Chapter 108 – Huang Jintian

Both Mo Yuwen and Xu Weilong’s complexion became somewhat dignified. If it was before, they perhaps would not have paid any attention to Chen Xiang, but now Chen Xiang had killed ten Beast Martial Sect’s Inner Sect Disciples, and a Beast Martial Sect’s True Disciple, they knew Chen Xiang was not an ordinary character. Even if the True Disciple was injured, her strength was still very strong, but ultimately she had become meat patty by Chen Xiang.

Wu Kaiming lead Chen Xiang into the Mysterious Realm inside, and walked towards the depths of a high mountain.

“Elder Wu, where are we going?” Chen Xiang Asked.

“We’re going to the forbidden land of the Extreme Martial Sect, which is dedicated for detensioning repeat offenders. This place is known to all tycoons of the Chenwu Mainland’s major sects. After an Extreme Martial Sect Disciple commits a great sin, locking the disciples here allows the other sect to have great satisfaction.” Wu Kaiming sighed and said, “The Extreme Martial Sect Disciples locked here in all likelihood dies, but I hope you can handle it.”

Chen Xiang in his heart was startled, asked, “Generally how does everybody die?”

“They die of old age, or their mind cannot stand the torment.” Wu Kaiming said.

“Is there is no escape out of it?” Chen Xiang asked with surprise.

“Unless the Dean commands, otherwise whoever escapes has to die, so you have to stay in there till the Dean exits from his closed-door training.” Wu Kaiming had a look of fear in his eyes, “That forbidden land was established by the master of the Extreme Martial Sect’s founder. It has a bizarre power, and even if the character standing at the peak of the martial world goes in there, they are unable to escape even if given wings. Here it is not only for detensioning Extreme Martial Sect’s people, but also other sect’s people, but they all are dead.”

Chen Xiang’s heartbeat became extremely quick, and he had not expected he was actually going to be locked in such a frightening place.

After a little less than half an hour, Chen Xiang, who was following behind Wu Kaiming, was running. He was going to be imprisoned and surprisingly he also had to run while following others, this made him not know whether to laugh or cry.

They arrived next to a hundred zhang wide dark sinkhole, the bottom of which was not visible. Chen Xiang leaned over on one side and looked, released his spiritual power, but still could not in any way probe the other end of the sinkhole.

“Under this is where you’re going.” Wu Kaiming said.

“Can I not go?” Chen Xiang in his heart felt jittery, because it was full of freezing cold Death Qi below. It was very frightening, and its bottom was very deep and not visible.

Wu Kaiming mischievously laughed, “Go down!” after he finished speaking, like lightning, he kicked Chen Xiang’s ass, and kicked him down.

“Old baldy, fuck your mother’s……………” from below came Chen Xiang’s various sickening curses.

Chen Xiang had not at all expected that after falling down, he actually would not be able to use his True Qi. He could not release [Vermillion Bird Fire-Wing], and if he fell down like this, he would be very seriously injured.

“This brat’s curses are really ugly. Oh well, the bitterness that he is going to taste below makes me feel a little better. In the future I’ll do less of such a thing, every time I have had to bear these curses!” Wu Kaiming shaking his head sighed, then left.

Chen Xiang fell for a good while, only to see some bright light below which was a bunch of flames!

The more he looked below the darker it was, but it was faintly illuminated by firelight. Chen Xiang could see sparkling waves, below there was water!

Splash, Chen Xiang fell into the water, and in that moment , he noticed he could use his True Qi. He hurried to swim out of the water, watching that heap of flame.

What made Chen Xiang surprise was the fact that next to those flames there actually was an old man, this old man had long hair up to his waist, and those white hairs were messy as well as dirty, but his face didn’t have any wrinkles, not even a little trace of being old. His long beard looked ordinary, and if he tidied himself, he would certainly look like a celestial sage.

“Brat, say something!” The old man, with his pair of brightly lit eyes, looked at Chen Xiang.

At this time Chen Xiang became alert, in order to not get attacked by this old man.

“Hello mister!” said Chen Xiang. From before he knew this was the forbidden land of the Extreme Martial Sect specialized for detensioning repeat offenders, and they had been held here until they died of old age.

That old man suddenly started laughing, quickly arrived beside Chen Xiang. He was extremely quick, and Chen Xiang simply had no time to escape. His wrist was grabbed by that old man, followed by a peculiar power getting poured into his body, he also hurriedly operated the [Tai Chi Divine Exercise].

To Chen Xiang’s utter shock, this old man even probed his dantian’s situation, and that was one of Chen Xiang’s most confidential secrets…

“Turned out to be a Yin and Yang Divine Vein. Unrivalled genius, unrivalled genius! God, you finally did a great thing, and finally sent someone to inherit my mantle, ha ha………..” That old man maniacally started laughing.

