Chapter 117 – Mercilessly

A somewhat chubby yet handsome man came forward. Although they’d seen and gotten an idea of Chen Xiang’s strength, they were still devoid of any fear. The man who’d come forward also gave off a very calm appearance, and wore a white luxurious dress.

This man was called Chang Xingyi. He was one of the many children from the Chief of the Extreme Martial Province’s Trade Union, and came from a very wealthy family, which was also friendly with many other families. His family had dealings with many small and medium sized sects.

Chang Xingyi took out a sword that was engraved with azure spirit veins. Despite the spirit veins being small in size, when he poured True Qi into them, the spirit veins glittered with a beautiful light, giving off the same impression as that of lightning and wind—this was at least a Level 4 Spirit Weapon!

“A Wind and Lightning Sword. That’s a top grade sword even amongst Level 4 Spirit Weapons!” Wu Qianqian said with surprise and a look of envy; any girl would love to have this kind of beautiful spirit weapon.

Beside her, Wu Xiaodie’s pouted and muttered, “Our great beauty, Wu Qianqian, fancies that nasty Chen Xiang. How is that annoying guy so formidable? How was he able to casually deal with those four First Inner Courtyard guys by himself?”

Wu Qianqian’s pretty face turned rosy, as she angrily said, “Little girls don’t speak nonsense, Chen Xiang’s character is also pretty good. Before, we could only blame ourselves for being too proud and arrogant. We didn’t know how to respect others—we didn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth! Fighting with him woke up my ignorant self, besides, he won against me, but still didn’t take my True Elemental Dan.”

Wu Xiaodie stuck her tongue out, and no longer spoke. She just kept looking at the beautiful spirit weapon that was in Chang Xingyi’s hand.

Chen Xiang knew that this kind of top grade spirit weapon was worth a lot. Even if, by itself, it didn’t have a large value, if it was taken to be auctioned, it could sell for millions of crystal stones.

Chang Xingyi saw everyone surrounding them looking at the spirit weapon with envious gazes, and in his heart he was extremely proud. Towards Chen Xiang, he sneered, and said, “When the rules were mentioned, it wasn’t mentioned that the use of a spirit weapon was a foul!”

“I heard in the Heaven Dragon Treasure House that you got a good spirit weapon…”

Chen Xiang interrupted him and said, “Rest assured, I won’t use it to deal it with you. You’re not worthy of it…of course, if you dare to have a life and death fight with me, then I’ll use your blood as an offering for the blade.”

“Rampant brat, today, I’ll teach you a good lesson!” While Chen Xingyi was speaking, that wind and lightning sword stabbed towards him. It gave off the impression of the wind’s elegant and soft spirit, however it also carried the power and momentum of lightning.

Chang Xingyi had a wood attribute, and was capable of using both the wind and the lightning attribute—that was the hard and soft power. If both were combined together, it’d be even more powerful, and having wood element True Qi among the five elements, Chen Xiang was clearly aware of this.

The beautiful wind and lightning sword stabbed like lightning towards the left side of Chen Xiang’s chest but, strangely, Chen Xiang mysteriously extended two of his fingers, and closely gripped the sword tip.

This light clamp, made everyone unable to help but be surprised for a moment. That sword stab, although it had looked elegant and striking, its power was also obvious—but Chen Xiang had so leisurely clamped onto it.

Everyone only saw that Chen Xiang had a light smile hanging on his face, before all of a sudden a light red mist overflowed from his two fingers, and his fingertips, like scissors, cut off the sword tip!

This scene, made everyone feel as if a knife had been twisted in their hearts, and also gave them a huge shock! That was a level 4 Spirit Weapon, but it was cut as if it was paper! Chen Xiang had easily pinched it off, and that expensive wind and lightning sword had been destroyed, making people feel very regretful.

“Yes, [Profound Aura Finger]! I hadn’t expected that he’d actually learn this kind of terrifying Low-Grade Earth Level Martial Skill.” An old man shouted with surprise, which very soon spread; not a single person had expected that Chen Xiang would actually learn this kind of formidable, as well as difficult to learn, martial skill.

