Chapter 69 – Defeating Sca

The Colosseum…

Gu Hai was looking at the grandstands. At this moment, there were a group of people there, including a one-eyed man with a strange-looking, stunning girl dressed in a red robe sitting on his lap, apart from the Song Jia Sect Chief. There was a scar under her chin.

“Golden Tong Boss, Li Wei?” wondered Gu Hai as lines crept up on his brow.

Although he had not seen Li Wei before, from the information he got from Chen Tianshan as well as the respectful look on the Golden Tong disciples’ faces around him, it was not hard for Gu Hai to guess his identity.

“Pooh!” #8 suddenly spat on the ground.

Gu Hai’s eyebrows twitched as he turned around.

“Kid, do you still remember me?” #8 pursed his lips as a grim smile appeared on them.

“Scar?” Gu Hai coldly gazed at #8.

“As long as you know. Do you know how much I have wanted to kill you over this past month? I have been enduring. Today, you can’t escape!” Scar said coldly.

“Golden Core Stage!?” noted Gu Hai calmly.

“Are you afraid now? But it’s too late!” said Scar coldly.

Gu Hai coldly smiled. Golden Core Stage? It was not like Gu Hai had not killed them. Song Qingshu was a Golden Core Stage cultivator. And during the great battle of the cloud beasts, only the heavens knew how many of them he had killed. He was even suspected of killing Earth Throne Master Meng Tai, who was a Nascent Soul Stage cultivator.


Suddenly, Scar released his own imposing aura. Massive qi flames, like a raging fire, spread around Scar as his imposing aura rushed straight at Gu Hai.

Gu Hai’s face turned serious before he stretched his hand out, shaping them into claws. While at it, he narrowed his eyes, staring at Scar.

“Very good, you can actually block my aura. However, it’s useless!” swore Scar icily, staring at Gu Hai.


Suddenly, a long and transparent flaming saber was congealed from his True Yuan into his right hand. Once the long saber appeared, a fierce and oppressive qi spread about. Gu Hai could clearly feel the slaughter qi on that saber tip.


As Scar waved the long saber lightly, a gash suddenly appeared on the ground. Moreover, the soil in the gully was burned black.

The saber tip was sharp and an intense heat was radiating from it.

“Remember, a Xiantian Stage cultivation has never been able to defeat a Golden Core Stage cultivator, ever! Furthermore, it’s me here!” Suddenly, Scar slashed the saber towards Gu Hai.


A fierce qi blade swished out from the blade and flew in Gu Hai’s direction in the blink of an eye.

Rolling his body, Gu Hai dodged the qi blade at once before charging towards Scar.

In the blink of an eye, Gu Hai arrived before Scar with a roll and clawed at Scar’s waist.

In response, Scar raised his leg and fiercely kicked at Gu Hai’s hand claw.


The qi blade left a gully on the ground once again, whereas Gu Hai was also kicked away by Scar.

“Humph, Kid, I have been paying attention to you for a long while. I had noticed that you have been hiding your strength. Your speed and strength are your strong points. Only because of your fast speed and terrifying strength have you been able to win until now! However, you are in the Xiantian Stage, you can never be faster and stronger than me, no matter how fast and strong you are!” stated Scar as he burst into a cold laugh.


Gu Hai rushed once more.


Again and again, Scar fended away Gu Hai’s attacks with kicks while a sliver of disdain flickered in his eyes.

“Very good, you are very fast, very strong, but you are not as fast as me, not strong as me, what can you do? Furthermore, after having observed you for a long time, I have discovered that you don’t even seem to have a decent Technique. Your True Qi form is actually the most ordinary one. With no special exercises, you still want to fight with me!?” A sneer appeared on Scar’s face as he fiercely kicked out again.


This kick was extra powerful. In the blink of an eye, Gu Hai was kicked halfway across the arena.

“#8!” “#8!” “#8!”…

Watching Scar completely overpowering Gu Hai, countless gamblers in the grandstands cheered at the top of their voices excitedly.

A happy look also showed up on the face of the Song Jia Sect Chief. Only Boss Li Wei had a gloomy look on his face. The cheering all around was no different than the cheers of robbers stealing his wealth.

Gu Hai was kicked halfway across the arena, and his clothes were also in shambles.

With a cold smile, Scar raised his saber and slashed towards Gu Hai.


Immediately dodging the qi blade, Gu Hai rushed at Scar once again before showering him with concentrated claw attacks.

“Still coming, you are still not good enough!” Smiling coldly, Scar punched at Gu Hai.

But that punch which should not have failed, actually came to naught.

The speed of Gu Hai’s claw suddenly soared by several times.

The look on Scar’s face tremendously changed with the sudden surge in Gu Hai’s speed.


