Chapter 114 – Makeup For Regret

Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong brought Chen Xiang along to their usual hotel.

As they arrived at the the third floor of that hotel, they even saw ‘squinted snake (斜眼蛇)’ Xu Weilong. Though his appearance was insufferably arrogant, Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong were very grateful to him.

“Squinted snake, come drink with us!” Yun Xiaodao shouted.

“Little rascal, I remember telling not to call me like that. Is it that you don’t have long term memory? You deserve to get a beating!” Xu Weilong gave them a side glance with one eye, then continued speaking, “Why should I, can’t you come here?”

Zhu Rong laughed and said, “If we come to you, then you have to pay, if you come with us, then, no matter how much you eat and drink, little rascal Yun is going to pay!”

Xu Weilong faintly smiled, “Making this little rascal pay so easily, it’s not a bad idea.” While speaking, he walked to the table of Chen Xiang’s group, before instantly ordering many expensive food and wine.

“Squinted snake, thanks a lot for last time!” Yun Xiaodao laughed.

“Humph, if you do not call me that again, then that can be considered as gratitude to me.” Xu Weilong coldly spoke.

Chen Xiang laughed and said, “Anyway, your family is really useless, and your status in your family is really ordinary! You were beaten, yet your family did not even dare to fart, if it was my family, he he… if they did not give us a proper explanation, then we would give them a proper payback!”

Xu Weilong, after seeing Chen Xiang, was also surprised. He had not expected Chen Xiang to come out so soon, and as long as one was from the Extreme Martial Sect, all of them knew about the forbidden land. That was a very frightening place, and even if one had to spend only two years there, people would still find it difficult to endure.

“As long as one is not a True Martial disciple, their position will be the same in all families. If you have very high talent, then you’ll receive more resources compared to others. However, your family; just for you, absolutely can’t cause significant damage to their benefits.” Xu Weilong sneered and said.

Zhu Rong and Yun Xiaodao could not help but let out a deep sigh, as both of them fully understood.

Zhu Rong said, “Brother Xu, you also can be considered not bad! If you can just change your attitude towards others, that would definitely be very good.”

Yun Xiaodao also nodded his head, and said, “Yes, why is that everytime you look at others your eyes are squinting? It makes others very unhappy.”

“Humph, is that what you think of me? I was born with this!” Xu Weilong words made Chen Xiang’s group stunned.

Just like Chen Xiang and Zhu Rong, Yun Xiaodao was thinking of laughing, but didn’t dare to. This made Xu Weilong coldly snort once again, “Humph, Chen Xiang, do you intend to win against the First Ranked Inner Courtyard? To tell you the truth, the First Ranked Inner Courtyard’s benefits are very generous, and to keep their own position, they’re definitely going to use whatever means possible. Besides they’re relying on the First Ranked Inner Courtyard name to draw in a lot of people. They deeply care about this, because as their force grows, so would their importance within their respective families. Until eventually, they’ll receive a piece of land in the family.”

The major families of the Extreme Martial Province were very huge and only if one was very strong, were they capable of occupying a piece of land!

“Are you afraid?” Chen Xiang asked.

“Fearless… After all, I’m not in the First Ranked Inner Courtyard. The last time I stopped them they expelled me.” Xu Weilong fiercely drank his glass, while there was a trace of anger in his voice.

This Xu Weilong was indeed good, but he himself was somewhat arrogant. With his congenital face defect, he would usually give off the impression that he was always arrogant towards any and everyone, as if he was peerless in this world.

“Come to the 500th Martial Courtyard! Because of these two guys you had to leave the First Ranked Inner Courtyard, I’ll now let you go back.” Chen Xiang lifted his wine glass towards him, as he spoke these words.

Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong also lifted their respective wine glasses, welcoming him.

“I can come, but later this little rascal isn’t allowed to call me that again.” Xu Weilong smiled, but his smile was very weird.

The four of them made a toast and emptied their glasses. Now, Chen Xiang’s group’s martial courtyard now had four people.

