Chapter 71 – The King of Criminals

Followed by Gu Hai’s first punch, the bald criminal vomited violently before curling up in excruciating pain.

It was extremely painful. The bald criminal was sure that the strength of his own punch was not even one-tenth of that punch.

“Attack!” The other nine immediately pounced on Gu Ha.

A bunch of fists greeted Gu Hai immediately.

Gu Hai was extremely agile as he stretched his hands out, punching, countering a criminal’s punch with his own.


That criminal was immediately sent flying seven or eight steps away.

With a kick, another criminal was sent flying.

Twisting his body and grabbing an arm, Gu Hai gave it a twist fiercely.


“AHH!” A painful scream immediately followed as that man fell to the ground in pain.

“Kill him!” The bald criminal from the beginning crawled back up before taking out a stone saber and slashing it at Gu Hai. Apparently, anyone who could survive to now wasn’t an ordinary person; this stone saber was forged after grinding rock for a long time. The bald criminal had a savage look on his face as he slashed the saber at Gu Hai, trying to kill him.


Gu Hai fiercely leapt and grabbed the bald criminal’s wrist before kicking him in the head.

The bald criminal was immediately sent flying with a bang, spurting out a mouthful of blood along with a tooth.

“Bastard!” The others attacked Gu Hai immediately.

Gu Hai’s figure was very swift and violent, far fiercer than those criminals.


In the twinkling of an eye, the small group of ten criminals was completely knocked down to the ground, smooth and clean.

“Ah!” the ten criminals rubbed the painful areas that had been heavily injured by Gu Hai. Each and every one of them was screaming in pain.

At this moment, all the criminals in the Valley of Crooks stood up, gazing at Gu Hai together.

Everyone was no different than a mortal now. No one wanted to have any conflicts. But who would have thought that Gu Hai would not give a damn about the rules in such a way!?

“Kid, what do you want?” a faraway criminal shouted.

Over three thousand criminals were all gazing at Gu Hai together.

Gu Hai coldly looked over more than three thousand criminals in the valley, making a complete turn.

“From now on, I am this Crook Valley’s Boss. All you must listen to me!” proclaimed Gu Hai, glaring back at them.


The entire Valley of Criminals went into an uproar immediately. All of them stared at Gu Hai with their eyes wide open, as if they were looking at madman.

“Whoever refuses to accept, all of you can come and fight me!” added Gu Hai, staring.


Suddenly, Gu Hai once again charged at a small group.

“You wanna die!?” Everyone’s eyes in the small group immediately widened in surprise.

BOOM! Gu Hai immediately fired a punch, swift and powerful.

“Attack!” “Attack him together!” “Kill him!” F**king bastard!” “You wanna die!”… Shouting in confusion, the group immediately rushed Gu Hai.

“How could this happen? Our cultivation is sealed, but how is he so fast and strong?” wondered someone of the men, their eyes wide in surprise.

Gu Hai let out a roar as he was surrounded by a crowd of criminals at once.

Amid the crowd, sounds of punches raining down on flesh rang out immediately. None of the criminals were easy to deal with, each and every one of them was a resolute and ruthless character. Even if Gu Hai’s punches were coming towards them, they still wanted to try and take a piece of Gu Hai.

However, Gu Hai’s punches were fearsome.

Punch after punch was fired. There was no fixed style, just fast, fast, and fast!

This was what made the cultivation of external strength so special. Everyone had their cultivation sealed. However, Gu Hai’s physique was too astonishing. External strength cultivation wasn’t something that the internal strength cultivators could imagine!

Once in a while, Gu Hai would also take their punches.

Punch after punch rained down on Gu Hai, but Gu Hai seemed unafraid of pain. Amid the raining punches, Gu Hai’s punches also struck the other person, one after another.

In a flash, Gu Hai turned into the center of an explosion, fighters were sent flying one after another by each and every one of Gu Hai’s punches.

“His body is as hard as steel!” “No, no matter how hard the steel is, I can still pierce through it, but I can’t even shake his body!” “Ahh!” “Bastard!” “Arrrrrrrrgh!”…

The crowd of men surrounding and attacking Gu Hai was horrified.

Furthermore, as the fight grew intense, more and more of them joined in.

Surrender to this newcomer? Are you kidding me, Father was a Boss in the outside world, wherever I went I was treated as a Boss. But having arrived here, you want me to be your little brother?

Father is a criminal among the criminals, who the f**k do you think you are?

Gu Hai’s ferocity indeed completely shocked the crowd of criminals. However, the criminals also understood that tyrannical as this newcomer was, if they couldn’t knock him to the ground, it would be them who would be lying on the ground.

You sure are strong, but there are thousands of us.

I don’t believe you are stronger than thousands of us.

Kill him, kill him!

Motherf***er, I don’t believe it!

Wherever Gu Hai punched, the criminals were sent flying one after another.

“Motherf***er, I don’t believe it! Pooh, attack!”

The group of criminals that were sent flying didn’t believe in hearsay. As such, they sprang back up and rushed back again. Every last of them had bloodshot eyes; they would come back, one way or another, for sure.

Become a little brother? You can go to hell!

The criminals desperately rushed at Gu Hai.

Gu Hai had already suffered multiple blows, but Gu Hai acted as if it was nothing and kept on fighting desperately. Gu Hai understood the fact that only if he was stronger these men, stronger than all of them, could he subdue them.

