Chapter 105 – First Level

Chen Xiang sucked in a mouthful of cold air, he was extremely excited, “What rank is this dan?”

“It’s very difficult to set a definite value. To put it simply, it is an extremely rare dan. You must know it is refined out of dragon blood, and so how can it be so easy to obtain?” Su Meiyao said, “This is also the first time I’ve ever encountered something like this.”

Regarding the Heavenly Dragon Treasure mystery, Chen Xiang and the sisters discussed long and hard about it. Who forged the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade? According to legend, the [Dragon Slaying Seven Killing Cut] was part of the [Dragon Slaying Divine Martial Skill] and was created by a dragon! Of course, the Dragon Blood Dan as well could only be created by coordinating with a dragon.

“There’s no need to think too much about it. Take it first and then we can talk after!” Su Meiyao urged.

When Chen Xiang held the Dragon Blood Dan in his hand, he felt an inexplicable burning sensation coming from it, making him somewhat fearful. His instincts told him that if he swallowed this dan, it would certainly bring him quite a lot of pain.

Chen Xiang undressed himself, and in one gulp, swallowed the Dragon Blood Dan. When it entered his throat, a heat was suddenly released as the Dragon Blood Dan melted in the blink of an eye, making Chen Xiang feel like he had just swallowed pure lava. The Dragon Blood Dan that had been transformed into liquid entered his stomach, which soon emitted a loud explosive sound, like a volcano that had just erupted. In that moment, endless stabbing pain surged throughout his four limbs and numerous bones, sending Chen Xiang’s entire body into an intense spasm as he let out a horrible heartbreaking shriek.

In just a few seconds, Chen Xiang’s whole body was covered in dark blood. He looked extremely filthy, his muscles were inflated too and the bones in his body felt like they were being burned in a furnace. In addition to all of this, his meridians bulged out like they were about to explode.

“Its effects are too astonishing! Hold on!” Su Meiyao shouted in surprise

“Don’t die!” Bai Youyou was also taken aback. Although she said it in her usual cold tone, her voice was full of concern.

This process lasted longer than three hours. Chen Xiang felt that everything in his body was being refined in a furnace over and over again, as impurities within the blood got discharged from his pores and a foul stench was emitted from it.

“Yes! He’s finally entered the first level of the [Immortal Devil Body]!” Su Meiyao exclaimed with a charming smile, “As long as he passes this threshold, it will be much easier for him in the future.”

At this time, Chen Xiang was very dirty. He hastily stimulated the True Qi within his body and transformed it into clean water, washing off the sludge off his body.

“First Level? How many levels are there in total? How far have I reached?” Chen Xiang while washing his body said with a mischievous laugh, “Sister Meiyao, come and help others to wash, just a moment ago I was almost dead.”

“Little rascal, nice try. If it was another place I might have thought about it, but here it is the Extreme Martial Sect, and there are too many powerful guys. I’m worried about getting exposed.” said Su Meiyao, in her charming voice with a shallow laughter.

“Humph, one grown man needs the help of others to bathe, that’s really outrageous!” Bai Youyou coldly snorted and said, “The [Immortal Devil Body] in total has 9-9-81 levels, and under the first level of the [Immortal Devil Body] you can possess the kind of power that can help you elevate your strength by 30%. Even if you’re now only using physical strength, it is not difficult for you to beat an ordinary 10th Level Mortal Martial Realm experts!”

[TLN: 9 levels with 9 sub levels. A total of 81 levels.]

“So to say, most of the martial artists only cultivate their True Qi, and will only now and then exercise their body. So under ordinary circumstances, all of their True Qi is far stronger than their body, but now your body is able to reach the same level as your True Qi. Both inside and outside is very uniform, which allows you to have one very solid foundation!” Su Meiyao slowly said.

“The person at the peak of the Mortal Martial World had only at most reached the 20th level of the [Immortal Devil Body], and you now are only at 1st level. How high do you think your starting point is?” Bai Youyou said, and she was very satisfied regarding this level of Chen Xiang’s foundation. At least Chen Xiang had not disgraced the Extreme Yin Divine Vein given by her.

