Chapter 100 – Completion Stage

Chen Xiang found one cave inside the cliff inside the Perishing Dragon Mountains, in which he took the four True Elemental Dans, entered a cultivation state, and digested the vast True Qi brought by these four True Elemental Dans.

At this time what he need to do was compress a large amount of True Qi into each of the divine beast forms, making the beast forms clearer! He had the Yin and Yang Divine Veins and the [Tai Chi Divine Exercise] which could allow him to quickly refine the vast amount of True Qi, and at the same time could suck in the rich Spirit Qi around him!

Chen Xiang was now not only cultivating True Qi but also at the same time using a large amount of True Qi to nourish the skeleton inside his body. A large amount of True Qi was integrating with his body, making his body grow!

Four days past by, and the four colored mist shrouding Chen Xiang’s body suddenly spread out, only to see a stream of bizarre and powerful qi flow suddenly surging out from the Chen Xiang’s body.

Chen Xiang was already successful in completing the four beast forms in the four corners, making the four True Qi beast forms clearly discernible, and lifelike!

Unconsciously his consciousness entered the dantian within that Tai Chi Yin and Yang diagram, like as if he was the one with the Yin and Yang diagram. At the moment it was as if he was sitting in the center of the Yin and Yang diagram, and he was at the center of the universe, and the four divine beasts were blazing suns hanging in four directions, looking magnificent and breathtaking.

In the east was a dazzling azure light, the Azure Dragon was opening his mouth and waving its claws!

In the south there was a giant, red bird, whose whole body was surging with fiery light, as if was burning with intense fire. It was the Vermillion Bird!

In the west, shining in a holy white light, was the furiously glaring majestic White Tiger!

In the north was a mighty giant beast as if a giant dragon and a giant tortoise had fused together. It was the Black Tortoise!

Yin and Yang represented the whole universe, and this world was guarded by the Divine Beasts of the Four Directions.

The bodies of the four divine beasts were exuding vicissitudes of an ancient atmosphere, making people feel as if they were had existed since eternity, and Chen Xiang, who was in the center of the Tai Chi Yin and Yang diagram, felt even smaller. However, he knew, he was the master of the Tai Chi Yin and Yang diagram, and these four ancient divine beasts were created out from his cultivation.

Chen Xiang only now knew that the [Tai Chi Divine Exercise] and the [Divine Exercise of Four Symbols] after coordinating with his Yin and Yang Divine Vein was actually so powerful. He felt that he entered a martial arts road that was unusual, and if he could only release the complete power of these beast forms, he would be able to dominate the world!

“Only the great Earth Divine Elephant is left!” Chen Xiang was also secretly shocked by the True Qi contained in the True Elemental Dan, and although it was only two grades higher than the True Qi Dan, there was a huge of difference.

Chen Xiang took out all of his True Qi Dans, and as if he was eating a meal, he stuffed them inside his mouth, and fiercely chewed, while at the same time operating the divine exercises to refine them. Fortunately no one saw him wolfing down the True Qi Dans, otherwise they definitely would have wet their pants.

Only Chen Xiang, this monstrous genius alchemist, would eat the True Qi Dan in such way, and yet was not even sad!

Chen Xiang faintly felt that the beast form guarding the center was completely congealing its form. The amount of True Qi required was a lot more when compared with his other beast forms. He could see in the center of the Tai Chi diagram, the vague beast form was shrouded in a ball of golden mist, and was non-stop engulfing that mist…………..

Two days past, and a golden Qi burst out from Chen Xiang’s body, followed by a gushing of colorless True Qi which shattered his clothes, only to see his body constantly alternating between five different colors. His muscles also swelled up making him look very scary.

His body color was changing faster and faster. Even from his pores a dark grey mucus was overflowing, and the muscles of his body were also stiff as stone.

An explosive sound resounded in his mind, and at that moment, he just felt a tremendously huge strength surging into his limbs and bones, while in his mind the roars of the five divine beasts were resounding, their roars were very loud and powerful!

