Chapter 111 – Young Martial Uncle

After entering this sinkhole in the forbidden land, anyone wanting to fly up would be deprived of their strength. This was true even for Huang Jintian and now, the large formation inside the forbidden land was being controlled by the Dean and Chen Xiang could fly up since his restrictions have been removed.

Upon finding out that he could leave, Chen Xiang was very happy in his heart. He did not want to spend his whole life in this dark place.

“Teacher, I……..” Before Chen Xiang could even finish his sentence, he felt some pain in his ass as his body flew up. He found out to his surprise that he was kicked up in the air by Huang Jintian.

Chen Xiang had already given a lot of thought to what he was going to say upon parting. There was going to be some comforting and touching words, but now, he no longer planned to do so because being kicked up by his own teacher made him angry.

With that, Chen Xiang, flew out from the sinkhole at an extremely quick speed before falling on the ground.

When he came down, he was kicked and now when it was time to leave, he was kicked once again which left him somewhat dumbfounded.

Chen Xiang saw an old bald man with a white beard and a happy smile coming towards him. Wu Kaiming said, “Great! I did not expect that you would be able to come out.”

Wu Kaiming was followed by a handsome young man who had an extraordinary bearing. This young man was dressed in a gray robe and had a small unenthusiastic smile hanging on his face. His face gave a majestic aura which did not match his appearance. Chen Xiang could see with one glance that this must be the incumbent Dean of the Extreme Martial Sect, Gu Dongchen.

“Hei Hei, not going to salute the Dean?” Wu Kaiming laughed and said.

Chen Xiang had not thought that the Dean would actually have an appearance of a young and handsome man. He suddenly felt that among the Extreme Martial Sect’s top ten handsome men, the Dean would be placed first.

Chen Xiang looked all around, stood up and sorted out some dust on his body, and faintly smiled, “Guess who I saw down below?”

“Still with the guessing? Of course! It should be that insane old man?! You can actually laugh now, did he not torture you?” Gu Dongchen brow slightly wrinkled, because Chen Xiang did not even greet him, and from his posture, he could tell that Chen Xiang didn’t have any intention to salute

Chen Xiang said with a smug smile on his face, “That insane old man took me as his apprentice, according to seniority, shouldn’t you be the one saluting me and calling me martial uncle?”

Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen could not help but become shocked, yet they were still somewhat doubtful. Just as Gu Dongchen was about to speak, Chen Xiang pulled out the master and apprentice contract.

“You see! I’m not lying to you.” Chen Xiang said while grinning, on the other hand Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen cursed constantly in their hearts after seeing the contract. If not for them being adamant about maintaining their image, then Chen Xiang would had definitely heard many rich curse words.

“Rest assured, in the circumstances that we are in the presence of of outsiders I will call you Dean and Elder respectively, but in private you still have to call me martial uncle.” Chen Xiang loudly laughed, his laughter was very much like Huang Jintian’s insane laughter.

This made Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen could not wait to slap him to death! Though in their hearts they cursed Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian, but both at the same time were also similarly surprised. They both knew how hard Huang Jintian’s requirements were for receiving a new apprentice. Besides, his only disciple was too great, and at a very young age he had ascended to the Heaven Realm and had superb strength which even surpassed his teacher. In the Chenwu Mainland, he was a legend.

Of course, as they were Huang Jintian’s grand-disciples and knew Huang Jintian’s matter. Their heart were secretly palpating. They imagined that Chen Xiang had also obtained Huang Jintian’s supreme divine exercise! Unfortunately they were unable to cultivate using that Divine Exercise, otherwise they would have already learned it.

[TLN: Apprentice grandson changed to Grand-disciples]

Whether it was Huang Jintian or their teacher, all of them were very excellent and Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming very much respected these two elders. But now, they had to call a brat less than twenty year old, ‘martial uncle’. It was extremely difficult for them to open their mouths and call him ‘martial uncle’. Of course, they still had to acknowledge Chen Xiang’s seniority.

Chen Xiang with hands behind his back, posed like an elder, looked at Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming. If anyone else had done so, they would have already turned into a puff of smoke.

“If you do not acknowledge me, forget it. Even if I meet great senior brother in the future, I absolutely would not mention it to him. even if I accidentally mention it, I’ll also make sure that he does not blame you.” Chen Xiang shook his head and sighed, said with a strong sense of righteousness.

