Chapter 10 – I’ll Fight

“This…Was I mistaken? He is only sixteen years old and is already able to refine the Quenching Body Pill, he is extremely talented!” a man shouted with shock.

“It looks like the quality of this Quenching Body Pill is much better than what we usually use. I did not think that Chen Xiang would be so secretive. He has been hiding his strength and bidding his time! Just his alchemy techniques alone make him much more valuable than those geniuses with high-grade Spiritual Veins.” another man exclaimed.

All of the Chen Family’s core members gathered in this field now sighed with jealousy and envy.

Chen Haohai was shocked, sad and angry, all at the same time. His complexion turned very ugly.

The obvious reason being that he had just lost a Thousand Year Blood Spirit Grass. If it were to be taken to the auction house, it would’ve been sold for an extremely high price.

The Chen Family’s elder had trembling hands. Both of his eyes were wide open while staring at the snow white pills in his palm. “My Chen Family finally has an alchemist!”

The Chen Family finally had an alchemist on their side! These simple words set the blood of every single Chen Family member aboil. One had to know that the Chen Family did not have an alchemist, so they had to spend large amounts of resources to buy pills that were made by others. This caused them to be ridiculed by some of the fierce martial practitioner’s that belonged to the other aristocratic families

But now, the Chen Family also had an alchemist. Not to mention, this boy was so young! Sooner or later he was bound to become a Grandmaster level alchemist!

“Chen Haohai, you bet with my son willingly, now you should admit and accept your defeat!” Chen Tianhu said with a laugh.

“Humph!” Chen Haohai was jealous but also very sad. He reluctantly took out the Thousand Year Blood Spirit Grass and handed it over to Chen Xiang.

Now nobody in the entire Chen Family would even dare to look down on Chen Xiang. After all, he was now a sixteen year old alchemist! Many of the girls from the branch families even started to throw coquettish looks towards Chen Xiang in an attempt to reel him in.

Many of the young boys from the Chen Family glared at Chen Xiang with fire in their eyes, they were jealous to the point of death!

Chen Xiang completely turned a blind eye towards their reactions, as he remembered many of these people ridiculing him before.

“Even if your son is an alchemist, you still have to fight for the Patriarch position!” Chen Haohai retorted.

Two other middle aged men that were previously competing with Chen Tianhu for the Patriarch position announced their withdrawal. They were able to tell that Chen Xiang was only sixteen years old, yet he was already able to refine a Mortal Level Low Grade Dan. It could be said that his future was immeasurable and potentially boundless. Not offending such a person would be the most sensible approach.

Other than Chen Haohai and Chen Tianhu, there was just one other person remaining in the competition for the title of Patriarch.

Chen Haohai said, “Chen Tianhu, now you just have to fight against us two brothers. If you win, then naturally the position of Patriarch will be yours!”

Chen Tianhu while squinting his eyes said, “This is what you are saying?”

“Well then, will the two of you come together or one by one?”

Even though Chen Tianhu was outnumbered, his speech did not show any signs of weakness but instead displayed his strong character. Chen Tianhu was indeed someone capable of making others submit before him.

“Of course it will be one on one. We brothers would not want anyone to think we are bullies, now would we?” Hearing Chen Haohai, the crowd retreated a few steps back, giving the three of them more space.

The shockwaves emitted by a battle between two practitioners at the 7th level of the Mortal Martial Realm alone were extremely frightening.

Everyone retreated away from the edges of the field, both Chen Tianhu and Chen Haohai simultaneously moved using their fastest speeds, both of their palms striking the other. Their palms closely stuck to each other, while they started contesting using their True Qi.

Chen Haohai’s whole body was covered with scorching hot True Qi, while there was no movement from Chen Tianhu. But the hideous blue veins that were filled with True Qi was appearing on Chen Tianhu.

Both of them are still stuck closely together, while looking at each other with serious expressions. Suddenly the whole field started to shake and tremble, the ground beneath them began to crack, and waves of air currents were violently blowing sand and dust in all four directions.

