Chapter 109 – Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Exercise

After the cumbersome apprentice and master contract was complete, both side would retain their contracts, which was used to prove that they voluntarily became master and apprentice.

“Hei hei, my good apprentice, Next I’ll pass my most powerful [Dragon Slaying Divine Martial Exercise] to you. You just need to study harder! In future you have to seek you great senior brother, and let him take care of you.” Huang Jintian laughed, and started tidying his messy hair.

Chen Xiang too was brilliantly smiling, “Teacher, do those apprentice grandchildren of yours in future have to call me martial uncle?”

Huang Jintian after thinking, patted Chen Xiang head, “You brat, you’re good. Originally you had this goal! The seniority can not be messed with so of course they have to revere you as their martial uncle! By the way, you can not expose I’m your teacher, and do not look at me like I’m crazy. I know out there there are lot of people who hate me, and if they came to know you’re my apprentice, then you’ll be in trouble.”

Chen Xiang was stunned for a moment, smiled and said, “Teacher, originally you were using this place as your refuge?”

“Bah, your teacher is quite powerful, using this place to seek refuge? I’m here to repent and start anew, otherwise I would have already went to that dogshit Immortal Domain.” Huang Jintian once again patted Chen Xiang’s head, “You brat, after you go outside do not casually expose you’re my apprentice, and although it is very prestigious position, it can be truly troublesome.”

Chen Xiang pursed his lips, whispered, “What is this? Accepting I’m your apprentice, just like a mouse in hiding?”

“Brat, you listen to me, indeed part of the reason for your teacher to be staying here is to escape, but repenting is also true! I’m hiding here, in order to avoid them snatching my [Dragon Slaying Divine Martial Exercise]! There are various kind of [Dragon Slaying Divine Martial Exercise], but all of them have 3,6 or 9 levels, and I have the highest rank. Even all those shitty immortals want to get it.” Huang Jintian seriously said.

Chen Xiang was still somewhat doubtful, said, “Teacher, I also have dragon martial technique…………..”

Chen Xiang wanted to tell Huang Jintian about the Dragon Aura technique, only to see Huang Jintian contemptuously saying, “Dragon Aura? This kind of dragon martial technique, in my eyes, are all inferior stuff, and only able to play out some of the strength of a no good little dragon. Truly powerful Dragon Force, if learned well, can even allow you to kill an adult dragon! Dragon Aura can only simulate the dragon breath’s Qi Aura.”

While speaking, Huang Jintian stretched out his palm, only to see a little whitish ball emerging out from his palm, but as soon as this aura appeared, Chen Xiang immediately felt hundreds of thousands of jin of pressure pounding on him. He was like a small boat in the middle of a storm, and in the blink of an eye he flew far away from the impact of that vast power.

Chen Xiang hit the other side of the wall, but his body was actually stuck because of the strong pressure falling on top of his body, making him feel very uncomfortable. He emitted a bray, at the same time he also saw the space around Huang Jintian’s palm actually starting to slightly twist. This was space distortion!

Huang Jintian proudly smiled as he retracted the little ball of whitish aura in his palm. Far away Chen Xiang also fell down into the water, then slowly swam and arrived next to the fire.

“Now you see your teacher is formidable!” Huang Jintian, looking at the dazed Chen Xiang lying on the ground, laughed and said.

At this point there was no strength left in Chen Xiang’s whole body. He was lying on the ground panting, and he was completely speechless. In his heart he was very terrified, and he was secretly shocked by his teacher’s strength. In his opinion, he was far stronger than the Elder Dan.

Just a little ball of True Qi could create spatial distortion! What would happen if all of his power was released? Chen Xiang did not dare to imagine such a situation, and this might was simply catastrophic!

“This old man’s strength has long transcended the highest peak of the mortal world. Your teacher is a one through and through immortal! He hides inside this particular Mysterious Realm just to avoid attracting the Heavenly Realms’ power, or else if he went outside, he would be certainly sucked up.” Su Meiyao was very surprised too.

Bai Youyou seriously said, “It seems he was telling the truth, his [Dragon Slaying Divine Martial Exercise] is even envied by people from the Heavenly Realms. He is hiding here in order to avoid getting hunted down. If he went to the legendary Heaven Martial World with such strength, that would be very dangerous for him.”

At this point although Chen Xiang’s whole body was in pain, in his heart he was secretly pleased, because he picked up a cheap teacher who was so formidable.

“Little devil, previously what your teacher used was Dragon Force. It is a very strong power bred by dragons, isn’t it very formidable? If an adult dragon appeared in the mortal world, it only needs to swing his tail, and in the blink of an eye it can destroy the whole mortal world.” Huang Jintian’s face was full of fear when he mentioned dragons.

Huang Jintian went up to Chen Xiang, and slapped down a few times on Chen Xiang’s body. Chen Xiang only felt a kind of bizarre cool power rushing into his body, making the pain immediately disappear from his body.

“I have a Yin and Yang Profound Vein, your great senior brother has a Yin and Yang Heaven Vein, and you have a Yin and Yang Divine Vein. In the future you’ll transcend me and your great senior brother.”

Spiritual Vein, Profound Vein, Heaven Vein, and Divine Vein! Each one rarer compared to the predecessor, and more formidable too. The Yin and Yang Veins were even rarer, and Chen Xiang had not expected that both his own teacher and great senior brother, that he had never met, would have Yin and Yang Veins!

In the Extreme Martial Sect, those powerful young disciples mostly had Profound or Heaven Veins, but all of them hid it. Chen Xiang reckoned that Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong were Profound or Heaven Vein martial artists.

“You also have a Tai Chi Yin and Yang Diagram in your dantian right? Hei hei, those who have this stuff are most suited to cultivate using the [Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Exercise]!” Huang Jintian laughed and said.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou who heard the word of ‘Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Exercise’, they could not help but let out a shocked cry.

“It turned out to be the [Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Exercise], I had not thought it really existed!” Su Meiyao said while shocked.

“It is said that the [Tai Chi Divine Exercise] was branched out from improving the [Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Exercise], and in the first place what we have is just a remnant version of it. That’s why it is far inferior to the [Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Exercise].” Bai Youyou said while surprised.

Huang Jintian with a mischievous smile said, “Brat, I’ll not ask about your confidential secret, and I know you cultivate other martial arts too. Though they look good, they are not perfect enough, and is likely to be a remnant of the [Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Exercise], but soon you will be able to learn the complete [Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Exercise].”

Chen Xiang nodded his head, humbly asked him to teach him………….

An old man and a youth in the pitch dark bottomless abyss. The old man, without respite, imparted some martial art mnemonics to the youth, and while doing so both of them were very serious.

One month went by, and Chen Xiang, in order to completely recite the [Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Exercise], he completely carved it into his brain. At this time he knew how harsh the requirements were to cultivate using the [Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Exercise]. First and foremost one must have Yin and Yang Veins, but there were still many people who wanted to snatch this [Dragon Slaying Divine Martial Exercise]. Even if they could not cultivate it, but from reorganizing it they could also create some powerful martial arts, just like the [Tai Chi Divine Exercise]!

In Chen Xiang’s ring Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou also memorized the [Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Exercise], and though they could not cultivate it, but they had already started to create martial arts according to this powerful [Dragon Slaying Divine Martial Exercise]. Although this process was very difficult, but residing inside they also had nothing to do, and they had a lot of time on their hands.

“Memorize, and now I will start correcting your training method. Fortunately you still have not entered the True Martial Realm, or it would have been too late.” Huang Jintian said, and then once again started maniacally laughing.


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