While she was feeding the grapes, Yue Yao shuddered as she looked at Boss Li Wei. Her eyes were filled with fear, great love, and confusion. Extremely complex.

Wantonly moving his hands over Yue Yao’s body, Boss Li turned his head and looked at the Song Jia Sect Chief.

“To what do I owe the pleasure?” asked Boss Li doubtfully.

“I arrived first. He will be here soon. Any progress on your side?” asked the Song Jia Sect Chief with a frown.

Boss Li knit his brows as he answered, “Progress? If there was any progress, it would have happened a long time ago. It will still remain the same later!”

Song Jia Sect Chief nodded. “Let’s wait until he is here!”

“Right, your Golden Tong is the place where the good and bad both mix together. You have information from almost everywhere. Do you have any news on Gu Hai?” asked the Song Jia Sect chief, frowning.

“Gu Hai? Hahaha, you are asking me? Don’t you know that these cultivators spend their wealth at my Golden Tong, I don’t know how many times I have been asked the same question every day! If Gu Hai was here, he would have long been eaten up to the point that not even his bones would remain!” said Boss Li with a sneer.

Song Jia Sect Chief took a deep breath and said, “This Gu Hai seems to have disappeared into thin air. Even with so many cultivators looking for him with everything they have, not a single trace of him has been found!”

“Hahaha, if you are looking for him here, you are at the wrong place. Do you think you can find him in my Valley of Crooks? Don’t tell me, you have been sitting here for several days, expecting to find him in the arena? Oh! RIght, check him out, see if it’s him or not!? Hahaha!” said Boss Li as he burst into disdainful laughter.

“#1 won!” The MC’s voice rang out in the Colosseum.

“#1!” “#1!” “#1!”…

The cheers of gamblers echoed everywhere. They were extremely excited, especially the gamblers who had won; they were shouting ‘#1’ at the top of their lungs.

The Song Jia Sect Chief looked at the arena. He had lost money yet again.

“Humph!” The Song Jia Sect Chief let out a cold grunt, depressed.

“If you are looking for Gu Hai, don’t come to my Golden Tong. He is not here for sure!” stated Boss Li, laughing loudly.

Looking at the #1 in the arena, the Song Jia Sect Chief helplessly nodded, “I know, it’s impossible for Gu Hai to be here! And it sure ain’t him!”

In the arena…

Gu Hai finished the second match of today. This time, Gu Hai didn’t dare to be careless and eventually defeated the opponent.

His opponent was also in the Xiantian Stage, and probably at the 6th level. He too was very tenacious. When they were up close, he wanted to stab Gu Hai in the eye even at the risk of his hand being torn off by Gu Hai, trying to end the match with mutual destruction, and he almost succeeded. Finally, Gu Hai was once again forced to reveal some his strength, and only then was he able to catch the opponent’s palm.

On the other side, the Golden Core Stage Scar won his match again. While his opponent had no choice but to fight unarmed, Scar congealed a blade using True Yuan and split his opponent in two.


After a short break…

“Fellow daoists, this is the final match, the last life and death fight. Are you ready?” the MC shouted at the top of his voice.

“Hurry up, hurry up!” Everyone’s anxious shouts rang out everywhere around the Colosseum.

“The final round, between #1 and #8! We have arrived at the end of the fierce and savage struggle, who is going to win? Look carefully and get ready to place your bets!” shouted the MC.

“It’s definitely going to be #8, #8 is a Golden Core Stage cultivator!” “I will also bet on #8, I bet #8 will behead #1 within the time it takes to burn a joss stick!” “#8 is going to win for sure!” “How about #1?” “Nonsense, #1 is certainly going to lose!” “I have been betting on #1, I will still bet on him!” “I have been betting on #1,  but, this time I am not going to bet on him!”…

This time, the betting pattern had changed.

“Boss, the stakes are a bit dangerous this time!” a black-robed man came before Boss Li.

“Oh?” While fondling the ass of Yue Yao, who was sitting on his lap, Boss Li looked at that subordinate, narrowing his eyes.

“As much as #1 has fought valiantly in the previous matches, when all is said and done, he is in the Xiantian Stage, while #8 is in the Golden Core Stage. Ninety percent of the audience are optimistic about #8, many will bet on #8. This time…!” stated that black-robed man, worried.

“What, surely you are not thinking of doing something secretly?” the Song Jia Sect Chief questioned as lines crept up on his brow.

Boss Li, on the other hand, coldly smiled as he said, “My Golden Tong has nothing but spirit stones. We never worry that we cannot afford to play. Everyone willingly comes to my Golden Tong to gamble, it’s precisely because of our fairness. Let them fight, don’t worry about anything!”

“Yes, sir!” said the black-robed man respectfully.

“If that’s the case, I will bet ten high-grade spirit stones on Golden Core Stage #8 to win!” the Song Jia Sect Chief said as he immediately burst into laughter.

Ten high-grade spirit stones were equivalent to a thousand middle-grade spirit stones, or a hundred thousand low-grade spirit stones.

This time, the Song Jia Sect Chief was betting big time.

Looking at the Song Jia Sect Chief, Boss Li’s eyes flickered with a worried look. Since they had opened the casino, they could not prevent others from winning. Sometimes they would win and sometimes they would lose, the only thing they could do was plan on a long-term basis. Maybe they could reject a bet one time if someone won too much.

The current odds for the bet were 1:1. Song Jia Sect Chief was actually thinking of taking a hundred thousand low-grade spirit stones from the Golden Tong!?

Looking at the Song Jia Chief, Boss Li was sure in an extremely bad mood. However, he didn’t utter a thing, but he put more and more strength into the hand holding Yue Yao’s bottom.

“Ah, en!” Yue Yao cried out tenderly in pain.

Yue Yao’s face distorted in pain, but she didn’t dare to push away Boss Li’s hand; she carefully grabbed a grape once more and fed it to Boss Li.


In the arena…

Having his cultivation restored once more, Gu Hai walked to the center of the arena.

On another side, Scar popped his neck as a sliver of a cold smile appeared on his lips.

“#8!” “#8!” “#8!”…

All the gamblers among the audience cheered for #8 because in many people’s opinions, in a fight between Golden Core Stage and Xiantian Stage cultivators, the Golden Core Stage cultivator would always win. In the Colosseum, sometimes Xiantian Stage cultivators had killed the Golden Core Stage cultivators in return, but that seldom happened. Most of the people wouldn’t believe until they had seen it themselves.

“Kill #1, quickly kill #1!”

All around, cheers and shouts rang to no end. Although the gamblers cheered up for #1 zealously, they were small in number, their voices were covered by “#8!” in the blink of an eye.

Almost everyone was skeptical about #1’s chances.

Gu Hai looked at the VIP box, turning his head.

“#1 actually dares to look here. If he keeps this up, he won’t even know how he died?” said the Song Jia Sect Chief, sneering.

“Not necessarily, the outcome is undecided! Song Jia Sect Chief, why are you so definite?” Boss Li rebuked in response as a cold smile crept up on his lips.

As long as #1 lost, he would lose many spirit stones, which naturally put Boss Li in a bad mood.

“Yue Yao, tell me, can #1 win?” Boss Li looked at Yue Yao, sitting on his lap.

Without even glancing at the arena, Yue Yao rhythmically nodded and said timidly, “He can… can… can win!”

“Hahahaha, nicely said! My darling Yue Yao is the most eloquent!” praised Boss Li as he burst into laughter.


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