Suddenly, Gu Hai’s hand claw mauled at Scar’s throat at an extremely fast speed. It was incredibly fast. At that moment, realization suddenly dawned upon Scar, that he had been careless.

Gu Hai had been deceiving him; Gu Hai did not go all out, all in order to hoodwink him so that he would take Gu Hai lightly; so that he would be blinded by his own pride. Gu Hai had been waiting until the end to land a critical strike.

This attack was simply too terrifying. That speed was actually comparable to a Golden Core Stage cultivator like him. Had it been at the beginning, Scar would have been prepared, but having been arrogant for some time, he was simply caught unprepared.

“Get away!” All Scar could do was hurry to escape as fast as possible. When all was said and done, he had been staying at the edge of life and death for too long. Under Scar’s all-out effort, he barely dodged the lethal strike at his throat.


Gu Hai’s hand claw didn’t get Scar’s throat, but tore a large piece of flesh away from Scar’s chest.


The two suddenly broke away from each other.

Owing to Gu Hai’s last strike, Scar’s shirt had been completely ruined; his chest was in a bloody mess. A large part of his muscle had been ripped away; it was too horrible to look at.

On the other side, Gu Hai’s bloody hand had a piece of flesh in it, which he immediately threw away. There was an ugly look on his face.

Suddenly, the grandstands were in a pandemonium.

The confrontation between Gu Hai and Scar from just a moment ago had ended in a flash. Everyone hadn’t had the time to respond before a piece of #8’s flesh had been ripped away!?

A look of surprise appeared on the face of gamblers who had bet on #8.

Whereas the people who had bet on #1 immediately broke into wild cheers and shouts.

“#1!” “#1!” “#1!”…

In the VIP box…

“What?” the Song Jia Sect Chief’s face turned ugly as he shouted out, shocked.

Boss Li Wei, on the other hand, broke into laughter as he said, “Oh? He hid his strength!? Hahaha, very good!”

His hand grabbing Yue Yao’s ass exerted even more strength.

Yue Yao’s face distorted with pain, but she didn’t dare to snap.

In the arena…

Scar glared at Gu Hai with an ugly look on his face.

“You were deceiving me? You still hid your strength?” Scar said in an extremely cold voice.

Gu Hai took deep breaths as his face turned somber, but he didn’t respond. His figure leapt once more as Gu Hai rushed at Scar.

“Flaming Saber Technique!” shouted Scar coldly.


Blazing flames immediately gushed out from the saber as the qi blade suddenly transformed into five flaming qi blades, and cut through the air towards Gu Hai.


Gu Hai quickly dodged the oncoming qi blades.

This time, Gu Hai didn’t conceal his speed anymore; he was even faster.

Scar had also realized that Gu Hai was not that easy to deal with. As such he no longer belittled Gu Hai, no longer let Gu Hai come closer. Scar kept on slashing the saber again and again, just like a wild storm. Suddenly, all Gu Hai could do was dodge helter-skelter.

“So fast! A Xiantian Stage cultivator can be so fast!?” the Song Jia Sect Chief wondered with a frown up in the grandstand.

Looking at Gu Hai fleeing wildly, Boss Li Wei also had no interest in speaking.

“#8!” “#8!” “#8!”…

The grandstands were filled with wild cheers and shouts.

With Scar now being resolute, the saber became faster and faster. Fast as Gu Hai might be, facing the rainstorm-like blades, he could do nothing.

With qi blades flying here and there continuously, the ground was riddled with holes and gullies, smoke and dust were everywhere.


Suddenly, a qi blade streaked across Gu Hai’s shoulder, spraying blood immediately.


Another wound appeared on Gu Hai’s right leg, spilling blood yet again.

Waving his saber, a savage look appeared on Scar’s face as he said, “Humph, Xiantian is Xiantian; it’s useless. Your True Qi is simply insufficient to congeal a blade. I have a weapon, while you don’t. You will slowly die under my blade. Hahaha!”

Gu Hai, on the other hand, didn’t pay any attention to Scar’s words and continued to rush tirelessly.


In a flash, the saber streaked across Gu Hai’s body again and again. Ten bloody wounds had already appeared on Gu Hai’s body; they were too horrible to look at. However, Gu Hai was getting closer to Scar bit by bit.

“You actually dug flesh out of my chest, I will not let you go. I will cut you into pieces bit by bit. My blade is the final nail in your coffin!” swore Scar as he pursed his lips into a cold smile.

Seeing Gu Hai getting closer, he fiercely slashed a blade again.

Suddenly, three qi blades streaked towards Gu Hai. But at this time, Gu Hai didn’t dodge; on the contrary, he received them head on.


