Chapter 113 – Get Together

Chen Xiang had cultivated his body to 1st level of Immortal and Devil Body. Anyone among the same level, if their strength was not too strong, just by relying on his body he could basically compete with them.

At this time, Chen Xiang’s skin and bones were like copper and iron, no matter how Wu Qianqian attacked him, it hadn’t even done anything to him. Wu Qianqian’s fragrant perspiration was already dripping, she had an anxious look as she had already used hundreds of techniques, and each and every technique of her had a very strong Qi Aura, but still it hadn’t fazed Chen Xiang.

At this time, Wu Qianqian was panting, she had consumed a lot of her True Qi. So she gave up and retreated a few steps, while panting she asked, “Are you in True Martial Realm?”

Chen Xiang slightly smiled, and said, “No, but I cultivate in a special way, I only used my True Qi to protect my clothes from burning, and used my body to resist your attacks.”

‘Physical strength!’ Wu Qianqian was completely shocked, and her charming body, after realising, was slightly trembling, her heart at this time was completely devoid of any arrogance. Chen Xiang had not even used any attack, and she had already admitted defeat. In her opinion, even Inner Sect’s No. 1 person didn’t have this kind of strength!

Body cultivation, that was but too difficult. Wu Qianqian clearly knew, for Chen Xiang to reach this step he must have suffered a lot. When she looked at Chen Xiang, her eyes were full of reverence. Respect the strong, this was the norm of the world where only strength was respected.

“I lost!” Wu Qianqian bowed her head and softly said, she did not dare to look at Chen Xiang. She now knew why from the beginning Chen Xiang had a plain look in his eyes when he looked at her, because no matter how pretty she looked, with her strength in the eyes of Chen Xiang she was just an ant.

“You can keep the True elemental Dan for yourself. I’m going to be long-winded for this, in your eyes I’m very strong, right! But those above True Martial Realm are even more stronger. In Chenwu Mainland a majority of people are as such, although we have entered the Inner Courtyard, but in those people’s eyes we are still the same as ants! I once was struck by a palm of a True Martial Realm martial artist, and just with that I had directly lost the battle, if I hadn’t escaped fast, I would have already been dead.” Chen Xiang clenched his fist, and said with a lot of anger.

Wu Qianqian charming body once again trembled, she had guessed correctly that the True Martial Realm martial artist, who injured Chen Xiang, was in turn killed by him! Inner Courtyard’s disciples were indeed nothing in face of that, and then simply had no qualms to be proud of that qualification, they were simply not a match!

“Thank you for your advice!” Wu Qianqian nibbled her lips and whispered, then took her leave.

Chen Xiang mischievously laughed and continued to lie down, waiting for Zhu Rong and Yun Xiaodao to come back. Once they were back, they were going to fight the First Inner Courtyard and win it.

Not too long after, Chen Xiang saw a fat boy and a teen walking in, they were Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong. Two year had passed, and they had grown up a lot. Zhu Rong became a lot more fatter, and had become big fatty from little fatty. The childishness on Yun Xiaodao’s face had faded a lot, he looked a lot more mature now.

Chen Xiang himself had turned nineteen this year, that kind of immature and innocent aura of his had entirely faded, and now he looked more mature and stable, like a person with a rich experience.

Chen Xiang suddenly frowned, because Yun Xiaodao’s and Zhu Rong’s complexion was not very good, although they had a smile hanging on their face, but they had a complex expression in their eyes. There was anger, helplessness, regret…..

“Elder Brother Chen, congratulation in getting out from jail. Let’s go to the old place to have a drink!” Yun Xiaodao giggled and said.

“Also it is little rascal Yun’s treat, I’m not a child.” Zhu Rong smilingly said.

If it had been before, Chen Xiang would not have hesitated and happily went for a drink, but he could see both his friends were hiding something from him.

Chen Xiang fiercely extended both his hand, grabbing Yun Xiaodao’s and Zhu Ron’s wrists. As he poured his divine sense into their body, and simultaneously probed the situation of their dantian and their body.

Chen Xiang’s complexion suddenly became gloomy, because he found out that Zhu Rong and Yun Xiaodao were both injured, moreover very seriously injured at that. However, they had now stabilized and were slowly recovering.

“More than 50% of your principal meridians are broken, all of your bones are cracked, fortunately your dantian is not seriously injured. Otherwise you would have lost all your cultivation and would have become crippled.” Chen Xiang released them, and seriously said.

“Is it because of me you were made like this?” Chen Xiang voice became very calm, but while speaking a murderous and furious aura surged out from his body. Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong both could clearly see the slaughter Qi, Chen Xiang was very furious.

Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong remained silent, they were wondering whether or not they should tell Chen Xiang how all this happened.

“Yun Xiaodao, and Zhu Rong, I knew were not like this!” Chen Xiang brow twitched, his voice became immensely cold, what made them shudder was the fact that this whole martial courtyard was actually slightly shaking.

Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong could not help but get shocked, they were wondering whether Chen Xiang had entered the True Martial Realm or not!? Chen Xiang was actually so formidable, while he was calm but he still could release such horrifying pressure, which even made them feel very uncomfortable.

“I’m not going to ask again, if you do not speak, I’ll definitely beat the hell out of you till you open your mouth!” Chen Xiang rubbed his fist, on his face flashed a glimpse of ruthlessness, Zhu Rong jumped out of fear.

Zhu Rong wiped the sweat from his face, laughingly said, “We will speak and that’s the end, since you’re so formidable, we are also fearless that you’ll go and seek death.”

Yun Xiaodao’s complexion became serious, said, “It was the First Inner Courtyard’s disciples, they wounded us. While I and Lao Zhu were returning from our mission, we encountered them on the road. I only spoke a few sentences to them and they besieged us.”

Yun Xiaodao face was brimming with anger, “Those five people were well prepared, intentionally angered little rascal Yun, making us and them have a conflict.”

The martial courtyard calmed down, but it was still enveloped in a kind of slaughter Qi which could make people shudder. Chen Xiang with a deadpan look asked, “Was Mo Yuwen also there helping those people?”

“That little bitch was leading them, but at that time Squinted Snake saved us. Although that guy is annoying, but at the most crucial moment he came forward, warning Mo Yuwen and his group, otherwise we would have been crippled.” Yun Xiaodao while grinding his teeth said.

“The people who sieged us were very strong, besides Mo Yuwen, there were Chang Xingyi, Yin Lin, Lei Chi and Lu Yongming! Mo Yuwen and Lei Chi are the children of the four major families of Extreme Martial Province, precisely Mo family and Lei family, that’s why they dare to act against us, and Yin Lin and Lu Yongming are also children from some great families.” Zhu Rong said.

Chen Xiang took a long deep breath, retracted his slaughter Qi, and once again asked, “When did this happen?”

“A year ago! Later we didn’t go and look for them, our teacher made us stop right there, both our family regarded it as a minor matter, besides in between four families relationship of benefits exists. If these relations were broken once, the four family would lose a lot of profit.” Zhu Rong said with a cold snort.

“Didn’t Elder Wu do anything?” Chen Xiang secretly despised patriarchs of their families, if it was the Chen family, then no matter how beneficial it was, as long as the family children were being bullied, we must make them pay tenfold!

“We told him, but he told us to wait for you to come out, and let you resolve this instead of us, he said you will certainly manage it well.” Yun Xiaodao helplessly smiled.

On Chen Xiang’s face appeared a sliver of smile, “That being the case, I’ll help you resolve this hatred. Let’s go and have a drink.”


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