Chapter 106 – First Ranked Inner Courtyard

To challenge other martial courtyards, one must take out an attractive ante, otherwise the other party would not accept the challenge. This challenge was just similar to a gamble!

Yun Xiaodao rubbed his chin, and looked at Zhu Rong, “Lao Zhu, according to you, which Inner Martial Courtyard do you think is good for us to challenge?”

Although Zhu Rong was an Extreme Martial Sect Disciple, but he could be considered as a businessman. Yun Xiaodao was sure that he must know which martial courtyard was relatively easy to challenge.

Zhu Rong slightly smiled, “Now do you know my usefulness? Hei hei, from a long time ago I was waiting for this day. Now that I analyze the strength of the three of us, to win against the 400th Martial Courtyard will not be difficult, and we can even move a little forward, such as the 350th Martial Courtyard!”

Yun Xiaodao frowned a little, and said, “That is too far behind, what do you all think about the 200th Martial Courtyard!”

If the Extreme Martial Sect had not fused with the Peerless Martial Sect, they now would have been ranked 329th.

Zhu Rong looked at Chen Xiang and said, “Chen Xiang, we should now move up steadily step by step, because if we lose in a martial courtyard challenge, we lose big time.”

“I’ll pay for whatever ante we take out for the challenge, so it’s okay! Let’s go and challenge the 200th Martial Courtyard.” Yun Xiaodao patted his chest, as if he didn’t care.

Chen Xiang suddenly smiled and said, “Regarding the ante leave it to me, and just the 200th Martial Courtyard? Xiaodao you still look down upon me, how about 16th?”

“What? Elder brother Chen, don’t joke!” Yun Xiaodao shaking his hand said.

Zhu Rong also thought he was joking, “Chen Xiang, the 16th Martial Courtyard is the First Ranked Inner Courtyard, and the Inner Sect Disciples inside of it are strongest. Besides, there are also ten of them!”

Chen Xiang faintly smiled, “Ten! Seems to be more than what I normally imagined! If I use five Metal Spirit Fruit for the bet, do you think they will accept the challenge?”

At this time, Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong realized that Chen Xiang was very unlikely telling a joke!

When Chen Xiang was in 9th Level of the Mortal Martial Realm, his strength was comparable with people in the 10th Level of the Mortal Martial Realm, and that was equivalent to the First Ranked Inner Courtyard’s disciple’s strength, but Chen Xiang had now entered the 10th Level of the Mortal Martial Realm. Obviously his strength had been greatly elevated, however, upto what level was that elevation?

When Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong thought about this point, their whole body could not help but be covered in goose bumps, because it was too frightening!

“You dare or not dare to go? If you don’t dare to go, I can by myself go, and at that time you can also live in that martial courtyard!” Chen Xiang said, and one against ten he was still very confident.

“Do not look down upon me, although it has not been long since I’ve entered the Inner Courtyards, but if I tried my best, then those guys of the First Ranked Inner Courtyard also count for nothing!” Yun Xiaodao clenched his teeth and ruthlessly said, “Those guys and I are going to fight, let’s go!”

Chen Xiang and Yun Xiaodao both were looking at Zhu Rong, because in their impression Zhu Rong was a petty and timid fatty, and didn’t have any fighting capacity.

Zhu Rong, seeing them looking at him with an expression of contempt in their eyes, ignited a fire in his heart, and loudly said, “You two bastards, are you looking down on me? Tell you what, this father’s looks is just to confuse others, and my true strength is very shocking! Aren’t you just going to risk your life just to fight those First Ranked Inner Courtyard’s guys? Why shouldn’t I dare, father for a long time ago wanted to do that!”

“Ha ha, seeing this dead fatty’s face, I reckon that those people will wet their pants.” Yun Xiaodao laughed and said.

“Don’t talk nonsense, let’s go now!” Zhu Rong spat and said.

Chen Xiang too loudly laughed, and then took the lead and walked towards the 16th Martial Courtyard.

