Chapter 101 – Fury

In the distance, Chen Xiang could hear the words spoken by the azure gown girl, and in his heart he was constantly laughing. Currently he was at the 10th Level of the Mortal Martial Realm, and was an invincible like existence among the Mortal Martial Realm martial artists. Even if ten martial artists at the 10th Level of the Mortal Martial Realm tried to besiege him, it would still be very difficult to defeat him!

This azure gown girl could be counted as beauty, and that was why those boys always followed her plan. Everyone wanted to look prestigious in front of her, not to mention the fact that they heard that Chen Xiang was seriously injured. Without any delay they drew their weapons and walked towards Chen Xiang.

Obviously, they could also see Chen Xiang walking towards them.

Amidst the crowd those with keen perceptions could see the Beast Martial Sect Disciples taking out their weapons, and with a terrifyingly imposing manner, rushing towards Chen Xiang. These people were not able to go treasure hunting and thus they were very depressed, so when they saw such a good show playing out in front of them, they immediately shouted. Moreover it was also a conflict between Beast Martial Sect Disciples and another person.

“That brat truly does not want to live, it would be troublesome to confront the Beast Martial Sect Disciples head-on. Besides those are the Inner Sect Disciples, so let’s see how this brat dies!” One person said.

“Not necessarily, look at that brat’s posture. He is not an ordinary person. While the ten Beast Martial Sect Disciples are rushing towards him, he is not fazed by it and is calmly walking towards them too.” Another person said.

The ten Beast Martial Sect Disciples were not willing to fall far behind their fellow apprentices. Amidst them one powerful young man ran even more fiercely, and holding a long sword, rushed towards Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang suddenly saw through the strength of these Beast Martial Sect Disciples. Though they were from the Inner Sect, but they were far worse when compared with the Inner Sect Disciples of the Extreme Martial Sect.

However, they were still 10th Level Mortal Martial Realm martial artists, thus each of their actions were too quick. When the sword stabbed towards him, its speed was too quick and was difficult to react to, but to everyone’s surprise Chen Xiang ducked.

In the blink of an eye, like lightning, the penetrating long sword arrived in front of Chen Xiang, and in turn Chen Xiang fiercely jumped up, jumping above that young man’s head. Only to see Chen Xiang’s palm, which was overflowing with a slight azure True Qi, pressing against that young man’s head. This kind of speed was even faster than that young man’s sword!

Watching the next scene they could not help but felt their stomach churn as Chen Xiang’s arm pressed against the head of that young man, fiercely pressing down, and was similar to the dough being pressed to make a chapati. That eight feet tall young man turned into a pie due to the pressure..

Everyone saw on the ground that a bloody meat pie formed out of flesh, clothes, and hairs all mixed together. Everyone could not help but feel like vomiting, and they were even more shocked that with just pressure, he obliterated a 10th Level Mortal Martial Realm martial artist!

Was he a True Martial Realm martial artist? Everyone was thinking as such in their hearts.

Those Beast Martial Sect Disciples originally rushing towards Chen Xiang, also immediately stopped in their place, and they were even shuddering. They were close enough to see their own senior brother being pressed into a meat pie, and this kind of strength was extremely similar to the True Martial Realm’s strength.

At this time Chen Xiang was staring at the azure gown girl, and that azure gown girl also had a look of shock and fear. She was perfectly clear of the strength of that young man who was made into meat patty a moment ago, and compared to her he was even more formidable. However, he was the same as an ant in front of Chen Xiang.

During the few seconds that the azure gown girl was dazed, Chen Xiang flew out like the wind and in the blink of an eye arrived in front of that azure gown girl.

“You……,…..senior brother………, save………..” The azure gown girl reacted and emitted a shriek, only have spoken these words before an Azure Qi Aura enveloped her!

Chen Xiang blasted a palm, and a strong and fearsome Wood True Qi was directly released out, transforming into a Qi Aura, hitting that azure gown girl. Similar to countless razors all cutting at the same time, in the blink of an eye, culled that azure gown girl into a pile of minced meat.

