Chapter 104 – Dragon Blood Dan

Wu Kaiming took the sheet and opened it, he could not help but frown, “Is there really a Mysterious Realm?”

“Of course, I also entered to take a look!” said Chen Xiang. He not only went in and took a look, but he also obtained good things, and also killed one person, his enemy.

“Oh, what did you get?” Wu Kaiming asked.

“It was not within the scope of the task, so it seems I don’t have to explain it.” Chen Xiang, while scratching his head, smilingly said. He knew he could not conceal the matter, but he also could not speak aloud too.

“This is the reward, take it!” Wu Kaiming gave Chen Xiang three True Qi Dans, and this made Chen Xiang to secretly despise them. He went so far away to complete the task, and actually only received three beans.

In the eyes of Chen Xiang, they really were just beans, but in the eyes of the Outer Sect Disciples, they were very precious dans.

Chen Xiang took it and directly tossed it into the air, then caught it using his mouth. Those three True Qi Dans accurately entered in his mouth, and it was as if he was one of those regular peanut eaters playfully eating peanuts. Seeing all this Wu Kaiming’s mouth twitched.

“Those three True Qi Dans were for the three of you, how can you ate them all?” Wu Kaiming scoffingly said.

Chen Xiang left the General Affairs Courtyard. Those three True Qi Dans were not even enough to fill the gaps between his teeths, besides, he himself alone finished the mission so there was no need to divide it between those two rich kids with overflowing wealth.

Returning to the martial courtyard, little fatty hastily rushed out with a smile across his face, and said, “Younger brother Chen, didn’t I speak to you about me having a sister before? She used to be a Peerless Martial Sect Disciple. Now that the Peerless Martial Sect and the Extreme Martial Sect have been fused, subsequently it will be much easier for you to meet her.”

“Zhu Lao, didn’t I also say, I’ve Xue Xianxian? I do not want others, how come I don’t see Xiaodao with you!” Chen Xiang said.

“Little rascal Yun? That guy is now in trouble. Two days before he was swimming in the female disciple’s martial courtyard, but now he does not even dare to look at the women, ha ha……..” Zhu Rong said while laughing, “Do you know why this brat was called back by the Yun family?”

Last time when Chen Xiang saw Yun Xiaodao’s teacher ordering him to go back, and although Chen Xiang’s complexion became somewhat serious, but he was also secretly curious.

“What is the reason?” Chen Xiang knew that for Yun Xiaodao it was definitely not a good thing, otherwise Zhu Rong would not be gloating, and laughing so happily.

“As it is said that misfortune never comes single handedly, and it’s same for that brat too. He was called back to the Yun family because the Yun family wanted to arrange a fiancee for him, and she is one very annoying woman. Afterwards, two days before when he went to the female disciple’s martial courtyard to play, he just happened to bump into his fiancee, and on the spot he was violently beaten black and blue. His woman is very flagitious so later on if you meet her, you’ve to be a little careful!” Zhu Rong said gloatingly while laughing.

“Hei hei, in the future that brat should be able to manage his thing in his pants better.” Chen Xiang also smiled lightly and said.

“Right, why is there only us in our martial courtyard?”

Chen Xiang returned and saw that the martial courtyard still remained the same, and did not have any other people.

“This martial courtyard was at the bottom of Inner Sect’s martial courtyards, and when the Peerless Martial Sect Disciples first came, all the powerful disciples had challenged other Inner Sect’s martial courtyard’s disciples. After obtaining those disciple’s recognition, they were able to enter their martial courtyard. Our martial courtyard only has us three, and everyday not even a trace of little rascal Yun is to be seen, you were also outside on a mission, and I, this fatty, was also looked down by others. That’s why we have been directly ignored by others, and no one bothered to enter this Inner Sect’s worst martial courtyard.” Zhu Rong helplessly said.

Chen XIang touched his chin, and a mysterious smile was on his face, “Zhu Lao, I’ve now entered the 10th Level of the Mortal Martial Realm, and whenever that Yun Xiaodao decides to come back, we’ll discuss what to do later.”

Zhu Rong was surprised for a moment, and that pair of squinted eyes fiercely widened. Chen Xiang, in the span of ten or so days, had actually entered the 10th Level of the Mortal Martial Realm! When he was in the 9th Level of the Mortal Martial Realm he was already heaven-defying, so what would he be like now?

“Zhu Lao, how are the handsome disciples in the most handsome list selected?” Although Chen Xiang was not interested, but he was a little unhappy, because of how the list said that it was from an unanimous opinion.

