Chapter 107 – Challenge Postponed

The outside of the 16th Martial Courtyard was surrounded by many people, all of them had heard the news and hurriedly came over to watch a good show!

A man with a delicate and pretty appearance came out, as the fair-skinned handsome boy showed himself, Chen Xiang heard many girls screaming behind him.

“It’s Mo Yuwen 莫羽文, the man on top of the ten most handsome males list! I finally got to meet him!!!” One girl screamed.

Mo Yuwen had a calm smile on his face, and was very charming. Indeed, it was quite lethal for many females as he looked like a gentle refined scholar. Although he was a First Ranked Inner Courtyard’s disciple, he was not an arrogant person.

At this moment, behind Mo Yuwen a man appeared. When this man looked at others, his eyes were definitely squinted and he had a look of pride on his face, making many onlookers have an impulse to beat him.

“Squinted snake!” Yun Xiaodao shouted in shock. He had never thought that this guy actually belonged to the First Ranked Inner Courtyard.

“Listen clearly, my name is Xu Weilong 徐伟龙! Do not call me that!” That man shouted.

Mo Yuwen had a faint smile, “You should be Chen Xiang, I’ve heard a lot about you. After I came to know about you, I thought that I would run into you sooner or later, yet I did not expect it to be so fast! We happily accept your challenge, feel free to choose the time.”

Mo Yuwen gave a very good impression on everyone, so Chen Xiang slightly smiled and stated, “Today is good!”

Zhu Rong said, “Let’s discuss the challenge rules, after all we only have three people!”

Mo Yuwen laughed and said, “You will have to be at a bit of a disadvantage then because we have ten people who competed for this martial courtyard and ultimately won. That is why whenever someone comes to challenge us, all ten will obviously take it upon themselves. You three must defeat all of us to win, it will be a one on one battle and whoever loses cannot fight again.”

This Mo Yuwen had an excellent temperament and hadn’t looked down upon the opposite party just because they had three people. Besides, he must do so to uphold his status and win.

More and more people arrived. The First Ranked Inner Courtyard, whether it was inside or outside, had been filled by other disciples. There were more than tens of thousands of disciples, and they were all observing the discussion happening at the entrance. For them, this was a great show to talk about. Also, it was a very good chance for the newly incorporated Peerless Martial Sect Disciples to take a look at the strength of the First Ranked Inner Courtyard of the Extreme Martial Sect.

More than a dozen True Martial Realm martial artists had come over as well, but many of the disciples had not yet recognized them, these people were all called out by Hao Dongqing to join in the fun.

Three against ten, this was indeed very disadvantageous. Many people thought that winning this was not at all possible. After all, they were fighting against the First Ranked Inner Courtyard’s disciples. All of them were half way to the True Martial Realm, and their strength was unfathomable! Although Chen Xiang had blossomed in a radiant splendor during his Inner Sect Assessment, nobody was that optimistic about him. Not to mention Yun Xiaodao looked more like a child while Zhu Rong, this type of fat man, looked more like a very good bully.

“No problem, we are ready.” Chen Xiang said. While coming over, they had already learned of these rules.

“Good, now let us start…”

Just as Mo Yuwen was about to finish his sentence, an interrupting voice came from far away.

“Wait, I have to ask Chen Xiang something. If it is confirmed, then the competition will not be carried out.” A bald old man with white eyebrows suddenly appeared in front of Chen Xiang’s group.

This was Wu Kaiming!

Just a moment ago, his voice had sounded very serious, when everyone heard his tone they already knew that a major event had occurred, besides, Elder Wu seemed very dignified right now.

“Chen Xiang, during the period of time when you went to investigate the Heavenly Dragon Treasure, did you kill ten Beast Martial Sect Inner Disciples?” Wu Kaiming asked, intently looking at him.

“Yes!” Chen Xiang was actually surprised in his heart. He knew that these things would eventually be transmitted back, but he had not thought the consequences would be so serious, after all, it was the Beast Martial Sect who were in the wrong.

When Wu Kaiming appeared, the crowd had quieted down. After hearing this information, everyone could not help but be surprised. Chen Xiang had actually killed another sect’s Inner Sect Disciples, moreover it was ten of them! This matter was very serious.

