Chapter 70 – I Want to be The Boss!

“#1!” “#1!” “#1!”…

The audience broke into cheers and shouts of delight.

Although Gu Hai had won, his entire body was covered in blood. Without bothering to pay attention to the cheers and shouts, he slowly sat down on the ground cross-legged and started to treat his injuries with his True Qi.

“Boss Li, is there a problem with your #1?” asked the Song Jia Sect Chief, who was in an extremely bad mood.

“Song Jia Sect Chief, could it be that you can’t afford to lose? Hahaha!” Boss Li Wei burst into laughter as he said that.

“I can’t afford to lose? Humph!” said the Song Jia Sect Chief unhappily.

“Yue Yao darling, you were right, hahaha, he won!” Boss Li said, laughing, while cuddling Yue Yao once again.

Yue Yao, on the other hand, didn’t say a thing; she let her Boss Li’s fiddle with her at his discretion.

While caressing Yue Yao, Boss Li looked at Gu Hai in the arena and said with a laugh, “#1 did good, gift him a healing pill!”

“Yes, sir!” a subordinate obliged. “#1, Boss bestowed you a healing pill, kneel down and thank him for his graciousness!” shouted that subordinate.

The black-robed man’s loud shout calmed the Colosseum down immediately.

Everyone turned their gaze towards the black-robed man, only to see him stretch his hand out and throw a small porcelain bottle in Gu Hai’s direction.

“Healing pill? It seems #1 has helped the Golden Tong earn a lot of money!” “Get outta here, didn’t you see how many people lost a moment ago?” “#1?”…

All the gamblers among the audience broke into a lively discussion.

The small bottle containing the pill fell before Gu Hai.

Gu Hai, who had his eyes closed as he regulated his breathing, slightly opened his eyes to take a glance at it.

Gu Hai raised his head and looked at the Golden Tong Boss in the VIP box before he continued regulating his breathing to heal; he didn’t go to pick it up at all.

There wasn’t any response to the reward bestowed by Boss Li whatsoever.

“Boss has granted you a reward, why are you not kneeling and thanking him for his graciousness quickly?” said the group of black-robed men standing at the entrance immediately, glaring at Gu Hai angrily.

Gu Hai still didn’t bother to pay them any attention.

Kneel down and thank him for the graciousness? Gu Hai would only kneel before the heavens and his parents!

“Insolent!” a black-robed man suddenly yelled in fury as he stepped into the arena, wanting to teach Gu Hai a lesson so as to kiss up to his Boss.

“Still not kneeling and thanking Boss for his graciousness?” That Tong member grabbed a long whip as if he would lash at Gu Hai any moment now.


Gu Hai turned his eyes, his eyes flickering with a gleaming sliver of ruthlessness.

Looking at that ruthless light in Gu Hai’s eyes, the Tong man suddenly shuddered, feeling a chill all over his body.

#1’s cultivation has still not been sealed! And I am standing before him!? He is but a criminal who will not even bat an eye when murdering someone! All of these criminals are resolute people! What will I do if he wants to kill me?


That  man immediately turned tail and ran away, taking shelter back behind the blue screen.

Having returned in panic, the Tong member glared at Gu Hai in resentment. This criminal has made me lose my face!

“Still not kneeling down to thank the Boss!?” the Tong whip wielder shouted angrily.

Gu Hai still didn’t respond and continued sitting there cross-legged, healing his injuries.

In the VIP box…

Seeing Gu Hai remaining completely unmoved, Boss Li Wei was also feeling unhappy. However, as he had earned loads of spirit stones, he was in a good mood and didn’t pursue this matter any further; he just let out a cold grunt of “Humph!”

“Let’s go!” Cuddling Yue Yao, Boss Li finally left.

The Song Jia Sect Chief looked at #1, his eyes flickering with a disgusted look. “#1? You sure are disgusting, just as hateful as that Gu Hai! Humph!”

The Song Jia Sect Chief also left in a bad mood.


Suddenly, red energy ropes once again swished out from the walls and bound Gu Hai, before pulling him into the entrance.

On the stone stage…


Gu Hai’s cultivation was forcefully sealed once again.

The whip wielder from earlier suddenly lashed Gu Hai. CRACK!