The old man quickly started laughing, but just as quickly he immediately stopped too. In the next moment he became serious, and said, “Starting today, I’m your teacher, quickly take me as your teacher.”

Chen Xiang in his heart was shocked, because the matter of his Yin and Yang Divine Veins had been known by this insane old man. He couldn’t help it but admire this insane old man.

“I do not even know your name, and you want me to pay respect to you as a teacher?” Chen Xiang pursing his lips said, and he knew this old man was very formidable. Previously when he grabbed him, even with all of his power he wasn’t even able to offer a little resistance.

The old man reorganized his hair, smiled and said, “I had not expected that with your wee bit strength you were actually thrown here. Tell me what kind of outrageous thing did you do outside?”

This old man unexpectedly no matter what, continued to acknowledge himself as Chen Xiang’s teacher.

“I killed a True Disciple and ten Inner Sect Disciples of the Beast Martial Sect.” Chen Xiang truthfully said, and asked rhetorically, “How about you? Looking at your appearance, you should have been staying here for a long time.”

Hearing Chen XIang’s words, that old man in turn once again started wildly and maniacally laughing, as well as slapping the ground and rolling over the ground.

“This is simply the heaven’s will! You killed a Beast Martial Sect’s True Disciple, and I killed the Beast Martial Sect’s Dean. You definitely should take me as a teacher, and I’ll pass you a powerful martial skill!” That old man laughed and said.

Chen Xiang was petrified for a moment, he totally had not expected this old man would have killed the Beast Martial Sect’s Dean, but he didn’t believe even a little bit of the words of this old man.

“Little devil, do not doubt my words. I’m the Extreme Martial Sect’s thirteenth generation Dean, Huang Jintian! By the way, which generation is the Dean now?” Huang Jintian asked.

Chen Xiang was once again surprised for a moment, he had certainly heard the name of Huang Jintian. He was the Dean before the former Dean. A long time ago he committed something serious, and then on his own he entered the forbidden land. Previously Chen Xiang had seen this in the Extreme Martial Sect’s books and in the records. He had not expected to actually encounter this guy.

“The current dean is Gu Dongchen 古东辰, fifteenth generation!” At this point he was also very respectful to this old madman in front of the him. After all this old man once was a Dean, but he also had killed the Beast Martial Sect’s Dean.

“Hei hei, that little featherhead is but my apprentice grandson, that nameless little girl is my 2nd apprentice granddaughter, and that little bald is my 3rd apprentice grandson. They are all right.” Huang Jintian laughed and said, his smile was very amiable.

Chen Xiang was very surprised, he had not expected the the three tycoons of the Extreme Martial Sect actually to be this Huang Jintian’s apprentice grandchilds! The apprentice of Huang Jintian’s was the teacher of those three tycoons!

“That nameless little girl is Elder Dan, Extreme Martial Sect’s Dan King, Little bald is Wu Kaiming, both of them are Extreme Martial Sect Elders. Just a moment ago I had been kicked down by that old baldy.” Chen Xiang angrily said, at this time his ass was still paining.

Huang Jintian laughed and said, “They are simply good, if you take me as your teacher, later on they will become your martial nephew! For a genius like you killing a true disciple is still nothing, you absolutely can not keep this for long! You have the Yin and Yang Divine Vein so you definitely will be able to learn my [Dragon Slaying Divine Martial Exercise].”

Chen Xiang in his heart was excited, trying to figure out whether or not take him as his teacher. He then asked Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou inside the ring, to solicit their opinion.

“Take him as your teacher. You are going to stay here for some time anyway so you can learn another [Dragon Slaying Divine Martial Exercise]. Besides this senior position can allow you not to be suppressed by others in the Extreme Martial Sect.” Su Meiyao said.

Huang Jintian looking proudly said, “I, Huang Jintian, have taken only one apprentice, and he was the Extreme Martial Sect’s fourteenth generation Dean, and the student surpassed his teacher. Now he has ascended to the Heaven Martial World, and that is the Immortal Domain from the legends! Just because I’ve committed a grave crime, I stayed here to repent.”

Chen Xiang in his heart was surprised, and fiercely knelt, “Teacher!”

Seeing Chen Xiang paying respect, Huang Jintian touched his chin, and mischievously smiled.

This Huang Jintian was very exquisite, and to Chen Xiang’s surprise when he was taken in as his apprentice he actually had to write a contract. Each person wrote on a paper, afterwards dropped blood on it, but they also infused their own unique True Qi in it.


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