Chapter 05 – Challenge

One month later.

As the moon rose into the sky an azure light was flashing on the summit of a mountain. When looked at from afar, it looked like a star had fallen on the mountain’s peak. In order to keep others from learning about his newfound strength, Chen Xiang used the excuse of gathering herbs to come to this mountain and cultivate.

In order to absorb larger amounts of Spirit Qi, and to gain a better sense of the wind and lightning contained between the heavens and the earth, he came to this mountain’s summit. At this place, he could see dark clouds begin to rise and feel strong winds blow. lightning occasionally sparked between the clouds. Suddenly, a thunderbolt fell directly down towards the mountain peak, as if striking to destroy it.

This astonishing scene was actually a byproduct of Chen Xiang cultivating the [Azure Dragon Divine Exercise]. The fierce howling gale and the thunderous lightning in the sky were both caused by his cultivation. The moment the lightning bolt struck his body, not only did he start refining his body through its tyrannical force, but, from time to time, he was also absorbing its energy into his body.

This action of his could be described as suicidal. Everyone knows that lightning is one of the most destructive forces of nature. Even True Martial Realm Experts would not dare to face it, yet Chen Xiang was cultivating using the [Azure Dragon Divine Exercise] and actually wanted to use that natural lightning to assist his cultivation!

This bizarre scene lasted until midnight. Chen Xiang’s face, which had been distorted due to the pain, was now slowly returning to normal. His clothes were torn in multiple places, and he had numerous black scars all over his body, with smoke emitting from the crevices. Yet above all those scars, a bright azure light was shinning. This azure light had a strong wood attribute aura, which aided his body in recovering from the injuries incurred by the lightning.

“As long as I become strong, this pain is nothing,” said Chen Xiang, clenching his fist and shouting in his heart as he endured the pain from one lightning bolt striking his body after another. Letting the heavens temper his body with powerful strikes of lightning.

This method truly deserves to be called a Divine Exercise. Not only does it affect the world around the user, but it also tempers the user’s body with lightning strikes, making it stronger.

Several days went past. During this time Chen Xiang had been repeatedly struck by lightning. Now, he had finally completed his basic body tempering!

As Chen Xiang opened his eyes, two lightning bolts could be seen flashing within his eyes, his eyes firm and resolute. It really was an astonishing sight.

“It is definitely worthy of being called a Divine Exercise! Mortal Martial Exercises aren’t even worth farts in comparison to this! In just one month, it has enabled me to reach the 5th level of the Mortal Martial Realm!”

At this time, Chen Xiang inspected the five True Qi whirlpools spinning within his dantian. Comparing them to how they had been before, they had already grown much larger. Chen Xiang could now control True Qi as he desired. This was the 5th level of the Mortal Martial Realm, the True Qi realm!

He was sixteen years old and has already reached the 5th level of the Mortal Martial Realm. Many would consider him a genius for this accomplishment.

A crimson colored True Qi resided on one of Chen Xiang’s palms, the other held an azure colored True Qi. Hand in hand, Fire and Wood True Qi were cultivated through the Azure Dragon and Vermillion Bird Divine Exercise.

Chen Xiang felt as if he had shed his former skin and been reborn. Both his true Qi and his body were were now incomparable to their former states. Then again, his body had been tempered and his True Qi had been cultivated through a Divine Exercise.

Chen Xiang could finally understand why Divine Exercises were considered to be priceless. Truly, by cultivating these exercises people could gain godlike strength!

“The Spirit Qi around here is thin. If you want your cultivation to advance by leaps and bound, then you can only rely on dans! Now that you can release True Qi Flames, you can finally begin to learn alchemy.” Su Meiyao transmitted to him.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou both longed for Chen Xiang to become strong as soon as possible. The quicker he got stronger, the sooner they could recover their strength. The sisters felt fear and helplessness at the loss of their former power.


“Well, if it isn’t the Chen Family’s great young master? The Yao Family’s genius alchemist has challenged you. He wants to compete with you in both alchemy and martial arts.”

Chen Xiang had just entered the Chen Family Gate, when an arrogant teenager walked up and started talking to him.

“A challenge? When did this happen?” Chen Xiang was a little surprised. He had only been away for a few days.

That teenager started laughing at him, his voice full of disdain. “So you haven’t even heard? We all thought you were afraid and went into hiding! This all happened ten days ago, because the Yao Family’s genius fancies your fiancée. You truly do have bad luck!”

Chen Xiang was barely enduring his impulse to beat this prick up. With a discerning fake smile, he replied “Chen Zhenhua, do you remember that time, when we were younger, and I made you fall on your face into dogshit? Are you sure you still wanna talk back to me right now?”

The little prick was Chen Zhenhua, whose father was a commander of one of the Chen Family’s Branches. There were a lot of Chen Family Branches located across the Southern Martial Empire. The commanders of said families were also very strong, and only gathered at the Chen Family Villa for important matters.