Wu Kaiming nodded his head and asked, “So is it true that you also killed one of the Beast Martial Sect’s True Disciples in the Mysterious Realm?”

As these words went out, it was as if an explosion happened in everyone’s minds. Their thoughts went blank and their eyes were wide open. Their mouths were wide open as everybody stared at Chen Xiang!

To their utter shock, Chen Xiang had killed a True Disciple. That was a martial artist in the True Martial Realm! Had Chen Xiang attained strength comparable to that of the True Martial Realm? How was that possible, he was only seventeen years old!

Chen Xiang looked calm as he nodded his head in response, saying, ”Yes, I took advantage of her being injured and killed her, otherwise she would have killed me. What is wrong with me doing this? Should all Extreme Martial Sect Disciples willingly get slaughtered by Beast Martial Sect’s True Disciples?”

Everyone sucked in a long deep breath. Chen Xiang only took advantage of the other party while they were weakened after they attacked him. His words indicated that Chen Xiang had not yet entered the True Martial Realm, but they were still extremely shocked. To kill another Sect’s True Disciple was an extremely serious matter.

“If it had been me, I would have used a single sword to get rid of them!” Yun Xiaodao said, yet in his heart he was secretly blaming Chen Xiang as he didn’t inform them of this sort of thing.

“Killing them is good! Those people from the Beast Martial Sect have been too proud! Already saying that they have transcended our Extreme Martial Sect.” Hao Dongqing jeered as several other True Martial Realm martial artists cried out in support. Most of them were shocked because they knew very well how strong those in the True Martial Realm were. To their surprise, a True Martial Realm martial artist had been killed by a little devil in the Mortal Martial Realm.

“Chen Xiang, I know the reasons behind your actions and I am sure that it was not false! I am also extremely furious but the Beast Martial Sect demanded us to come up with evidence! Unfortunately we do not currently have any evidence to support any of your actions.”

Wu Kaiming said, and he knew that Chen Xiang had killed the Beast Martial Sect Disciples because they had been feeding Extreme Martial Province civilians to their demon beasts. When he had learned of this, he was extremely furious and wanted to gather all disciples immediately to go and forcibly demand an explanation from the Beast Martial Sect or destroy all of them.

“The Dean as well as Elder Dan have gone behind closed doors for training! We have to wait until they have come out as only they can make this sort of important decision. I also have to consider the overall situation, as such I will have to put you in detention.” Wu Kaiming said.

Chen Xiang nodded his head in response. He understood what Wu Kaiming said very well. This detention was only because the Beast Martial Sect were observing them, and Wu Kaiming had to do so because of the long term perspective, needing to wait for Elder Dan or the Dean to come out of their closed-door cultivation.

“It’s good that you understand, but you are also to blame for starting off so ruthlessly. You turned every single one of their corpses in meat patties, furthermore you had intended to kill a dozen more True Marital Realm martial artists who were unable to move. Fortunately you did not succeed, otherwise the Extreme Martial Set would have been besieged by at least two different sects!” Wu Kaiming lamented. He had learned from the information given that at that time, Chen Xiang had a very high intention to kill. If he was given a little bit of time, the other True Martial Realm martial artists would likely have also been reduced to meat patties.

These words gave everyone twice as much stimulation as before. Chen Xiang had only went out once yet he had done such earthshaking things!

At this moment, everyone realized why Chen Xiang dared to challenge the First Ranked Inner Courtyard. He had dared to slaughter True Martial Realm martial artists, why wouldn’t he dare to do such a thing? Such strength, such courage, these characteristics made everyone marvel in awe and deeply admire him.

“Xiaodao, Lao Zhu! Wait for my return.” Chen Xiang left this sentence before leaving with Wu Kaiming.

Yun Xiaodao took a deep breath, said, “Dead fatty, when he comes back we are not allowed to disappoint him.”

Zhu Rong laughed and said, “Obviously, this brat’s deeds are always so terrible. The question is whether or not we can also do one or two such things before he comes out? Otherwise the both of us are going to embarrass him.”

Yun Xiaodao laughingly said, “Dead fatty your courage is growing bigger and bigger, let’s go!”

Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong left as the crowd dispersed. They were all very disappointed they were unable to watch the competition, but gratified they had seen Chen Xiang, this man of legends.


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