This made Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming desire to pummel Chen Xiang even greater.

Wu Kaiming was the first to admit defeat. Perhaps in the future he would also be able to go to the Heaven Realm, and if at that time Chen Xiang informed it to their teacher, then he would definitely suffer a lot of hardship, because their teacher was very strict with them.

“Young martial uncle, are you happy now?” Elder Wu said and then with a bitter smile looked at Gu Dongchen.

“If we had known this earlier, then we definitely would not have released you, and would have left you to stay with that insane old man down below for countless years.” Gu Dongchen coldly snorted, “Young martial uncle, now that are you pleased, wait for Elder Dan to come out. Let’s see how she deals with you.”

Chen Xiang had a mischievous smile hanging on his face. Although they had called him young martial uncle, this had completely satisfied his sense of superiority. He could make the Extreme Martial Sect Dean call him so, and this made him feel cool and earthshaking.

“That is a matter of future, rest assured, no matter what; whether she acknowledges me or not, but in the end you are all my martial nephews.” Chen Xiang loudly laughed and said, “Ha ha ha………………….Little bald, little featherhead……..”

Wu Kaiming grimaced in anger, only his teacher and that insane old man dared to call him with such a nickname. Gu Dongchen also remained silent. A not-even-twenty year old little rascal actually dared to clamor in front of them. They couldn’t wait to stick their foot in his ass and make Chen Xiang fall into the sinkhole once again, allowing him to continue to accept the torture dished out by Huang Jintian!

In order to not to call Chen Xiang, martial uncle, Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen both walked very quickly, in a second disappearing from the Mysterious Realm. While Chen Xiang on the other hand left the Mysterious Realm leisurely, and then returned to the 500th Martial Courtyard.

After seeing the sunlight, it made him feel as if he was reborn once again, his mood became happy, and after he was tortured in that hellish forbidden land, his strength had also been substantially elevated.

The martial courtyard was just as deserted as it was two years ago with not one silhouette visible. While waiting for Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong, he could only lie down on the bench and bask in the sun.

After coming back, Chen Xiang only knew Wu Kaiming was responsible for the Inner Courtyard’s second assessment of the disciples, so there were a lot more disciples entering the Inner Sect, but disciples entering the 500th Martial Courtyard were still few, because those who came all had more options to choose as compared with the previous 329 courtyards.

“Is anyone here? Quickly come out!” One very arrogant sound came, but it was that of a girls.

Chen Xiang obviously heard it, but he chose to ignore it. He pretended to be asleep lying on the arbor’s bench, he wanted to look what this woman was going to do.

He soon discovered it was not just one girl, but a large group of girls, and all of them looked very pretty, but Chen Xiang still did not move.

“Humph, three wastrel occupying such a big place, it is simply a waste, today we’re here to seize this courtyard, letting our junior sisters and brothers to settle here.” One of the leading girl said, her tone was brimming with pride, as if she was the boss of this group.

“Big sister, there is someone here!” One female pointed at Chen Xiang’s location.

[TLN: 大姐头, the female is calling here as her gang leader. Not elder sister.]

After discovering Chen Xiang, everyone went to Chen Xiang with a torrential imposing manner, it looked as if they will surround Chen Xiang and ruthlessly beat him up.

If it was someone else who had been surrounded by hundred people, he would have already wet his pants, but Chen Xiang still pretended to sleep with a rhythmic snoring.

“Hey, get up! Do you know who came?” said one girl while putting up a high and mighty act.

Chen Xiang didn’t knew, but previously he caught sight of their very beautiful leader in yellow robe, who was much more beautiful compared with the other girls on her side, but in his opinion, she was still a bit lacking compared with Xue Xianxian, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou.

Chen Xiang continued to pretend to be asleep, looking such appearance of his, she could not help but angrily said, “No wonder they stayed in this martial courtyard for so long, they only know how to sleep!”

Finished speaking, she slapped on Chen Xiang’s chest, her momentum was actually not small, but after she smacked down, she only felt a strong attraction sucking her palm, making her palm closely pressed on the right side of Chen Xiang’s chest.

At this time, Chen Xiang opened his eyes and screamed, “You…….You actually dare to molest a man in broad daylight, where did this bad girl come from!”


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