Even if one had stunning and alluring looks, in front of extremely strong power, it was similar to being an ant!

The atmosphere around everyone was as if they did not dare to breath as they were worried about offending this one fiend, who with just a casual move, killed a martial artist at the 10th Level of the Mortal Martial Realm. Furthermore, after killing a person, he did not even glance at her, as if he had just crushed an ant and did not care about it at all. Of course, the frigid, dark, cold Slaughter Qi from Chen Xiang’s body made everyone feel inexplicable fear.

Chen Xiang just looked like a 17-18 year old teen, but no one had heard of such a character with such a fearsome strength and an attitude that kills so decisively.

“You want to take revenge for her?” Chen Xiang stared at those Beast Martial Sect Disciples, making them scared and speechless, because Chen Xiang in their eyes was a True Martial Realm martial artist, who was also so cruel!

Those Beast Martial Sect Disciples quickly shook their heads, and Chen Xiang already made them so scared that they were trembling. After all, no one wanted to die.

“I’ll ask you one question, answer me honestly, or you will end up just like them.” Chen Xiang glanced over that meat pie, which was not that far from the minced meat.

The Beast Martial Sect Disciples hurriedly nodded their heads.

“Have you ever grabbed Extreme Martial Province civilians to feed your demon beasts?” Chen Xiang asked, and his voice was very loud, allowing the martial artists gathered here to hear. The majority of the martial artists here were from the Extreme Martial Province, and when they heard the question they could not help but shudder. Especially the martial artists who lived all year round in Guanlong City as they had often heard information about people disappearing. At this time the crowd was already discussing with each other.

Using civilians to feed the demon beasts. This issue would create a horrifying public outrage, and to quell it everyone must be executed.

The Beast Martial Sect Disciples, after hearing the noisy arguments, were sweating profusely. At this time they also couldn’t answer yes, nor they could answer no. They also did not dare to lie, because in front of the monstrous and murderous Chen Xiang, who was using his terrifying eyes to stare at them, it gave them a great burden on their heart.

“I’ll only count to two, one…………………”

Chen Xiang only counted this number, and the Beast Martial Sect Disciples nodded their heads, but just as they nodded their heads, both of Chen Xiang’s fists shook, while a white mist gushed out from them. Endless Slaughter Qi accompanied by a deadly Death Qi gushed out, and this kind of terrifying Slaughter Qi made people feel as if they were in a battlefield littered with corpses.

“Go die!” Chen Xiang punched out both his fists, and countless white giant tigers carrying endless amounts of Slaughter Qi lashed out, madly and viciously biting those nine Beast Martial Sect Disciples.

Just in the blink of an eye, those Beast Martial Sect Disciple disappeared and vanished, leaving only a few demon beasts and those people with a lingering fear of Slaughter Qi!

After casting out [White Tiger Divine Fists], Chen Xiang leaped up and treaded on the air, casted Qing Gong, passed over everyone’s head, and entered that canyon inside.

Seeing Chen Xiang entering the canyon, everyone in their hearts were even more sure that Chen Xiang was a True Martial Realm expert, and seeing True Martial Realm martial artists coming out and fighting, it made them all excited. At the same time they also understood why Chen Xiang had acted, because Beast Martial Sect Disciples had caught civilians and fed them to their demon beasts!

Amidst these martial artists, most of them felt very angry, and this time the Beast Martial Sect gave them a very bad impression!

Chen Xiang closed on that fiery red light ball, but did not sense any power and instead felt very warm which made him somewhat inconceivable!

Chen Xiang very easily went through that light ball, and after walking ten steps inside the fiery red passage, he saw a flat wasteland. Inside the wasteland there was a stone monument that was as tall as a human. A few tens of zhang away from the stone monument, there was a giant red flower as tall as half of a human which was as big as a face and looked very bewitching.

Next to that red flower, around ten or so people had surrounded it, and their palm were stuck against each other’s. Their entire face was serious, and some even had blood overflowing from the corner of their mouths!

These True Martial Realm martial artist’s palm were against each other and they were using their True Qi to contend, and it could be seen that they were disputing over that giant red flower.


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