“Aren’t you amazing? Boss granted you a reward and you didn’t dare to pick it up? Weren’t you just glaring at me a moment ago? Huh? Come and kill me, kill me!” that Tong member roared at Gu Hai.


He whipped Gu Hai several times.

Gu Hai looked at the man, turning his head before speaking in a cold voice, “I will!”

“Will? Hahaha, you better give up this idea! Still staring at me? Will you kill anyone? Why don’t you come and kill me?”


That black-robed man continued to lash Gu Hai. Gu Hai just grit his teeth and pursed his lips into a cold smile; he didn’t utter any more words.

“Boss, that #8 isn’t dead!” a nearby man said.

“Oh? #8 isn’t dead?” the Tong member holding the whip repeated, stopping his lashing of Gu Hai with a frown.

“Yes, sir! However, he is hanging on by only a thread!”

“It’s for the best! This reversal has let my Golden Tong earn a load of money. Since that #8 has been countered once, he may be countered next time, both of them are numbered ‘A-1’, they still can let us earn a ton of money once more! Seal his cultivation and take him back to the Valley of Crooks!” ordered the whip holder.[1]

“Yes, sir!” Everyone followed his orders quickly.

At this moment, Scar was already badly mutilated, and on his last breath. Since Gu Hai hadn’t taken that healing pill, it had been confiscated by the Tong whip-wielder. Nonetheless, he simply didn’t help Scar. He only used cold water to wake him up before escorting the two back.

On the road, the extremely weakened Scar was still pressed by the whipmaster to hurry up, along with Gu Hai.

Gu Hai didn’t say anything.

“Brother, thank you, thank you!” Scar whispered to Gu Hai.

Scar remembered that at that time, Gu Hai was already stepping on his throat and was ready to kill him, but at the last moment, when he begged for mercy, Gu Hai let him go.

Gu Hai took a glance at Scar, but didn’t respond.

“I didn’t lie to you, I do indeed have a blood-feud. Thank you for showing me mercy. As long as you are alive, even in a miserable condition, you still have a chance. But if you are dead, you have none!” Scar said in a shaky voice.

Gu Hai took a glance at Scar, surprised, and finally nodded.

While still getting whipped, the two returned to the Valley of Crooks.

When the two arrived at the Valley of Crooks, the whip wielder shouted at the top of his voice, gathering all the criminals immediately.

“My Lord is back. I knew it, My Lord could come back for sure!” shouted Chen Tianshan in shock and delight.

“How come two returned this time?” “It shouldn’t be! Only the last man should be alive!?”…

The two’s arrival provoked much discussion among the men.

“Alright! A new round is about to start immediately, all the criminals with ‘A-3’, come out and follow me!” shouted one of the Tong members.

Immediately, a bunch of men walked out from the crowd. They knew they could not escape, they could only follow orders.

Gao Xianzhi was actually among the criminals with A-3 on their masks. His face stiffened.

After his shackles were removed, Gu Hai slowly passed by Gao Xianzhi.

“My Lord!” said Gao Xianzhi, worried for his life.

“I taught you the Sky Sabers Life and Death Board, didn’t I? Use that as a life-saving means. Stay alive!” Gu Hai told him in a heavy tone.

“Yes, My Lord!” A respectful look appeared on Gao Xianzhi’s face.

A total of eighteen people moved out of the crowd.

“Cuff them and let’s go!” a black-robed man shouted.


Clang! Clang! Clang!…

Having been cuffed, the group of criminals was slowly escorted out of the valley by the Tong’s men.

With the departure of the Tong, the crowd of gladiators immediately dispersed.

“My Lord, are you alright!?” Chen Tianshan immediately stepped forward to help Gu Hai.

“I am alright, these are just some superficial injuries!” Gu Hai shook his head.

After arriving at a broken boulder with Chen Tianshan, Gu Hai took out some pills from the Water Throne Master token, all of which originally belonged to Meng Tai. With Chen Tianshan here, he naturally knew which of them were for healing.

Eating a pill, Gu Hai tried his best to heal himself. The efficacy of the pill was very powerful; in just four hours, the superficial injuries on his body had almost completely healed.

“Brother!” At this time, a weak voice came from behind the boulder.

