Chapter 103 – Future Crisis

As Chen Xiang walked towards the twelve men, they could not help but panic. Just a moment ago they had witnessed the “resolute killing” attitude of Chen Xiang. Even while facing a woman he was able to attack with so much hatred, then what would happen to them?

All of them were people who had reached the True Martial Realm. It was definitely not easy for them to arrive at this level, and they obviously wouldn’t want to die!

Chen Xiang took only two steps before the twelve people separated as if they had a prior agreement!

Seeing this, Chen Xiang immediately drew the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and in the blink of an eye a pair of Vermillion Bird Fire Wings appeared behind his back. He instantly flew high into the sky, but just after he left, the previous place he was standing was attacked by several waves of powerful qi. If he had just been half a step slower, he himself might have been reduced to a meat patty, that was the power when several True Martial Realm cultivators joined hands to take action.

Chen Xiang directly flew out of the Mysterious Realm. He knew that he had already obtained the most valuable possession, and was very satisfied with it. Furthermore, he had also managed to kill that black robed woman, so his great hatred was now satisfied and his debt had been repaid.

Watching Chen Xiang flutter with those massive wings and fly into the distance, all the True Martial Realm Martial Artists were dumbfounded. Even they didn’t have such a martial skill. Their faces were filled with envy and they yearned to steal it and claim it as their own.

“Your Beast Martial Sect has become enemies with an extraordinary little devil! If this brat doesn’t die soon, it’ll certainly become very troublesome for you later on.” Gloated an old man.

A bald middle aged man along with several other similarly aged men were furious, but they could only harbor anger in their hearts. Even if they were to expend all their power and put in all their effort, they were unable to catch up with the flying Chen Xiang.

While flying away from the Mysterious Realm, Chen Xiang was brimming with happiness. He had never expected to get such a giant harvest and obtain the legendary Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade.

“This Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade voluntarily recognized you as its owner! However, it’s just missing a very important component and without that it can not be called a divine weapon!” Su Meiyao sighed in regret.

“What’s missing?” Chen Xiang knew the powerful strength of the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and its ability to become heavier matching his own strength. Imagine a case where the heavy blade is slashed downwards during a fight coupled with the powerful true qi coursing through it. The power would be unimaginable!

“It’s missing the dragon’s soul! All the Four Beat’s Divine Weapons are half finished, and none of them contain genuine souls which is why they can not be considered divine weapons!” Su Meiyao sighed, “I just learned of this matter today after I came into contact with the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade.”

“So what if it’s missing the dragon’s soul?” Chen Xiang asked. He thought that the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade was still immensely powerful. When he had used it previously, he felt very happy. Wielding that sort of power made him feel as if he had the ability to look down upon the entire world.

“You don’t know. You might not be able to see it now, because currently you’re only able to use a tiny portion of this blade’s power, which is why it currently makes no difference to you!” Su Meiyao said.

“The Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade is tremendously lethal to anyone from the Devil’s Domain. I only cultivate devil skills yet when I touched it a moment ago I felt extremely uncomfortable.” This time it was Bao Youoyu who spoke.

“Devil’s Domain? What’s that?” It was the first time Chen Xiang had heard of such a thing.

Su Meiyao did not respond and Bai Youyou didn’t say anything. After Chen Xiang waited for a while, the only thing Su Meiyao said was, “Above the Mortal World there is the Immortal Domain, Devil Domain and Demon Domain known as the 3 Great Heavenly Realms! Compared to the Mortal World, they are a higher rank of existence, a different realm. These three vastly different domains are almost independent and completely separated, but they share a common meeting point. Every now and then, the intersection between them will open and all of the people from these three domains will gather and kill each other.”

Chen Xiang frowned and asked, “So… does that make the Immortal Devil Cliff the intersecting space?”

“This intersection point can move. However once it is opened, humans, devils, and demons alike within the Heavenly Realms, and even the Mortal World can all meet with one another.” Su Meiyao declared in a dignified tone.

