Chapter 112 – First Beauty

In the next moment the girl was shocked, she didn’t even know what had happened. The moment she wanted to quickly move her hand away from Chen Xiang’s chest, she found to her surprise that she was barely able to somewhat move her fingers. Her palm had been closely sucked in, which gave of the impression that she was kneading Chen Xiang’s chest.

“Still not taking your hand back, how long do you want to touch me? Are you trying to figure out whether or not mine are bigger than yours?” Chen Xiang said while pretending to be shy, this made that girl’s pretty face suddenly turn very red, as if it was a monkey’s ass.

The surrounding girls were also rather surprised, as they hadn’t expected that this girl would actually act so boldly. She had, in front of so many people, grabbed this handsome man’s chest. Not only that, she had been lovingly kneading it…

Chen Xiang, seeing that it was the right time, retracted his power, allowing the girl’s beautiful hand to leave his chest. When the girl looked around and saw the expression in the eyes of the girls around her, she was at a complete loss. She couldn’t even explain what had just happened, which left her rather anxious to cry. She immediately held onto the beautiful yellow robed girl beside her and cried loudly.

“What methods did you use in the end, to tease Xiaodie to such an extent?” That yellow robed girl coldly asked, as her face was brimming with anger. She could instantly tell that Chen Xiang had intentionally done something.

In these two years, Chen Xiang’s name had long been forgotten. If his name wasn’t mentioned, then no one would think of him.

“Ha ha, I wouldn’t dare! However, whenever I sleep… I would cast this strange martial skill to protect myself. If she hadn’t acted with such a heavy hand, it would also not have been sucked so tightly.” Chen Xiang laughed.

“Humph, originally it was you…” The arrogant girl called Xiaodie suddenly angrily shouted. But when she caught sight of Chen Xiang, who was closely inspecting her expression, she didn’t dare to say another word. she was also an inner courtyard disciple, so she was well aware that anyone who had such means, their strength was absolutely not bad.

Chen Xiang sighed and said, “How is it possible… That in these two years inner courtyard disciples have become so bad.”

“Do you know who she is? She is Wu Qianqin! The strongest among the top ten beauties and even the inner courtyard no. 1 disciple Mo Yuwen is respectful towards her. Yet you dare to be so presumptuous…” Xiaodie tenderly shouted, her face had a very proud look, as if she herself was the so called most beautiful girl in the Extreme Martial Sect.

Chen Xiang laughed and said, “On what grounds should I be respectful to her? I’m not that oily head powdered face little bitch Mo Yuwen, I’m me.”

This yellow robed beauty actually turned out to be the most beautiful woman among the the top then beauties. She was still the same as two years ago. At that time Chen Xiang also had a faint impression of her and seeing her today, he was definitely far from disappointed, as she was indeed very beautiful.

“What?! You actually dare to say such things about Young Master Mo?! You’re looking for a fight!” One girl as if she was stabbed, sharply shouted, and at the same time also blasted a fist. Unexpectedly, a vigorous water attribute True Qi was gathered around her fist.

Chen Xiang didn’t dodge, instead he allowed her to strike him first. However, when the girl’s fist struck Chen Xiang’s body, she felt as if her power was like a heavy stone sinking in the sea, as it disappeared without a trace.

This was the effect of the [Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise]. It allowed True Qi to softly float on the body’s surface the moment that it was activated, which would dissolve the harsh and fierce power of the True Qi. With this effect, one would use softness to overcome hardness!

“I don’t wish to fight woman, but if you squabble again while I’m sleeping, then I’ll throw all of you out… One by one.” Chen Xiang’s smile disappeared, as his voice suddenly turned devoid of emotions.

Wu Qianqian’s eyebrows were slightly knit. Her strength was also rather impressive and from a single glance, she could see that Chen Xiang’s True Qi was quite terrifying.

“What is your name?” Wu Qianqian coldly asked.

“Chen Xiang!”

As these two words entered her ears, Wu Qianqian was overtaken by surprise and even retreated several steps, as her complexion became serious and had a look of alertness. The others acted likewise, as they too quickly retreated, as if Chen Xiang was some kind of plague.

“You’re out!” Wu Qianqian, while clenching her teeths, said. She had previously heard about Chen Xiang, but she had never actually met him.

“I’ve only just gotten out… But, why did you come to this courtyard? If you don’t wish to explain, then get the hell out of here! Hush, I’m going to sleep.” Chen Xiang unenthusiastically said.