Chen Tianhu violently roared, and with it the shaking disappeared and the fierce air current also stopped. Chen Haohai was blown backwards while coughing up large amounts of blood, while Chen Tianhu also retreated few steps.

Falling on the ground, Chen Haohai struggled to get up on his feet. He knew that he had just lost, but there was a trace of a proud smile on his face.

This contest Chen Tianhu had won, but his complexion became pale.

Chen Haohai while laughing said, “Although you have won the battle, but you will lose this war. In your current state, even a 6th level Mortal Martial Realm martial practitioner can easily defeat you!” While laughing, he also coughed up a lot of blood, as it could be seen that he had suffered some heavy internal injuries.

“You are also in the 8th level of the Mortal Martial Realm?!” Chen Tianhu asked while covering his abdomen with one hand. He did not think that Chen Haohai would unexpectedly step into the 8th level of Mortal Martial Realm.

“Are you not same?” Chen Haohai sneered.

Both Chen Haohai and Chen Tianhu were actually 8th level Mortal Martial Realm martial practitioners, and this made everyone shocked. Everyone could see that Chen Haohai did not even hesitate to severely injure Chen Tianhu.

Chen Tianhu still had another fight left and his opponent was Chen Haohai’s younger brother!

Chen Xiang swiftly moved past, supporting Chen Tianhu who is almost about to fall: “Dad, how are you?” While asking, Chen Xiang put his hand on Chen Tianhu’s abdomen and poured a pure Wood True Qi into his father body. Sensing the vigorous Wood True Qi gushing inside his body, Chen Tianhu shuddered, looked at Chen Xiang with a shocked expression, but soon calmed down.

[Editor’s Note: From now on We’ll try to use just Wood True Qi, or Lightning True Qi instead of wooden attributed or Lightnin attributed True Qi as that’s too long and they have the same meaning]

“I suffered some serious internal injuries, Chen Haohai did not hesitate to seriously injure me, so do not waste your True Qi!” Chen Tianhu was excited in his heart, because he felt his son’s True Qi was quite vigorous, and its strength was far more than what he had expected.

Chen Xiang heart became very heavy after listening to Chen Tianhu. If his father lost the battle, then it would become a hopeless situation.

“Start the second battle, do not waste time needlessly!” Chen Haohai said with a weak voice and a pale complexion, but he was very excited inside. He could already see the scene of his brother defeating Chen Tianhu.

Chen Xiang while watching Chen Haohai intensely, with a sharp aura flashing in his eyes, said, “I’ll fight.”

Chen Xiang unexpectedly wanted to fight in place of his father, and this made everyone quite surprised. They knew Chen Xiang did not have any Spiritual Veins and therefore was not very strong. However he could still release True Qi flames and already had a profound level of control over them, but he cannot recover the True Qi in such as short amount of time.

Chen Xiang wasn’t also going to be facing an ordinary person, and his opponent was a practitioner with the strength at the 7th level of the Mortal Martial Realm. Everyone mostly thought that in order to make his father the Patriarch, Chen Xiang made an idiotic decision.

Chen Tianhu was also very surprised by Chen Xiang, but when he saw Chen Xiang’s gaze full of confidence, his worries disappeared. Moreover he was now seriously injured, so if he fights in his current condition then he will surely lose. Not to mention that his injuries will surely become worse.

A teenager came forth with a contemptuous laugh “You do not have a Spiritual Vein and you want to enter the dispute for the Patriarch’s position? By just refining some low levelled pills, you think you have enough strength, I alone can easily put you down! Plus I recently entered the 5th level of the Mortal Martial Realm!”

This teenager was Chen Zhenhua, and he had some conflict with Chen Xiang in the Spirit Dan Hall and was Chen Haohai’s son.

Entering into the 5th level of the Mortal Martial Realm at this age also made him a rare genius and thus justifies his arrogance.

“Chen Zhenhua, if I win against you, what will happen then?” Chen Xiang said with a dull tone, his expression was very calm, not like a hot-headed person.


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