The three qi blades immediately slashed across Gu Hai’s body.

His legs and waist were immediately riddled with three gaping wounds. Gu Hai was badly mutilated.

“Are you looking to die?” A look of surprise flashed past Scar’s face.

At the risk of three bloody wounds, Gu Hai immediately clamped the flaming long saber in his left armpit.

Clamping the flaming long saber, Gu Hai stretched his right hand out, grinning hideously.

“En? So strong!” exclaimed Scar in surprise.

The strength exerted by Gu Hai to clamp the long saber was surprisingly no less than his. For a moment, he was simply unable to pull it out.

As Gu Hai stretched his hand out, a resolute look appeared on Scar’s face as he welcomed Gu Hai’s hand with a punch. His fist was wrapped in dense True Yuan, giving it the impression of a blazing fireball.

Seeing his palm just about to collide, True Qi suddenly emerge from Gu Hai’s palm and transformed into little specks of True Qi one after another, seemingly laying out a strange array.

“Humph, so what if you are powerful, how can your True Qi compare with my True Yuan?” stated Scar with a cold smile.

Soon Gu Hai’s palm was about to clash with Scar’s punch, however, Gu Hai’s right palm seemed to be creating a suction force.


Spirit Qi from all around started to rush towards Gu Hai’s right palm.


Suddenly, multiple qi blades surged out of Gu Hai’s right palm.

Sky Sabers Life and Death Board. Gu Hai had used his True QI to arrange a Sky Sabers Life and Death Board. Suddenly, billowing qi blades rushed out like a rainstorm under Gu Hai’s control.

The qi blades were not that powerful, they were far weaker than that qi blades fired by Scar. At most they only had one-hundredth strength of Scar’s qi blades. However, Gu Hai’s qi blades were many, way to many. Thousands of qi blades appeared out of nowhere.

They looked no different than a dense swarm of bees charging over.

“What!?” Scar’s expression changed.


Countless qi blades suddenly rushed out with a loud bang. The ground behind Scar fiercely quaked as clouds of dust rose into the sky, enveloping the two men inside the arena.

The jeers and cheers of the gamblers came to an abrupt stop.

“What technique is that?” “How can so many qi blades be fired out of his hand?” “#1, what move is that?”…

An astounded look covered the spectators’ faces.

The Song Jia Sect Chief and Boss Li Wei also stood up at once, looking into the arena in surprise. Yue Yao, who had been sitting on Boss Li Wei’s lap, fell down on the ground immediately. However, Li Wei simply didn’t bother with Yue Yao.

The entire Colosseum fell into silence, waiting for the smoke and dust to scatter.

Gradually, the smoke and dust disappeared, slowly revealing a standing silhouette.

Standing there was none other than Gu Hai, with his entire body covered in blood. Earlier, his legs and body were riddled with multiple wounds from Scar’s attacks.

Lying on the ground was surprisingly Scar.

At this moment, Scar’s entire body riddled with thousands of bloody wounds, and he was lying in a pool of blood. His clothes were torn to pieces. The attack of thousands of qi blades was simply too fierce.

Scar had completely lost the ability to fight. He was looking at Gu Hai in trepidation and, disbelief. How is this possible?

Gu Hai coldly looked at Scar. “You were careless. Who says Xiantian Stage cultivators can’t congeal qi blades?”

While speaking, Gu Hai struggled his way over to Scar.

The wounds on his legs seemed serious; Gu Hai was having a hard time walking. Slowly, he arrived before Scar.

“No, no, no, don’t kill me, I have still not avenged my family! Don’t kill me!” Looking at Gu Hai, a pleading look appeared on Scar’s face.

Gu Hai stepped on Scar’s throat, looking at him coldly.

“No, don’t kill me, I beg you, don’t kill me! I still have to take revenge! My parents, my sister, my daughter, my wife still have not been avenged! I still have not taken my revenge! Please, don’t kill me!” begged Scar, agonized.

Looking at Scar, the killing intent on Gu Hai’s face slowly disappeared as he took a deep breath. Immediately after, he kicked Scar in the head, knocking him out cold immediately.

“And the winner is #1!” the MC immediately declared.

“#1!” “#1!” “#1!”…

Countless gamblers broke into wild cheers.

“Shitty #8!” “Golden Core Stage my ass!” “Go to hell!”…

The indisputable result was actually reversed. Countless gamblers immediately began cursing angrily without stopping.

“Boss, we made a fortune, our earnings can top the last three months’!” stated a nearby Golden Tong subordinate, extremely excited.

“Humph!” the Song Jia Sect Chief coldly snorted, very depressed.

Looking at the Song Jia Sect Chief, the Golden Tong Boss burst into hearty laughter. “Ha ha ha ha!…”



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