At this time Yun Xiaodao’s jealous voice was heard, “All the sluts voted on their own. What shit handsome disciples. They look more like chicks, and if I get the opportunity I’ll certainly beat them till they are more uglier than Zhu Lao.”

“Little bastard, you actually called me ugly? Father had a blissful appearance, and whoever saw me said I’m a little cutie. I can be considered to have the correct facial features, so where am I ugly?” Zhu Rong suddenly retorted.

“Cute……….ha ha, this dead pig actually says he is cute, or else do I, your father, have to piss on you to illuminate your bear appearance? You better fucking not mention this joke to others, or they will laugh themselves to death!” Yun Xiaodao was madly laughing while holding his stomach.

Chen Xiang also couldn’t contain his laughter, and at last he also burst into laughter.

“You are envious of my blissful appearance!” Zhu Rong’s fat face was very red due to anger.

Yun Xiaodao spat on the ground, and then said with a smile to Chen Xiang, “Elder brother Chen, I’ll take you to take a look at my sisters. They are all Peerless Martial Sect Disciples, and if you’re pleased…….hei hei.”

“Chen Xiang, you should never go. These women’s eyes are on top of their head. Furthermore they look even more repugnant than the squinty eyed guy.” Zhu Rong hastily said.

[TLN: Eyes on top their head, look at everyone as if they are beneath them.]

“Xiaodao, I just came back, and I’m a little tired. I would like to rest first.” The instant Chen Xiang finished speaking he ran away, making Yun Xiaodao very helpless, but he also did not have confidence in his own proud and arrogant sisters .

“Little rascal Yun, you’re also being avoided. Although you have one sister who can be ranked in the top ten beautiful list, but Chen Xiang’s fiancee is Xue Xianxian. Your sisters who have their eyes on top of their head are simply not comparable with the other party.” Zhu Rong contemptuously laughed and said.

Yun Xiaodao snorted, and then left the martial courtyard.

Although they belonged to this courtyard, they had their own places where they lived. They gathered only at the martial art stage in the martial courtyard to discuss or meet. For example, Chen Xiang had now returned to the Extreme Dan King Courtyard.

The Extreme Dan King Courtyard’s gate was closed, but just after inserting a jade card in a hole it could be opened, and from one glance one knew that there was a bizarre array that had been arranged here.

After entering the Extreme Dan King Courtyard, Chen Xiang slightly suck a deep breath. It was inexplicably deserted here, and not a single soul was here in this tremendously large area.

After entering a building, the inside was decorated and it was very refined and elegant, with a light fragrance which made people feel very comfortable. Living in here one truly did not need to worry about being disturbed, as ordinary people could not enter the Mysterious Realm. Not to mention that no one dared to create chaos in the Elder Dan’s Extreme Dan King Courtyard.

In here Chen Xiang picked one practicing room, then took out the beast skin and observed it. This was what he obtained with the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade.

“[Dragonslayer Seven Killing Cut]! There are seven moves, and you can use a weapon to cast it, but you can also use the hand as a knife to cast it. These seven moves each have different characteristics and they all have different powers which can adapt under different kinds of battle situations, but it needs a large amount of True Qi. The 10th Level of the Mortal Martial Realm can not afford to consume that much True Qi, and one needs to be truly in the True Martial Realm to cast them out!” Se Meiyao said. She and Bai Youyou in the past few days had been studying this dragon martial technique!

“This [Dragonslayer Seven Killing Cut] is a [Dragon Slaying Divine Martial Skill], and can only be used coordinating with your Dragon Aura! Now your utilization of Dragon Aura has already reached a high degree of proficiency, and as long as you can reach the True Martial Realm, you will be able to use the powerful [Dragonslayer Seven Killing Cut]!” Bai Youyou said.

Chen Xiang was a little disappointed, because to enter the True Martial Realm he also needed a very long time, and he could not use this powerful dragon martial technique! This made his heart itch. It was as if a treasure was placed in front of him, but he couldn’t take it.

“What is this red dan?” Chen Xiang was very curious about this spirit dan. As it was placed together with the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, it was certainly not an ordinary dan .

Su Meiyao mentioning this dan appeared to be very excited, “This should be a Dragon Blood Dan, which is refined out from a dragon’s blood essence. After you eat it, this dan will melt into dragon blood which in turn will surge into your body, making all of your meridians, skeleton, and muscles as powerful as a dragon. I think after you eat it you should be able to enter the threshold of the Immortal Devil Body!”


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