“En?” Gu Hai knit his eyebrows as he looked at Scar coming over to them. “What do you want?” asked Gu Hai calmly.

Scar, on the other hand, suddenly knelt down and kowtowed three times to Gu Hai loudly.

“I spoke the truth. Thank you, brother, thank you for sparing me!” Scar told him gratefully.

Staring at the kneeling Scar for a good while, Gu Hai nodded. “Give him a healing pill!”

“Ah?” Chen Tianshan’s expression changed.

Why is My Lord divulging information of the pill to an outsider?

Scar also looked confused, until Chen Tianshan took out a fragrant pill and gave it to him. Seeing this, a vacant look appeared on Scar’s face.

“This is a grade three healing pill!?” An amazed look immediately showed up on Scar’s face.

Without the slightest bit of hesitation, he stuffed the pill into his mouth at once.

Having eaten it, Scar sat down on the ground, cross-legged and focused on healing himself. The pill’s efficacy was extremely powerful. Scabs started to form on the wounds over Scar’s body visibly; he was recovering at an astonishing speed.

By nightfall, Scar had healed from most of his injuries.

Scar’s eyes flickered with an disbelieving look, gazing at Gu Hai. “Brother, how did you have…?”

“You should not ask what you shouldn’t!” stated Gu Hai in a solemn voice.

“Very well!” nodded Scar.

Gu Hai looked about the Valley of Crooks, crossing his hands behind his back as he stood there. The entire valley was filled with dense blackish yin Qi circling everywhere. There were pairs of ice-cold pupils hidden away in every dark nook and corner of the valley. These were the people who were walking at the edge of life and death, who would never let their guard down.

“Scar, tell me about the distribution of forces within the Valley of Crooks. Are there any groups? Tell me everything you know about the inside situation here!” Gu Hai ordered in a solemn tone.

“Ah? Brother, what do you want to do? Surely you are not thinking… don’t be impulsive. Although their cultivation is sealed, they are all ruthless and resolute people, and play with their lives!” warned Scar, worried now.

“Don’t worry about me, you just have to tell me who among them is the most ruthless!” assured Gu Hai calmly.

“Generally, no one fights in Valley of Crooks, as only one person would return after a bunch of them leave the valley. Therefore, no one is sure about anyone’s strength. If I have to take a guess, then perhaps every criminal who can come back is the most ruthless one!” Scar told Gu Hai wisely.

Gu Hai patiently listened to him for a good long time, while his gaze traveled over criminals in the valley, and only then did he nod repeatedly.

“Wait for me here!” said Gu Hai fiercely, popping his neck. A soaring will to fight radiated from his eyes.

“My Lord, where are you going?” asked Chen Tianshan in surprise.

“Stay here, don’t follow me!” answered Gu Hai in a more serious tone.

“Ah?” A look of surprise blanketed Chen Tianshan’s and Scar’s face.

Gu Hai left, walking slowly; moving here and there in the middle of the night, attracting the doubtful gazes of many criminals immediately.

Gradually, Gu Hai walked over to a small cove. There was a small group of ten people resting in this cove.

This small group had long been paying attention to Gu Hai. Seeing Gu Hai walk over, a wary look appeared on everyone’s faces. The leader of the group was an ugly-looking bald man, who was weighing Gu Hai with a dangerous glint in his eye.

The bald man stood up, staring coldly at Gu Hai. “Newcomer? What are you doing here?”

“From now on, all of you will listen to me!” Gu Hai said in an irrefutable and confident voice.

“En?” The ten men immediately stood up, glaring furiously at Gu Hai.

“I want to be the Boss!” said Gu Hai in a commanding tone, clenching his fist.

“Hahaha? Kid, are you looking to die?” the bald man said as he pursed his lips into a cold smile.


Suddenly, Gu Hai leapt and fired a punch at the bald man’s stomach.

“Attack!” everyone in the small group suddenly shouted at the top of their voices, before piling on Gu Hai from all sides like a swarm of bees.

The eyes of the distant Chen Tianshan and Scar widened in surprise. No one expected Gu Hai to take action so suddenly.



[1] In a previous chapter, when Gu Hai was first called out by his number, I used ‘1’ for 甲子, but translating this chapter, I realized the mistake and corrected it to A-1. The previous chapter has also been corrected.


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