Chapter 116 – Sensational Prowess

Chen Xiang was imprisoned for two years in the forbidden land, which meant that he had also lost 2 years worth of benefits.

That was why he not only wanted to make the First Inner Courtyard lose, but he also wanted to make the Extreme Martial Sect lose a little bit.

While he was coming, Chen Xiang had learned from Xu Weilong, that among the First Inner Courtyard’s nine members only five had actually fathomless strength, while the other four could be ignored. These four intentionally defected to Mo Yuwen’s group and Mo Yuwen wanted to increase his sphere of influence so he had allowed them to join in.

Chen Xiang could clearly identify with a single glance, who these four individuals were. He only had to compare the imposing manners of the members of Mo Yuwen’s group. After all, they were in the hands of their boss, so when he stood in front of them they would obviously restrain themselves.

“One on one, whoever loses cannot fight again.” Mo Yuwen said.

“Can I first fight those four alone?” Chen Xiang directly pointed to the four men who hadn’t yet spoken a single word, as all four of them were very respectful towards the others within Mo Yuwen’s group.

“As you wish!” Mo Yuwen immediately said, “You four, go! Be careful!”

Chen Xiang was willingly going to fight four at the same time, and this made everyone surprised. Here, everyone were martial artists and now they could watch a high level Inner Courtyard battle, and this made all of them very excited.

The contest had started!

Each of the four had their body vigorously shake, as they pushed their powerful True Qi. At the same time, the True Qi of the four of them exploded, as Qi waves rushed away in all directions, setting off one fierce wind after the other. The onlookers could clearly see that the True Qi was very pure, as well as very dense.

“Indeed worthy of the First Inner Courtyard.” Wu Qianqian’s pretty eyes glittered, as she enviously stared at those standing in the field. These First Inner Courtyard members were the disciples with an immeasurable future. After all, as long as one was strong, they would be worshipped by everyone.

“Each and everyone of these four men are stronger than big sister, that guy called Chen Xiang is definitely going to lose.” Wu Xiaodie clenched her jade white teeth, as she gloatingly said.

Suddenly, those four men disappeared from their place. This speed caused tens of thousands of disciples around them to exclaim, one after the other, as each and everyone of them yearned for this kind of speed.

Chen Xiang eyes rotated, attentively listening to the faint sound, while at the same time he spread out his divine sense, catching the True Qi fluctuations in the air around him. The speed of these four men were indeed very fast, as they ran back and forth in the square, and there silhouettes were almost invisible.

“Two behind me… one in front of me… and one in the air directly above me!” Chen Xiang had been continually aware of their movements and when they attacked him, he had immediately determined the direction of their attacks.

Chen Xiang faintly smiled, the True Qi within his body operated as he wished. This was the [Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Exercise], making True Qi surge above his skin, achieving a kind of dispelling fearsome power effect. At the same time, also generating something akin to a vortex’s suction force, sucking in anyone close to it.

Everyone in the square was holding their breath, as they were waiting for the moment when the four men would reappear and attack Chen Xiang. Luckily, they didn’t have to wait for long, as an exciting scene appeared in front of them. Because the four people attacked Chen Xiang respectively from the front, back and above.

From the front a hand like a spear tip jabbed right in the middle of Chen Xiang’s chest, the two behind each punched with their fists, which were wrapped in vigorous True Qi and struck towards Chen Xiang’s back. Meanwhile, a leg of the man in the upper air was falling down, similar to a long spear falling on Chen Xiang’s head.

These kinds of sudden and extremely powerful attacks… Everyone that was watching this fight in the field, was confident that if they were to defend against these moves, they would find it absolutely impossible to do so.

Chen Xiang, however, didn’t dodge and instead stood fixed there. Then, a strange scene appeared, as the four people attacked simultaneously, as fast as lightning and as fierce as thunderbolts. But after they struck Chen Xiang’s body, they all froze in their spots. It looked as if they were under some kind of demonic spell, as the four of them were unable to move.

Anyone under the True Martial Realm would find it impossible to fully defend against these attacks and survive. However, Chen Xiang didn’t seem to be fazed by the attacks that had hit his body. Even though everyone could clearly see, that his chest had been stabbed by a cone like palm, while another person was standing on top of his head and two fists were closely sticking to his back.

Indeed Chen Xiang was hit, but it didn’t do anything to him. Everyone originally had thought that Chen Xiang even if he had not become meat paste, he would at least vomit a few mouthfuls of blood. But currently, he didn’t even have a wrinkle on his brow.

The four men who had attacked Chen Xiang were also very much stunned. Because after they had used their powerful Qi Aura to attack, it had felt as if a sword vigorously entered into the water, without generating the smallest of waves. However, what made them even more shocked was that their hands and legs had been plastered to Chen Xiang’s body, and that they couldn’t even mobilize the True Qi within their body!

While everyone was shocked and uncertain, Chen Xiang moved! He fiercely blasted his fist forward, hitting the person in front of him. This fist looked like an ordinary fist, however, the moment it hit the person in front of him he flew a hundred or so zhang away. Not only that, but when he was flying away, he was also spurting blood, until he finally crashed into the tiled floor.

“Just so-so!” Chen Xiang sneered, while he let out a shout, only to see his robes suddenly turn into powder, revealing perfectly curved and robust muscles. At the same time, a fiery-red mist surged out from within his skin, while at same time a kind of scorching hot invisible Qi surged out in all directions, giving everyone a hard time trying to endure it.

At this time, the one who stepped on his head and the two behind him issued bloodcurdling screams, as blood gushed out from all three of their mouths, while their faces were twisted due to pain and fear making them look extremely ferocious.

“Humph!” With a cold snort, a Qi wave bursted out from his body; This burst of Qi waves gave a big shock to those three men, as they once again spewed a mouthful of blood as they flew away.

Chen Xiang had not taken them seriously, as he was just letting them suffer a little bit, so that they wouldn’t be able to continue to fight.

“You five either throw in the towel; or fight me! During the battle, I absolutely won’t be lenient, I don’t care how noble you are!” Chen Xiang said with a deadpan expression. These angry words shook everyone present.

Chen Xiang, at this time, was very serious and was also the most terrifying!

In the blink of an eye he had defeated four First Inner Courtyard members. This was indeed the kind of power that could make people terror stricken!

Far away Wu Kaiming was somewhat concerned and said, “Dean, should we not stop this brat? I fear that he’ll continue to ruthlessly act, as he’ll probably even start killing the opposite party!”

“No need, every move of this brat is very calculated, at most he would cripple those guys. You also informed me before what those guys have done, which they must bear their own punishment for.” Gu Dongchen said, as he held both his hands behind his back. He had a somewhat solemn look on his face as he looked at Chen Xiang, “This brat, just a moment ago, used the [Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Exercise]. Teacher had once told me about this move. Only if the gap between the user of this skill and their opponent’s True Qi is truly large, will the dispelling effect of this exercise be effective.”

“It seems that he did indeed obtain the inheritance of that insane old man, does this mean that he has the Yin and Yang…” Wu Kaiming spoke up to this point, as his eyes were wide open and his whole face had a horrified appearance.

Gu Dongchen nodded his head, “It should be, I hear he can use a variety of attributed True Qi.”

Flame was gushing forth out of Chen Xiang’s whole body. These flames were as if they were the anger within his heart, raging and burning, giving off the appearance of an angry fire god.

“Who is going to come? One on one!” Chen Xiang eyes were slightly narrowed, glancing at the five handsome men. All of them were children of famous families in the Extreme Martial Province.


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