Chapter 102 – Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade

Not long after Chen Xiang came in, he heard one ice cold and surprised voice.

“How did you get in?”

Followed by this sound, he looked towards that stone monument only to see a black robed woman crawling out from behind it, and it was the very same woman who had previously almost killed him. At this time Chen Xiang also saw next to that huge red flower there was a headless dead snake!

This black robed woman was injured, moreover she was seriously injured! Chen Xiang, in his heart, was secretly pleased, and at the same time he walked towards that black robed woman. When the black robed woman saw Chen Xiang with a look of resentment, in her heart she could not help but feel shocked as she did not understand how Chen Xiang was able to recover from his injuries so soon, and also able to enter the Mysterious Realm where only martial artists in the True Martial Realm could come.

The black robed woman quickly ran next to the twelve True Martial Realm martial artists far away, and among these people there were also Beast Martial Sect’s True Martial Realm martial artists. As she was injured she was worried that she might not be Chen Xiang’s opponent .

“Senior brother, this is the guy who killed Qing Er’s Little Black!” The black robed woman had a vicious look as she looked at Chen Xiang, “We absolutely can not allow this brat to live, he also knows about the feeding matter…………..”

One bald middle-aged man looked at Chen Xiang, ruthlessly smiled, and then nodded his head.

After Chen Xiang saw the black robed woman leaving, he didn’t follow her but came next to the stone monument, because he felt that this stone monument was exuding a particular atmosphere which was very familiar to him.

“Does the Heavenly Dragon Treasure have just that flower? It should not be like this!” Chen Xiang muttered, and one of his hands pressed on that stone monument.

At this time those True Martial Realm martial artists, whose palms were right against each other, all looked at Chen Xiang. They were contending their True Qi and everyone refused to admit defeat, otherwise they would not be able to get this huge red flower, because it was a very precious and rare spirit herb.

After Chen Xiang touched the stone monument, the Azure Dragon True Qi madly gushed out from his body, penetrating that stone monument, and in only the blink of an eye, that stone monument burst out with an azure light, making those True Martial Realm martial artists very shocked. Just a moment ago they too had touched the stone monument but it did not cause such a scene.

After the azure light disappeared, the rocks in the outer surface of the stone monument fell off, and to everyone’s surprise they only saw a transparent square box, but inside that transparent box there was a five foot long pitch black broadsword.

This broadsword looked very filthy, but after Chen Xiang saw a lifelike small dragon carved on the blade hilt, he knew this blade was unusual.

“Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade! It’s the Azure Dragon Divine Weapon part of the Four Beast’s Divine Weapons!” Su Meiyao shouted due to surprise. After Chen Xiang heard this, in his heart he was also shocked. A palm blasted open that transparent box, and he grabbed that blade hilt.

This blade was very heavy, and Chen Xiang had not expected this which made the broadsword fall from his hand, inserting it into the ground.

“Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, its weight is inexhaustible, and according to owner’s strength it will have a certain weight. Only you will be able bring forth its strength, and only you can control this blade!” Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang in the next moment estimated that this Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade should now weigh a few ten thousand jin! Such a little thing actually had this kind of weight, it was truly incredible, and was indeed a divine weapon! This made him very excited, and now he did not need to look for a spirit weapon as he had the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade which was enough to allow him to roam freely in the world of martial arts!

The transparent box not only had Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, but also had a yellow beast skin and a small box.

On the beast skin there was a martial skill, furthemore it was another [Dragon Slaying Divine Martial Skill], the [Dragonslayer Seven Killing Cut]! Inside the small box there was a fiery red dan, and it appeared to be a very extraordinary spirit dan.

Afterward Chen Xiang became aware of the fiery gazes coming from those people far away, and it was as if he was a naked girl being watched by a group of men.

Chen Xiang quickly put all the things inside his ring, and let Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou manage it.

“Brat, those things are not for you to take, and if you know what is good for you quickly take it out!” That bald middle-aged man shouted, and he was the senior brother of that black robed woman.

Chen Xiang smirked and said, “Why can I not take them? I found it, moreover there is no provision that only you can seek treasure inside the Heavenly Dragon Treasure house!”

The black robed woman’s eyebrow twitched. She took out a long sword, and slowly walked towards Chen Xiang. She once had injured Chen Xiang and knew Chen Xiang’s strength so she just didn’t understand why Chen Xiang could come here, but she absolutely would not believe that Chen Xiang had the strength at the True Martial Realm. Otherwise she would not have defeated him and made him flee. She also believed Chen Xiang was now seriously injured.

If she killed Chen Xiang, all those things would be hers! That was why even if she was injured, she also dared to go!

“Ha ha, here all the treasure belongs to our Beast Martial Sect!” One middle-aged man madly laughed, and it seems there were a lot of Beast Martial Sect’s True Martial Realm martial artists. At this time they were thwarting other sect’s True Martial Realm martial artists, allowing the black robed woman to behead Chen Xiang.

Seeing the black robed woman having pale face and a weak Qi Aura within her body, Chen Xiang in his heart secretly had a good laugh. He was waiting for the middle-aged woman to come closer to him, and a sliver of sinister smile flashed on Chen Xiang’s mouth, “I’ll tell you one thing. I, before coming here, I killed your apprentice, now I’ll send you to see her!”

While speaking, in Chen Xiang’s hand suddenly appeared a broadsword!

This broadsword was the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, but it was no longer pitch black and instead was a very beautiful broadsword!

At this moment the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade was as if it was carved from a beautiful azure jade, and above the blade there were colorful spirit veins. These spirit veins were as if a group of dragons were clawing or roaring, and was full of a forbidding aura. The sharp blade edge was glittering with a cold light which made it even more frightening, and was as if it was able to cut off everything in the world.

The lifelike dragon head on the blade hilt was even more daunting, and if you weren’t blind, one could see that this blade was a peerless divine weapon. Chen Xiang holding this blade, and having this kind of blade in his hand, felt as if he was invincible in the world!

As he poured Azure Dragon True Qi into the blade, it transformed as such, and this was also what Su Meiyao had told him. After this blade absorbed True Dragon True Qi, it excited the spirit veins, allowing the one armed with this blade to have even more powerful strength, and the True Qi released through this blade would be increased many times over in quantity.

At this time Chen Xiang felt the threatening atmosphere released by Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, and even he himself could not help but deeply fear it!

“Junior sister……..” That bald middle-aged man thunderously roared, and that black robed woman also felt the danger. She quickly released all the remaining True Qi inside her body and formed one True Qi shield!

Chen Xiang slashed the blade swiftly and with hatred, drawing one round azure arc-like afterimage, and chopped towards the waist of that black robed woman. The Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade swept away all obstacles, disregarded that True Qi shield and directly passed through it.

The black robed woman was like a thin sapling, and she was cut down from her waist by that blade. Blood was overflowing from her, but she did not die and was instead struggling on the ground. Her cries were full of fear, and that azure white face of hers was distorted due to pain.

“Go see your apprentice!” Chen Xiang sneered, gathered a rich amount of Universal True Qi, and smacked a palm downwards. The invisible Universal True Qi transformed into a giant palm, and struck the body of the black robed woman, who was made into a meat patty.

“Ah——I want to fight it out with you!” That bald middle-aged man secretly roared, and both of his eyes were very red, but he was incapable of stopping the palm, otherwise, he would also have been hurt. Other True Martial Realm martial artist seeing Chen Xiang having such a strength, could not help but be shocked.

Chen Xiang gave them a sneer and slowly walked towards them, and his every step was very heavy. After all, the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade that was in his hand and shrouded in a belligerent atmosphere, weighed about 50000 jin!


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