Chen Zhenhua’s expression twisted in anger, but he had to bear it. His voice filled with ridicule, he snapped, “Of course I do! Let’s see if you can defeat the Yao Family’s genius. I can’t wait to witness your face when you lose your stunning fiancée.”

Chen Zhenhua departed, laughing.

Chen Xang snorted, before walking away to find his father. On his way there, he overheard that the Chen Family had encountered some sort of an issue. As such, all the branch commanders had been summoned.


Tianhu Park, Inside the Library.

Chen Xiang ran up to his father and asked, “Dad, is it true that grandfather has withdrawn from the patriarch’s position?”

Chen Tianhu, while looking dignified, nodded and said, “It’s true. Your Grandfather has gone into seclusion, wanting to join a martial arts sect. The Chen Family’s branch commanders are all coming here to compete for his position.”

A Chen family patriarch giving up his position meant that a new patriarch had to be elected. At that time many things are bound to occur, because many battles will take place, getting injured was also inevitable.

Becoming a martial arts family’s patriarch, one can have high authority, alongside rich resources and, because of this, many people are desperate to get the position, even at risk of their life.

Chen Xiang’s father would also compete for the patriarch’s position, and, this time, Chen Xiang will certainly be involved. If he does not have enough strength, it will definitely be quite dangerous for him.

Chen family patriarch position had never been inherited. It relied on a competition to elect the patriarch, after all, in this world strength was revered, and only with a show of strength would others be willing to follow you. So, for the Chen family patriarch position, others can only be convinced with strength.

Chen Xiang saw that Chen Tianhu’s complexion was very dignified, so he carefully asked, “Dad… Will this be difficult for you?”

Chen Tianhu, with a sigh, said, “It is, indeed, going to be very difficult, as there are many who are competing with me for the patriarch position, including those two brothers with whom I have some scruples…….no need to say this, but the Yao family genius also issued you a challenge, it would be best to reject him.”

Reject? After learning about this, so called, challenge, Chen Xiang did not intend to refuse. He was now a Stage 5 Mortal Martial Realm martial artist, and also cultivated using Divine Exercises. Because he cultivates using [Tai Chi Divine Exercises], he could restrain his Qi aura, and thus,Chen Tianhu was unable to find out that his son had advanced by leaps and bounds.

“Dad, I will not allow the Xue family and the Yao family to look down upon me! I must accept this challenge!” Chen Xiang’s gaze was firm, his eyes were filled with the intention of war, and from his body emerged an immense amount of polished True Qi, which made Chen Tianhu’s pupils contract, as surprise filled his heart. He could see that his son had advanced at an unbelievable rate.

Chen Tianhu could only think that his son had come across a fortuitous event while out adventuring, but he refrained from asking. His son was strong, and that was enough for him.

Chen Tianhu patted Chen Xiang’s shoulders and, with a laugh, said, “Your dad will support you! You must make the Yao family genius know that there is something beyond the sky!”

Chen Xiang, with a hollow laugh, said, “Dad, can you give me some money?”

Although Chen Xiang father lived a rather luxurious life, he himself was quite poor, as his father was worried that he would turn into a playboy. So his father only allowed him to live a simple life, which lead to a dignified elder’s grandson looking very plain in comparison to other Chen Family members his age.

Chen Tianhu was a man who prefered not to waste money, but in order to elevate his strength, and also help Chen Xiang, he has spent a lot. So he has not allowed Chen Xiang to spend money randomly.

“What for?”

“I want to buy a spirit herb to plant and grow.” Chen Xiang whispered, while rotating his eyes.

Planting spirit herbs not only requires experience, but also meticulous care. Ordinarily those who plants herb are alchemists, generally old men with white hair. One teenager planting spirit herbs with no experience is unusual, as it also requires one to have much patience, as a good spirit herb requires many years to mature.

For Chen Tianhu, it would also be his first time seeing a teenager plant spirit herbs, but, seeing the confidence in Chen Xiang’s eyes, he sighed and pulled out a storage pouch.

“If I come to know you are lying to me, I’ll kick your ass to the point that sitting on a stool will be a nightmare for you for at least a month… Are we clear?” Chen Tianhu smiles as he made that terrifying comment, which made Chen Xiang tremble.

“Here is 3000 large spirit coins. If you don’t have the confidence to double the amount, then, in the future, do not ask me for money again.” Chen Tianhu took out one specially manufactured spirit note.

Chen Xiang took it and, with a smile, said, “Rest assured, I will become Chen family’s youngest alchemist!”

Chen Tianhu was shocked. He knew that Chen Xiang did not have a spiritual vein, thus alchemy would be impossible for him, but in his heart he is also secretly happy. If what he said becomes true, then it will make Chen family even more formidable. He knows that the Chen family has not had an alchemist for many years.

Chen Tianhu laughed, “Quickly get out of here, don’t even think about trying to trick me, or you will get a beating! I will go give the Yao family your response.”

Chen Xiang took the 3000 large spirit coins and quickly left.


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