Chapter 115 – Challenging the First Rank Inner Courtyard Alone

“Big sister, that guy called Chen Xiang is going to challenge young master Mo, are you not going to watch? It’s today, and the location is the First Ranked Inner Courtyard!” Wu Xiaodie walked in a room full of elegance, as she spoke towards a yellow robed girl.

Wu Qianqian was slightly surprised, as she knew that Chen Xiang was definitely going to challenge the First Ranked Inner Courtyard, but she hadn’t expected for it to be so soon, “Xiaodie, let’s go, I definitely have to take a look at how formidable this Chen Xiang is!”

Wu Xiaodie softly snorted, “Humph, that annoying guy is definitely going to be beaten black and blue by young master Mo. Today, I’ll be able to get back at him and escape from my embarrassment.”

Wu Qianqian chuckled and said, “You little girl can get all the benefits you wish for from other people. Alright, let’s go.”

Wu Xiaodie wrinkled her nose, stamped her foot and softly snorted. When she thought of how she’d grabbed Chen Xiang’s chest, her pretty face couldn’t help but turn red.

At the Elder Courtyard inside the Mysterious Realm, Wu Kaiming smiled and said, “Dean, you decide whether or not we’ll go and join in on the fun. Let’s finally take a look at the young martial uncle and see how he’ll win. He actually challenged the entire First Ranked Inner Courtyard alone!”

Gu Dongchen mischievously smiled, and said, “Of course we’ll go and I really hope that he’ll lose. At that time we can make some fun at his expense, and we’ll see then if he can still be so arrogant in front of us.”

Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming left the Mysterious Realm, before arriving on top of a fifty floor high tower, looking far away at that huge area of the First Ranked Inner Courtyard.

After having disappeared for two years, Chen Xiang had finally resurfaced and immediately made such an earth shattering event occur. Everyone could instantly recall his name and he soon regained some of his fame inside the Extreme Martial Sect.

Chen Xiang was not only a celebrity in the Extreme Martial Sect. He also had a small reputation in the Extreme Martial Province, because he had killed a Beast Martial Sect True Disciple. Afterwards, the Beast Martial Sect had put a bounty of 100,000 crystal stones on his head, which was a rather large sum of money for most martial artists. In order to obtain this reward, many of them had investigated Chen Xiang’s origin.

Mo Yuwen, with the other nine First Ranked Inner Courtyard’s members, stood in the middle of the huge square of the First Ranked Inner Courtyard with Chen Xiang. Thousands of Inner and Outer Sect Disciples were standing behind Mo Yuwen and the other nine. These thousands of people had all been drawn in by the influence of the ten people in front of them. On the other side, behind Chen Xiang were only three people, Yun Xiaodao, Zhu Rong and Xu Weilong.

Mo Yuwen still looked decent, as he slightly smiled and said, “I didn’t expect you, Xu Weilong, to actually mix in with them. But the bigger surprise today, is that you came here to fight all of us… Alone.”

“You also didn’t expect for there to be so many people.” Chen Xiang also slightly smiled, as he replied.

The square was surrounded by a lot of lively people who came here to watch. Even some celebrities were within this crowd, such as the top ten beauties, the top ten most handsome males and even some True Martial Realm martial artists.

At this time, Zhu Rong patted Chen Xiang’s shoulder, leaned next to his ear and said, “Young Brother Chen, you see that lovely little girl over there. She is my younger sister, Zhu Rourou.”

Chen Xiang took a side glance, and saw a girl wearing a light pink skirt standing among a group of girls. Although the girls beside her were not ugly, but the girl in the light pink skirt was particularly conspicuous, as she was very beautiful. She had a light smile on her cute and pretty face and her whole body was exuding an elegant temperament, which was very striking.

“Not bad, but I’m not interested.” Chen Xiang whispered.

At this time Yun Xiaodao pulled Chen Xiang’s sleeves, pointed to a girl wearing a white skirt far away, and whispered, “She is my elder sister, and she is ranked second among the the top ten beauties, Yun Suyi.”

Chen Xiang once again looked, this time toward Yun Xiaodao’s elder sister. This girl was tall, had a mature charm, looked beautiful and elegant, and was completely different from Zhu Rong’s younger sister. Zhu Rong’s little sister was delicate and petite, pretty and cute, while Yun Xiaodao’s sister was a thoroughly matured girl, with quite a bit of height.

