Chapter 110 – Hell

Chen Xiang was worried that as Huang Jintian was correcting his cultivation it would result in his strength retrograding too much, and at that time it would do more harm than good.

The madly laughing Huang Jintian suddenly turned serious, and said, “Now I’ll teach you! Once you enter the True Martial Realm, the method of cultivating your True Qi and the method of others will be very different.”

“The [Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Exercise] covers everything, and after you train well, you can display punching techniques, kicking techniques, palm techniques, knife techniques, sword techniques and such various methods, and they can be hard or soft, cold or hot, quick or slow! Your external strength and internal strength, in the same way, can transform True Qi into Dragon Force, and the power released will be same as what you’ve seen before.”

“I first want to talk about the True Martial Realm, and the cultivation of the True Martial Realm; if you constantly absorb the world Spirit Qi, you will be able to refine it into True Qi, then compress it inside the dantian. After the True Qi is extruded, the quality of the True Qi can improve, thereby the released power will be much greater! After achieving the late period of the True Martial Realm, the true form congealed out would be about 9-9-81, but as we cultivate five elements of True Qi, so the congealed True Qi forms are even five times more than the others.”

Chen Xiang also knew about this. After achieving the True Martial Realm, the cultivator has to congeal out nine True Qi forms in total, and afterwards the congealed nine True Qi forms would be fused into one form. After this, the fusion of the True Qi forms would become the foundation of the other congealed out True Qi forms. Then they would have to once again congeal out eight more true forms of same quality, then those nine True Qi forms are once again fused!

Every time the True Qi forms were fused it was counted as one level. The True Martial Realm altogether had nine levels, and the further level that was achieved, the harder it was to advance.

Huang Jintian paused, then continued speaking, “But our cultivation method is different. We, unlike like the majority, do not have to compress the congealed out True Qi forms, but we light each and every true element grain of those five True Qi forms in our dantian!”

[TLN: As was previously wrote by author when True Qi Forms were congealed they were made up of countless rice sized grains made of True Qi, those grains are here called true element grains 真元粒]

“So to say, you currently should have five lifelike True Qi forms in your dantian. If you correctly cultivate using the [Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Exercise], then when you achieved the True Martial Realm, you’ll be able to clearly see the inside of those five True Qi forms. Their insides are composed of countless true element grains, and a true element grain is equal to one True Qi form. At that time you just have to constantly absorb True Qi, to light up those dim true element grains, and if a true element grain lit up once, then it is equivalent to one true form being congealed.”

Chen Xiang nodded his head and said, “As long as nine of the true element grains inside those five True Qi forms are lit, it can be counted as breaking away from the True Martial Realm.”

Chen Xiang of course was fearless regarding hardships, and the so called cultivating method of Huang Jintian’s also made Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou moved. This method avoided the tedious process of fusion!

Later, horrible screams of a human were always being transmitted one after the other from below the sinkhole, and these screams lasted a whole year!

Chen Xiang totally had not expected the so called process would turned out to be Huang Jintian pouring his supreme master’s power into his dantian, and casually fiddle around in his dantian, casually attempting and finally seeking the so called method.

Before Chen Xiang saw his own cheap teacher confidently and calmly speak of correcting him, so he thought he had a very good method, but who knew he would actually be tricked. It was actually by various attempts and slow exploration that it would then be successful. This one year for Chen Xiang was the same as hell.

Along with one maniacal laughter being transmitted, Chen Xiang finally let loose a deep breath, because his insane teacher’s attempt was finally successful on him, which was not nullifying his cultivation, but correcting his way of cultivating.

“Teacher, how can you be so rash and attempt it on me? If one in a million chance you failed?” Chen Xiang said with a bitter smile. This year, he was like a mold of clay, and he allowed this crazy old man to knead him as he wished.

Huang Jintian laughed, “How can I fail? Was it not successful?”

Chen Xiang clenched his teeths and scolded, “If one in a million chance you failed? Is it that you have not at all thought what would happen to me if you had failed?” Chen Xiang imagined the case, and in his heart he had a lingering fear because if he failed, then maybe he would be crippled.