If he wanted to make them recognize him as their boss, he must surpass them completely. Are you ruthless? I will be more ruthless than you! Are you strong? I will be stronger than you! Are you wicked? I will be more wicked than you!

Gu Hai kept on attacking desperately.

Group after group of criminals continued attacking, as soon as the group in front fell, those behind took their position immediately. Suddenly, Gu Hai was pressed at the center.

“Squeeze him to death, give him no space to attack!” shouted one of the convicts.

Suddenly, man after man jumped up on Gu Hai; in the blink of an eye, the entire crowd resembled a human pyramid. Gu Hai was surrounded and dogpiled at the center, as if they wanted to crush Gu Hai to death under their numbers.

“Get the hell away!” Gu Hai’s eyes opened wide as he yelled out.


Suddenly, a good fifty men stacked up on top of Gu Hai were sent flying from Gu Hai’s explosive power, just like a goddess scattering flowers, blasting them away in all directions.

Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!…

External strength was based on the tempering of the fleshly body. In the world, only a few people could cultivate it to the perfection stage of Houtian Stage. Gu Hai’s dantian might be sealed, but it could not seal Gu Hai’s body.

With powerful speed and inexhaustible strength, Gu Hai was just like a war machine. He kept on attacking the crowd of men like crazy.

Again and again and again, they were sent flying.

These men were all obstinate and unruly; more and more of them jumped in to encircle Gu Hai. Of course, more people didn’t necessarily mean that they would be more formidable. Ultimately, their strength didn’t change anything. Again and again, Gu Hai’s opponents were sent flying haplessly, hit the ground writhing in pain, and were unable to rise again.

When this brutal picture fell into the eyes of Scar and Chen Tianshan, the duo swallowed several times.

The scene of miserably crying people flying like rain gave Chen Tianshan the feeling that he was back in the Xiantian Endgame World.

In the Xiantian Endgame World, because of the cloud beasts and Gu Hai’s weiqi skills being exceedingly higher than the norm, Gu Hai was able to arrange the 28×28 Heaven and Earth Grand Array. Chen Tianshan always believed that the only reason Gu Hai was able to go against tens of thousands single-handedly was because of the grand array.

However, coming in here, Chen Tianshan felt his own cognition completely subverted. His three outlooks on the world had also been completely ruined.

“So, he truly can fight against thousands single-handedly?” Chen Tianshan watched this scene, truly confused.

Scar, on the other hand, was dazzled by the scene of men sent flailing through the air, all sent flying by Gu Hai.

Criminals? If this lot were criminals, then Gu Hai was the king of criminals!

Scar had never seen such a fierce person in his entire life. He had been walking at the edge of life and death for so long, yet it was the first time he had seen this kind of person.

Scar took a look at the center of the battlefield and then turned his gaze back to Chen Tianshan.

“Um… Brother… Who… Who is he?” Scar felt his all his nerves trembling.

One against thousands!?

Everyone’s cultivation was sealed, why was there such a big difference?

Gu Hai roared again as a group of people were sent flying once more.


Series of pitiful screams rang out as the criminals landed badly.

“Attack!” “Attack him together!” “Everyone, attack!”…

All the men charged at Gu Hai yet again.

Fighting two hours was enough to make every man there admit that Gu Hai was strong; they all knew that they were not Gu Hai’s equal.

However, if they threw in the towel just like that, and didn’t try, all of them would feel extremely reluctant; they were not willing to take this lying down. As they were unwilling, then they had to be convinced by beating them up.

All the criminals were obstinate and unruly characters, when had they suffered this kind of treatment?

Even you wanted them to surrender, you had to fight with them. They would rather be convinced in a fight than be afraid!

The thunderous sounds of endless pummeling blows, followed by equally countless miserable screams, echoed throughout the Valley of Crooks.

This night in the Valley of Crooks was destined to be extraordinary and restless.


This fight continued from the middle of the night to early morning. The roosters were already crowing outside the valley.

At the crack of dawn, the first light shone upon the lingering clouds in the Valley of Crooks. At that moment, the fight had already stopped. Miserable cries filled the valley.

Piles after piles of men, like mounds made up of corpses thrown over each other, could be found everywhere.

At the summit of one such mound stood Gu Hai. Gu Hai’s entire face was swollen, so was his entire body. His clothes were in shambles. He cut an extremely sorry figure.

However, even after looking so pitiful, no one dared to laugh at him.

A breeze blew across the valley. All of the people lying on the ground stared blankly up at Gu Hai as he walked down the mound of beaten men, step by step.

“From now on, I am your Boss.  Whoever is not willing to accept, we can fight again tonight!” Gu Hai’s voice was very vague and distorted, very likely due to his swollen mouth.

However, when this distorted voice fell in the ears of these hardened men, goosebumps exploded all over their bodies.

Whoever is not willing to accept, we can fight again tonight?

Since entering the Valley of Crooks, these words were the most vicious they had ever heard.

Criminals? Over three thousand criminals had been knocked to the ground by just one man, and in one night at that! All of them had been so beaten that they could not even stand up!

Under everyone’s gazes, Gu Hai fearlessly walked back to the secluded corner from earlier.

Turning his head and looking at the criminals writhing in pain all over the Valley of Crooks, an ugly smile appeared on the swollen face of Gu Hai.

But when those criminals saw this smile, they were chilled.

He is the criminal among the criminals.

The king of criminals!


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