“We wish to use this martial courtyard to train our people.” Wu Qianqian said, as her beautiful face was already devoid of any pride. Not only had he once killed a True Martial Realm martial artist, he had also taken a True Martial Realm alchemist as his apprentice… In front of him, she had nothing to be proud about.

“Sorry, this martial courtyard is barely enough for me and my fellow disciples to use, please leave.” Chen Xiang said, as he shook his head. They would usually practice their martial arts in this courtyard, and if it became crowded with people here, then it would obviously be rather inconvenient.

These boys and girls couldn’t help but be momentarily surprised. Chen Xiang had actually refused the most beautiful girl, Wu Qianqian. Not only that, but when Chen Xiang looked at Wu Qianqian, his expression was as if he was observing a normal person, as not even the slightest change could be found in his expression. Chen Xiang’s actions left a seed of hatred in Wu Qianqian’s heart. His actions had really shocked her and she even began to suspect that Chen Xiang was perhaps only interested in other men.

“Let’s use the most common way to solve… Anything in the Extreme Martial Sect. Let’s compete in martial arts. If I win, you have to agree and let my people live here.” Wu Qianqian stubbornly said, despite the rumors stating that Chen Xiang is very strong. However, she believed that she had a chance, as she was also an 18th martial courtyard disciple.

“What’s in it for me? If you don’t offer up anything for me, then I quit.” Chen Xiang said. He had stayed so long in that hellish place, that beside getting battered and abused he hadn’t done anything. Now that he was facing someone who was of similar strength, he was somewhat tempted to have a little brawl.

“A True Elemental Dan!” Wu Qianqian said, as she nibbled her lips.

“Good!” Chen Xiang immediately complied. In Wu Qianqian’s eyes a True Elemental Dan is rather precious, however, to Chen Xiang it’s nothing more than a jelly bean.

Everyone circled around the middle of the square, while Chen Xiang said, “We attack until the other party admits defeat. No weapons are allowed… If you do take your weapon out, then you’ve already lost!”

Wu Qianqian understood why he had said this. According to the rumours, when Chen Xiang had killed that True Martial Realm martial artist, he had obtained a weapon from the heavenly dragon treasure. It was estimated that this weapon was comparable to a level-9 spirit weapon. If weapons were used in this fight, then she would definitely lose!

“Start!” A girl on the edge of the square yelled. All of them absolutely admired and worshipped Wu Qianqian and they firmly believed that their Big Sister would definitely win.

An ideal was rosy, but reality was cruel.

In her first attack, Wu Qianqian used a rather good martial skill that was powered by her fire True Qi. Chen Xiang guessed that this martial skill was around the earth level. It was a set of gorgeous palm techniques, when her palm moved it was similar to an elegant dance, as fire was dancing around her whole body. scorching hot flames continually gushed out from both of her palms, which caused the onlookers on the edge to loudly cheer.

Chen Xiang held both his hands behind his back, as he solemnly stood there. He had to admit, that while Wu Qianqian’s palm technique was indeed very beautiful, enchanting and moving, but while competing, only strength reigned supreme. It didn’t matter whether your moves look good or bad, all that mattered was how cruel it was… Only this determined how easy it was to kill your opponent!

Wu Qianqian was similar to a dextrous swallow, as she was continuously smacking both her palms, which were metamorphosed into limitless delicate fire palms, towards Chen Xiang. In the blink of an eye, one after another scorching Qi waves spread in all directions and completely covered Chen Xiang.

Everyone thought that Chen Xiang would be badly scarred… Or even worse. However, after the fire palms struck on Chen Xiang’s body, everyone felt like they were dreaming.

These fire palms indeed struck on Chen Xiang’s body, but Chen Xiang remained standing stoically. It looked as if these fire palms were destroying a steady giant mountain. However, when the fire palms finally disappeared, everyone was able to see that the fire palms hadn’t even been able to do so much as scratch the “steady giant mountain’s” clothes.

Wu Qianqian was also momentarily surprised, but she quickly recomposed herself and once again initiated an onslaught. Punches and kicks were moving together, as each and every technique of her was using a vigorous Qi aura. The spectators took a step back, as they were all profusely sweating due to the intense heat of Wu Qianqian’s attacks.

But just like her previous attack, it didn’t even faze Chen Xiang in the slightest!


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