Chang Xingyi was, just a moment ago, immensely proud because of his own wind and lightning sword, but now his complexion had turned extremely ugly, and his eyes were twitching as he gazed at the slowly dimming spirit vein inscribed on the sword blade. The spirit weapon had only been damaged a little bit, yet it was still equivalent to being destroyed completely.

Of course, spirit weapons were all very sturdy. Unless they encountered an even better spirit weapon, they were very difficult to damage. Even he hadn’t expected that Chen Xiang had actually practiced the [Profound Aura Finger]—which could possibly be called a ‘Divine Martial Skill’ of martial skills, and had broken his precious wind and lightning sword with just a clipping gesture.

At this time, Chang Xingyi wasn’t even capable of spewing blood. He let out a furious roar, and rushed toward Chen Xiang. Both of his fists surged with endless azure True Qi, lightning flashing above them, while at the same time, two lifelike azure snake heads appeared on top of his fists, and Chen Xingyi struck those hissing snake towards Chen Xiang.

When those fists were just three feet away from Chen Xiang, Chen Xiang slammed a palm towards Chen Xingyi, while at the same time azure wind and lightning Qi Aura gushed above his palm!

His palm was very quick, came very suddenly, but after he smacked the air, that palm of his exuded an invisible pressure, and soon formed one invisible giant palm, that covered Chang Xingyi and was moving towards him!

A fierce trembling suddenly emerged inside the entirety of the First Inner Courtyard, only for people to see that the place where Chang Xingyi stood was as if waves were cresting upon it. Sturdy bricks transformed into pieces as that sudden fierce and earthshaking power poured into his body. In the blink of an eye, the True Qi gathered in his body had been entirely scattered from the shock, and at the same time the bones in his entire body had been cracked, and most of his meridians were also broken into pieces.

“Yes, the [Shocking Heaven Palm]!” Yun Xiaodao exclaimed. He’d read this martial skill too, but it was too difficult to learn, so he’d given up immediately. Now that he’d seen how powerful this skill was, he couldn’t help but secretly suck in a deep breath.

The [Profound Aura Finger] and [Shocking Heaven Palm] that Chen Xiang had cast were both very hard to learn martial skills, moreover, the requirements for one’s body were also very high. But Chen Xiang could now easily cast them! It could only be explained by the facts that he’d completely grasped these two powerful martial skill, and that his body was also very strong.

Chang Xingyi was lying on the ground, struggling, and constantly vomiting blood. Just a moment ago, when that terrifying power had hit his body, it had made him feel the same as if his body was collapsing in that moment, and when he saw Chen Xiang walking towards him, he couldn’t help but look frightened,

What was Chen Xiang going to do?

Everyone soon got the answer, when they saw Chen Xiang howling, as numerous fist shadow flashed, one after another filled with dense and powerful Qi that struck towards Chang Xingyi!

Those pair of fists shone with golden light, and a kind of merciless and intense Slaughter Qi followed along with each fist’s strike as they spread out—it was very nauseating to watch! In the blink of an eye, Chen Xiang had blasted hundreds of fists towards Chen Xingyi. He’d used Metal White Tiger True Qi, which gave off a murderous and violent Qi Aura. Each and every fist of his landed on Chang Xingyi’s body, who was still on the ground, causing Chang Xingyi to suddenly burst out, one after another, with heartbreaking, blood-curdling screams.

Chen Xiang’s fists were very quick. He didn’t give others the time to stop him—by the time everyone had regained their spirit, Chang Xingyi had already been ‘hammered’ by Chen Xiang’s strikes into the broken floor. His badly mutilated body was already mixed in with the broken stone, but he wasn’t dead!

This bloody, brutal, frightening, and strong attack, made fear seep into the hearts of most of the onlookers, while at the same time, Chen Xiang, in their eyes, had become the same as a brutal slaughtering god!

“Chen Xiang, you….” Mo Yuwen, while looking at Chang Xingyi who was mixed in with the broken stone on the ground, couldn’t help but swallow his saliva—just like the others, it had also made him feel deep fear.

“Next!” Chen Xiang coldly said, and everyone that heard his voice couldn’t help but shudder. Wouldn’t the next person also be the same as Chang Xingyi—beaten until he could no longer be recognised?


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