If it was in the past, Chen Xiang would have just laughed it off after hearing such a statement. First off, he would never have believed such a thing, but even if he had believed it, he was just a little character and would be unaffected by it. But now things were different, he had the Yin Yang Divine Vein along with some divine exercises including a high talent in alchemy!

“The 3 Great Heavenly Realms above the Mortal World will fight with each other. Many lower rank worlds below them will also appear at the intersection and fight as well! However, the demons, devils and immortals within the Heavenly Realms will not descend onto the Mortal World otherwise it would have been destroyed long ago.” Su Meiyao said. This statement caused Chen Xiang to worry a lot.

“Well… at least this will happen in the far off future and I don’t need to worry about it happening soon.” Chen Xiang pursed his lips and said.

“No, you will have to worry about it. The last time the three domains intersected was 100,000 years ago. Every time the intersection shows itself, around 100,000 years will have passed! I think it’s almost about time for the next one.” Bai Youyou said.

Chen Xiang became dispirited, why had such a matter appeared before him? At that time, numerous worlds will encounter great calamity.

In order to quickly return to the Extreme Martial Sect, Chen Xiang did not stop flying for five days straight. Regarding the great war between the three domains, he did not brood over it. If it was bound to happen, then it would happen! There was nothing he could do about it now except to elevate his own strength!

On the way, Chen Xiang learned from Su Meiyao about the background of that huge red flower inside the Heavenly Dragon Treasure Mysterious Realm. It turned out that the flower was a High-Grade Profound Level Tyrant Emperor Blazing Flower. If one were to refine it into a dan and swallow it, fire attributed martial artists and even the alchemists would earn endless benefits. It was a very rare and precious spirit herb requiring thousands of years to grow.

After returning to Tianmen City, Chen Xiang found it to be a lot more lively. The streets were full of people and the Extreme Martial Sect had become even more crowded. Sounds emitted, while the disciples were practicing their respective martial skills, could be heard coming one after another from many of the martial courtyards. It was an extremely lively atmosphere.

The Extreme Martial Sect was expanding, after its fusion with the Peerless Martial Sect, the Extreme Martial Sect became even more powerful. Moreover the matter about a Mysterious Realm existing inside the sect had already been spread out, making the Extreme Martial Sect seem even more powerful in the minds of all the martial artists in the Chenwu Mainland!

Walking on the road of the Extreme Martial Sect, Chen Xiang saw a lot of beautiful young female disciples. These were the Peerless Martial Sect’s disciples, and although they fused with the Extreme Martial Sect, all of them seemed to be happier than before.

The Peerless Martial Sect had around 100,000 disciples. Inside the Extreme Martial Province there were billions of people, it was impossible for a girl to enter the Extreme Martial Sect so most of them choose to enter the Peerless Martial Sect, resulting in the large amount of female disciples.

This was a godsend for the Extreme Martial Sect’s male disciples. What made Chen Xiang speechless was that, in a span of ten short days after the Peerless Martial Sect fused with the Extreme Martial Sect, there were already people voting and establishing something along the lines of top ten beauties, top ten handsome males and top ten great geniuses…

When Chen Xiang arrived at the General Affairs Courtyard, he saw a few such sheets posted outside. Sweeping through the list, he did not find his name anywhere, “What the fuck, I’m actually not on any of the lists!”

The General Affairs Courtyard was a specially designed place by the sect where missions were distributed and reported back to in order to receive their respective rewards. It was managed by a few old men. However, Chen Xiang saw one amiable bald old man in here

“Elder Wu, this is the details from my investigation of the Heavenly Dragon Treasure.” Chen Xiang didn’t go to see those old men and instead directly handed the sheet to Wu Kaiming.

Chen Xiang and Wu Kaiming had always been very familiar with each other and never needed a polite greeting from the one another.

Chen Xiang returned extremely quickly, even a few days quicker compared to those messaging eagles. This was why the Heavenly Dragon Treasure Mysterious Realm matter had not yet spread out here, otherwise this area would have been incomparably noisy!


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