Chen Xiang opened his eyes, took a deep breath, and his face was brimming with happiness, because he had finally entered the 10th Level of the Mortal Martial Realm, the Completion Stage. The only thing left for him was to impact the True Martial Realm!

Seeing the giant elephant above that Tai Chi Yin and Yang diagram in hs dantian, Chen Xiang slightly smiled as he had successfully congealed the five divine beast forms in his dantian. The minutiaes of their forms were clearly visible, and the Tai Chi diagram was slowly and quietly spinning, uptaking the Spirit Qi between heaven and earth.

“True Martial Realm, I also dare to fight with them!” Chen Xiang tightly clenched his fists, his nails deeply entered in his palm. Previously he remembered the two vicious women, and he could not help but get angry.

“After you’ve entered the 10th Level of the Mortal Martial Realm, although you indeed are very powerful but you are facing True Martial Realm experts so you still have no chance of winning. If you had a slightly powerful spirit weapon, perhaps you would successfully be able to sneak attack!” Su Meiyao said, and she knew what intentions Chen Xiang had in his heart at this moment, but she also knew the difference between Chen Xiang and True Martial Realm martial artists.

After entering the True Martial Realm, martial artists would be reborn, washed of the mortal Qi, and would have a lifespan of 1000 years. By no means would a Mortal Martial Realm martial artist be able to fight them.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, took out black tights, wore them, and jumped down from the cave. He walked, according to map, towards the Heavenly Dragon Treasure.

The map was very detailed, and Chen Xiang soon came to the location marked for the hidden treasure. It was a huge canyon, and at the entrance of the canyon there were thousands of people gathered. Among these people, a lot of people were holding a sheet in their hands which was the map, but Chen Xiang also wasn’t clear why this map was spread.

Mixed in the crowd, Chen Xiang was clearly able to see the giant canyon, and what made him shocked was that in the middle of canyon, to his surprise, a fiery red aura was flashing. Occasionally a few red lightnings were also flashing, and one after another, intensely hot and violent qi waves were gushing out. At this time, Chen Xiang was sure of that the Heavenly Dragon Treasure was inside this Mysterious Realm, and that fiery red aura in the giant canyon was the entrance.

Chen Xiang soon found out that a very strong barrier was before that entrance. In addition to this he also came to know that if anyone besides martial artists at the True Martial Realm tried approaching it, they would be rebounded by that power, and if they forcefully tried to enter it, they would be subjected to such a force that they would be squeezed into pieces of meat.

After learning this information, in his heart, Chen Xiang was delighted. He quickly found one relatively high location, and carefully swept through the people towards the center to find that azure gown girl.

That azure gown girl’s strength was below the True Martial Realm, and her teacher was a True Martial Realm martial artist. That was why her teacher definitely would have entered the Mysterious Realm to seek treasures. This way, as long as he found that azure gown girl he would easily able to kill her!

He didn’t have to spend too long, Chen Xiang saw a dozen people sitting together far away, and some of those people were young. In addition to the azure gown girl there were some boys, and they were surrounding that azure gown girl like how the stars surrounded the moon.

Chen Xiang from afar, could see that azure gown girl had a long face because her demon beast was killed by Chen Xiang, and she was powerless in killing Chen Xiang. This especially troubled her heart.

The azure gown girl accidentally glanced towards the side of the crowd, but suddenly saw that deadpan handsome face of Chen Xiang. Looking at him she could not help but be surprised for a moment, and in her heart she was very pleasantly surprised. She certainly would not have thought of Chen Xiang having the strength to kill her, and she also knew although Chen Xiang was able to flee, he was also seriously injured.

“Senior brothers and junior brothers, that is the brat who killed my Little Black. Although he is somewhat powerful, but he was struck by my teachers palm so he is definitely seriously injured. You go and catch him, I want to hack him into pieces!” The azure gown girl’s face had a ruthless look while she spoke.


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