On the streets of the Extreme Martial Sect, three people with soaring Slaughter Qi were walking. In the middle there was a robust and handsome youth, and on either side of this youth there was a thin and small teenager, and a chubby little fat boy. Looking at their age all of them were below twenty years old, but at the moment Slaughter Qi was rising from them, and their eyes were fully belligerent.

Seeing them, the people around could not help but make way for them!

“That guy seems to be Chen Xiang. He is the guy who crippled Fang Liang with just one move and he came from the secular world. He is also the one who received a True Martial Realm alchemist as his apprentice, and won first place in this year’s alchemy competition. Moreover he is also a thorn in Elder Dan’s eyes.” A man whispered.

Because Chen Xiang in these ten days didn’t do anything, so after the integration of the Peerless Martial Sect, the Peerless Martial Sect Disciples also knew nothing about him, but now after hearing Chen Xiang’s various deeds, they too could not help but become surprised.

“Fatty, what are you planning to do?” At this time a middle-aged man with a long beard arrived, and this man is Hao Dongqing, one True Martial Realm martial artist. When Chen Xiang arrived at the Extreme Martial Sect he got a little help from him.

“Lao Jiu, we want to challenge the First Ranked Inner Courtyard. Want to come and take a look?” Zhu Rong proudly smiled, and his words made everyone around him shocked!

Three people wanting to challenge the First Ranked Inner Courtyard. This made everyone feel that Chen Xiang and the other two were idiots, actually wanting to do such crazy thing!

Hong Dongqing was also surprised, but when he saw Chen Xiang’s pair of resolute pupils, he then faintly smiled, “You fatty found one good friend, finally able to do outrageous things. Such a good thing I will help you publicize, and I will go to fellow apprentices and ask them to watch it together, while conveniently doing a little gambling!”

Hao Dongqing left, and everyone around them too left, because these three idiots wanted to challenge the First Ranked Inner Courtyard, and such a good show they obviously wanted to watch it with their friends.

First Ranked Inner Courtyard. That was the 16th Martial Courtyard, and there was only a one rank difference from the True Disciple’s Martial Courtyard, but the location was very different. Now the martial courtyard from the 1st to 15th have been moved inside the Mysterious Realm, and the disciples all enjoyed the rich Spirit Qi!

Outside the Mysterious Realm, only the martial courtyards above the rank of 16th were located there!

The 16th Martial Courtyard was rather very large, and this was originally the 1st Martial Courtyard, which looked like one manor. In the middle of where it was located was one very large tourney field which was currently full of people. All the people who were roping in others were the disciples of this martial courtyard, and all of others were either Outer Sect Disciples or the Inner Sect Disciples.

“Good fellas, they even have guards!” Yun Xiaodao standing in that giant door cried, and listening to the sounds coming from the inside he was very shocked. Watching the the tens of thousands of people in the huge square, he could not help but lament.

Is this not a martial courtyard? This was simply one small city for training troops!

This was the First Ranked Inner Courtyard’s most compelling location, and the Extreme Martial Sect’s Elders didn’t oppose disciples forming a gang as long as they had not violated any sect rules, so they were allowed to form a gang.

“We just want this nameplate!” Zhu Rong pointed at one nameplate next to the entrance, and as long as they won the challenge, they would be able to hang this number plate in front of their own courtyard, and would be able to get great benefits.

Chen Xiang slightly suck a deep breath, interrupted the sounds and said, “The 500th Martial Courtyard came to challenge your courtyard, and the stakes are five Metal Spirit Fruits. If you accept the challenge, please quickly come out to discuss!”

The noisy 16th Martial Courtyard suddenly quieted down, and Chen Xiang used his vigorous True Qi to emit his voice, making it spread throughout every corner of this martial courtyard, making everyone hear it clearly.

But the people inside were skeptical, and they thought they have heard wrong, because the challenge turned out to be from the 500th Martial Courtyard, and one must know usually the martial courtyards who came to challenge were generally below the 50th rank!

But those Metal Spirit Fruits were indeed very attractive.


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