“Bullshit, I can not fail so why should I think?” Huang Jintian reproached him, which made Chen Xiang stamp in rage. He decided in the future he would not mingle with this crazy old man again. This Huang Jintian used power that transcended the mortal world, and Chen Xiang could not afford to play with him.

Chen Xiang while looking at the the five gloomy divine beasts forms in his dantian, in his heart he was very shocked. In all of these five gloomy divine beast forms, there was very small lit true element grain. This was made by compression of his 10th Level Mortal Martial Realm’s True Qi, and if he wanted to completely light up the five divine beast forms, then he needed to congeal and light up countless true element grains. Thinking about this point, in his heart he was very shocked.

“Teacher, you have completely lit all the True Qi forms, no?” Chen Xiang asked.

“If I had completely lit them all up, I would not be staying here. I’ve only lit a paw of my five beast forms.” Huang Jintian replied.

A paw, that needed tens of thousands of true element grains. How did he congeal that many true element grains? Chen Xiang had cultivated for so long, and was only able to congeal out five grains.

“Ok, now that your cultivation method is corrected, in the future you just have to follow the [Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Exercise] for your cultivation and you can cohesion out the Dragon Force, but still you should not use it. Generally you should use those inferior Qi Aura stuff.” Huang Jintian strongly urged.

The cultivation method of the [Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Exercise] and the [Tai Chi Divine Exercise] was just about the same, but in the [Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Exercise] there were many external skills, and some of these moves were very profound, but if used they were very formidable.

Of course, it would not have any effect on his previous [Divine Exercise of Four Symbols], besides, this time his True Qi was also much more vigorous.

“One year, and this father is already eighteen year old! Although only a year, but I feel like I’ve lived more than a hundred years.” Chen Xiang muttered, and in this one year he had suffered terribly.

“After you leave, besides my three apprentice grandsons you absolutely can not tell other people that you’re my apprentice.” said Huang Jintian while his old face was gloomy.

“Old man you don’t need to worry, I’ll definitely remember.” said Chen Xiang while curling his lips, “Besides, can I still leave now? I still do not know how long the Dean went into closed-door training for.”

“By the way teacher, what background does that Elder Dan have in the end? No name, I do not know how she looks, but her alchemy is very formidable.” Chen Xiang asked, and in this one year he asked this every time, but Huang Jintian said that he would tell him after he was successful.

“She is from the Purple Moon World. She has the Purple Moon Fire Spirit, and she is a alchemy genius. She might have been hunt down by someone or something in the Purple Moon World, and as she was not able to go on so she came here to escape, and does not want to expose herself, but now she is your martial nephew.” Huang Jintian seriously said, and although he was usually maniac, but regarding some things he was extremely cautious.

Chen Xiang secretly smiled, the Extreme Martial Sect’s three tycoons were his martial nephews. How cool was this, and while he was getting self-satisfied, Huang Jintian fiercely knocked on his head, making him loudly yell.

“Seize this time to cultivate! You have to make all those five true element grains in the five divine beasts forms to become brighter. Once you have lit them to the extreme you would have enter the True Martial Realm.” Huang Jintian scolded.

Chen Xiang looked at the five beasts forms in his dantian, and found that those five true element grains’ aura was indeed somewhat weak. He could see that he was still a step away from the True Martial Realm.

Below here, Chen Xiang did not had any thoughts regarding alchemy, and fortunately the Spirit Qi here was very rich. Apart from exercising, he had nothing else to do, and not to mention his insane teacher was staring at him all day. Once he showed any laziness he would be hit.

Once again a year passed, and Chen Xiang finally completely lit the Azure Dragon and Vermillion Bird true form’s true element grain, already lighting them up to the extreme. So he began to cultivate the White Tiger form.

Just then he heard a sound resounding in his ear!

“Chen Xiang you can come up, however, you must find a way to come up on your own, for this forbidden land restriction has already been lifted.” This voice belonged to Wu Kaiming.


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