“Squinted dragon, where did the 1000 True Qi Dans come from last time? That is not a small number.” Yun Xiaodao laughed and asked.

[TLN: Xu Weilong 徐伟龙, 龙 means dragon]

“Humph, all day long you have been giving other people nicknames, if you keep on going like this, compared with me you’ll be beaten even more.” Xu Weilong said with a low snort, which could not help but make Zhu Rong and Chen Xiang laugh.

“That is what I casually picked up, now I still have more than a thousand.” Xu Weilong words made Zhu Rong’s eyes pop out.

“Where did you pick it up from? How many?” Zhu Rong quickly asked.

“I found three thousand of them below the Camel Peak outside the city.” Xu Weilong words had only just finished, when Zhu Rong already stood up. Looking at his appearance, he was going to rush over there and have a look himself.

“Don’t go, that place has already been turned over and over again, and all of it has been dug out. All that remains is a lake.” Xu Weilong said.

Zhu Rong sat back down and let out a sigh, “How come I’ve not encountered such a good thing?”

“Tomorrow morning I’m going to fight the First Ranked Inner Courtyard.” Chen Xiang said.

“Need my help?” Xu Weilong asked.

“No, I’ll go alone!” Chen Xiang faintly smiled. This smile of his emitted a lot of confidence, which made Yun Xiaodao and others secretly shocked.

Xu Weilong sighed and said, “You’ve got to be careful, all five of those guys are equal in strength.”

Mo Yuwen had also occupied the top position in the top ten most handsome list, as well as the top ten inner martial list. The inner martial list was the strength ranking of the Inner Courtyard’s martial artists. In other words, Mo Yuwen was the strongest in the Inner Courtyards!

Chen Xiang looked out of the window and said, “The sky is still dark, let’s go now to the First Ranked Inner Courtyard and pick that 16th nameplate and hang it on our martial courtyard entrance.”

Chen Xiang believed Zhu Rong and Yun Xiaodao were beaten just because he challenged the First Ranked Inner Courtyard two years ago, and Mo Yuwen feared that in the future he would be defeated by Chen Xiang, so he had only wounded Yun Xiaodao. Moreover they’d also calculated that the Extreme Martial Sect and the their families would both not pursue this matter. Of course, they had originally planned to injure Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong, but who knew, that Xu Weilong would come in the middle and with a few powerful words, make them give up.

Chen Xiang said to go and he went ahead. He had completely finished the wine in his wineglass. Afterwards Zhu Rong, Yun Xiaodao quickly ate their dishes.

“Humph, the food and wine I ordered still have not come!” Xu Weilong complained, meanwhile Yun Xiaodao had already called someone to checkout.

“Squinted dragon, wait for elder brother Chen to win against the First Ranked Inner Courtyard, then we will eat a big meal again, that won’t be too late!” Yun Xiaodao laughed. About Chen Xiang, he was very confident, and Zhu Rong was also the same, because Chen Xiang always did something beyond what they expected.



Dusk, the setting sun dyed half of the sky bright red. However the whole Extreme Martial Sect was in chaos, because Chen Xiang, who had two years ago been imprisoned in the forbidden land, had come out. To make matters worse, the moment he got out, he went to settle the regret he had from two years ago, as he challenged the First Ranked Inner Courtyard. Yet what was even more shocking to them, was the fact that the ante he took out this time was even bigger. It turned out be a palm length of Hell Spirit Grass.

No matter where, Hell Spirit Grass was very rare, even in the Chenwu Nine Provinces. Hell Spirit Grass was also very expensive, and so rare that it could not be sought, but could only be discovered by luck.

Such a huge temptation made it very difficult for the First Ranked Inner Courtyard Mo Yuwen to resist. Besides, he also found out that Chen Xiang had come alone to fight. Such a case, if he did not accept the challenge for the First Ranked Inner Courtyard battle, then people would think that he had stage fright, which would be a very shameful matter.


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