Xu Weilong cursed, “You came here to look at girls or to fight? If you’re not fighting then I’ll leave.”

Mo Yuwen and his group were once again trying to maintain their composure, but at this time they were at the end of their rope. They hadn’t expected for Chen Xiang, Zhu Rong and these bastards to actually have discussion about girls at this time. They were not at all serious, and it made them feel like they were being underestimated.

They didn’t know that Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong were trying to introduce their respective elder and younger sister to Chen Xiang.

“Very beautiful, they’re indeed worthy of being on that list. You can go and tell them, that if they don’t mind me having three wives and four concubines, then they’re welcome to come tonight. This father is still a virgin after all.” Chen Xiang said with a sinister smile.

Mo Yuwen couldn’t tolerate it anymore and coldly said, “Are you going to fight or not?”

“Of course I’m going to fight, but you should tell me the rules first.” Chen Xiang dry coughed twice, while Zhu Rong and Yun Xiaodao, with a look of contempt, looked at Chen Xiang.

Mo Yuwen said, “Just a moment ago you said you’re going to fight, but on our side there are many capable martial artists and all of them can be counted as members of the First Ranked Inner Courtyard.”

Yun Xiaodao was suddenly furious after hearing these words, “Count my ass, among these people, a lot of them don’t even have the qualifications to enter the Inner Courtyard.”

Obviously Mo Yuwen had some concerns regarding them being defeated by Chen Xiang. So just to be sure, he could only say something like this.

“Exactly, if they are the First Ranked Inner Courtyard’s members, then the benefits the Extreme Martial Sect would have to pay them alone is enough to choke. Don’t play us for fools.” Zhu Rong coldly replied.

“I’m the First Ranked Inner Courtyard’s chief, if I say they’re then they are. Although they don’t receive the First Ranked Inner Courtyard’s disciple’s benefits, they do often reside inside the First Ranked Inner Courtyard. Moreover they also took part in the Extreme Martial Sect’s assigned missions, and all of them have completed at least a part of it.” Mo Yuwen said.

Chen Xiang laughed and said, “In other words, after they complete the task, all the rewards they obtained were received by you? He he, no wonder you recruited so many people.”

Mo Yuwen complexion changed, “If you disagree, then please leave!”

If Chen Xiang agreed, then he would have to fight ten thousand people. Could a single man do such a thing? Everyone around them also felt that it was somewhat excessive, and if they were in his place, all of them would’ve disagreed. Just as they thought they weren’t going to see the fight happen, they heard Chen Xiang words, “I’ll fight as I meant before, but the premise is that after these nine are defeated, only then can all of them join the fight.”

“Yes, but their strength is very poor, so all of them will work together and learn from you.” Mo Yuwen replied.

Now Chen Xiang clearly saw through Mo Yuwen’s hypocritical face, which looked as polite as a pie, but whose heart was full of dirty tricks.

To everyone’s surprise, Chen Xiang actually agreed. Even if he could win against the nine members of the First Ranked Inner Courtyard, those thousands of disciples were also marvellous, and all of their strength was above the 9th Level of the Mortal Martial Realm. Even if Chen Xiang was an elephant, and was sieged by so many ants, they still wouldn’t be able to predict his chance of victory.

“Idiot, what will you do if you lose? That is a Hell Spirit Grass!” Zhu Rong cursed.

Yun Xiaodao viciously looked at the five people who besieged him, grinding his teeth and said, “Elder brother Chen, I believe that you’ll definitely make them pay for what they did. Wait for the day when I have the strength, at that time I’ll… kill all of them.”

Yun Xiaodao spoke these ruthless words, before he walked towards his elder sister, Yun Suyi’s, location, Zhu Rong also had a look of helplessness, as he also went to his younger sister.

“You really don’t need any help?” Xu Weilong asked, as he was still standing behind Chen Xiang.

“No, you should also move back and watch. At the same time you should try to stay away from this First Ranked Inner Courtyard… In fact, it would be better if you didn’t stay inside the First Ranked Inner Courtyard at all.” Chen Xiang whispered, while a ruthless smile flashed across his face. Deep inside his heart, Xu Weilong was secretly shocked by this smile.


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