Chen Xiang took a deep breath, looked at his own palms, and at this time he could clearly feel the strength inside his body.

“Two sisters, how many levels have you reached in the [Immortal Devil Body]?” Chen XIang curiously asked.

“Not going to tell you!” Su Meiyao mischievously smiled, and obviously she intended to hide it from Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang could obviously see this point, and he knew the origins of these two stunning girls were certainly more formidable than he had imagined.

The originally 3000 martial courtyards of the Extreme Martial Sects had already been increased to 5000. And with that the Inner Sect’s martial courtyard had also been increased from 329 to 500, and only the 15 True Disciple Courtyards remained the same! It was because it still didn’t have enough people to increase their count, and even if the Peerless Martial Sect had been incorporated, martial artists of the True Martial Realm were not a lot, and that was why there was no increase.

Thus it could be seen how meagre the number of True Martial Realm martial artists were, and according to Chen Xiang’s estimate there were only 200 True Disciples in the Extreme Martial Sect.

Practicing the [Immortal Devil Body] to the 1st level. This meant that Chen Xiang’s strength had also been elevated by a lot, and at this time he also wanted to advance a little forward in the martial courtyards.

“500! They changed the number so quickly?” Chen Xiang in front of the entrance of the martial courtyard, was somewhat speechless, as this meant that they were even more farther behind.

Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong both were here, and they knew Chen Xiang had entered the 10th Level of the Mortal Martial Realm. It was time to advance a little forward in the martial courtyards to look a little more imposing.

Seeing Chen Xiang refreshingly coming, Yun Xiaodao, like an arrow shooting towards the sky, leapt up, gathered the Fire and Lightning True Qi on his fists and punched, and a scorching heat and thunderbolts burst out at the same time, one after another violently exploding, which fiercely struck towards Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang immediately extended his palm, and with one hand grabbed Yun Xiaodao’s fist perfusing with violent True Qi, and in that moment, the fist produced a powerful explosion. However Chen Xiang was the same as before and was still closely grabbing Yun Xiaodao’s fist, powerfully standing there with a relaxed expression.

At this time Yun Xiaodao only felt his own fist deeply embedded in there, and simply could not move. He was shocked. Just a moment ago Chen Xiang actually didn’t even use a tiny bit of his True Qi and simply received his fists. Although he himself didn’t use much of his own True Qi, but Chen Xiang’s easy going look was as if this fist of his were the same as those of a brat.

“Elder brother Chen, you…….” Yun Xiaodao looking shocked said, “Is this only physical strength?”

“Almost! To temper this body, I suffered no small hardships.” Chen Xiang loosened Yun Xiaodao’s fist, and slightly smiled. Although he mentioned it casually, but in the hearts of both Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong those words were the same as mighty waves in an ocean.

Yun Xiaodao was relatively thin, while Zhu Rong was quite fat, and from one glance one could see that both of them hadn’t tempered their body at all. It was because they knew that if they wanted to strengthen their body, they certainly needed to suffer various kinds of hardships, and they may not be capable of enduring that kind of hard work!

Today Chen Xiang with his body alone could release such power. It could be seen that Chen Xiang had spent a large amount of effort to temper his body, which was absolutely something no ordinary person could withstand.

“I’ll now go and pick one martial courtyard!” Chen Xiang said with a faint smile.

Yun Xiaodao emotionally sucked in a deep breath, “Elder brother Chen, with our current strength should we not be able to challenge a martial courtyard?”

If they wanted to move up the ranking of the martial courtyards, they had to challenge a higher ranking courtyard, and this was not a personal challenge but one martial courtyard challenging another martial courtyard in a battle!

The more the ranking of a martial courtyard could move forward, the more benefits they could get. Of course, the sect’s arranged missions would also be very important and all of them were definitely going to be dangerous.


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